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Agronomic efficiency of organic-mineral phosphate fertilizer obtained through composting with urban garbage

Bull, L.T.; Correa, J.C.; Tecchio, M.A.; Boas, R.L.V.; Guerrini, I.A.

Cultura Agronomica 8(1): 1-22


Accession: 003636835

A greenhouse study was conducted in Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil, to evaluate the behaviour and alterations in soil chemical properties due to the application of organic mineral fertilizer obtained through apatite mixture with urban garbage. The treatments consisted of applications of 200 mg P dm-3 as triple superphosphate (ST), two organic mineral phosphate fertilizers: dry (OM) and humid (OMU) and apatite (AP), all fertilizers with (+CAL) and without lime, and control on hybrid maize.

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