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Biochemical diagnostics of Aegilops geniculata Roth chromosomes in homoeologous group 3 of wheat

Stoilova, T.B.

Journal of Genetics and Breeding 56(4): 359-363


Accession: 003659777

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The intraspecific variability of glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase-3 (aspartate aminotransferase) (Got-3) and esterase (Est-5) isoenzymes, encoded by genes of the third homoeologous group of chromosomes in wheat, was studied in 16 accessions of A. geniculata (UUMM), a wild relative of wheat. A qualitative Got-3 isoenzyme diagnostic for the homoeologous group 3 was established in four accessions. In the remaining 12 accessions the only band in the Got-3 zone coincided with a band in the wheat Chinese Spring with variation in its quantitative expression. Qualitative Est-5 isoenzyme diagnostics for the homoeologous group 3 chromosomes were found in all A. geniculata accessions devided in seven groups.

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