Section 4
Chapter 3,639

American chestnut sprout survival with biological control of the chestnut-blight fungus population

Anagnostakis, S.L.

Forest Ecology and Management 152(1/3): 225-233


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-1127
DOI: 10.1016/s0378-1127(00)00605-8
Accession: 003638940

The American chestnut trees (Castanea crenata) in Connecticut were reduced to understorey shrubs by an imported fungus that causes lethal cankers. Chestnut blight (Cryphonectria parasitica) disease was first reported in the USA in 1904, and in Connecticut in 1907. Hypovirulence is a virus disease of the fungus that reduces its virulence enough to allow the defence systems of the trees to restrict the fungus to the outer bark.

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