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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3663

Chapter 3663 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ostovan, H.; Kamali, K., 1996:
Biology of two bulb mites: Rhizoglyphus echinopus (Fumouze and Robin) and R. robini clapared under two different laboratory conditions

Haupt, J., 1999:
Biology of whip scorpions (Uropygi Thelyphonida)

Malhi, B.S.; Brar, D.S., 1998:
Biology of yellow stem borer, Scirpophaga incertulas (Walker) on basmati rice

Giolo, F.P.; Grutzmacher, A.D.; Garcia, M.S.; Busato, G.R., 2002:
Biology parameters of Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith, 1797) (Lep.: Noctuidae) originating from different places and host

Bhumannavar, B.S.; Viraktamath, C.A., 2002:
Biology, adult feeding, oviposition preference and seasonal incidence of Othreis materna (Linnaeus) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Szarnyas, I., 2002:
Biology, damage and integrated control of certain weeds in sugarbeet

Baksha, M.W., 2000:
Biology, ecology and management of kadam defoliator, Arthroschista hilaralis Walker (Pyralidae : Lepidoptera) in Bangladesh

Baksha, M.W., 2000:
Biology, ecology and management of the bagworm, Cryptothelea crameri Westwood (Psychidae:Lepidoptera) in Bangladesh

Pell, J.K.; Eilenberg, J.; Hajek, A.E.; Steinkraus, D.C., 2001:
Biology, ecology and pest management potential of entomophthorales

Bergh, J Christopher; Leskey, T.C., 2003:
Biology, ecology, and management of dogwood borer in eastern apple orchards

Molina, R.; O.D.ll, T.; Luoma, D.; Amaranthus, M.; Castellano, M.; Russell, K., 1993:
Biology, ecology, and social aspects of wild edible mushrooms in the forests of the Pacific Northwest: a preface to managing commercial harvest

Coruh, S.; Ozbek, H., 2002:
Biology, host plants and damage of Malacosoma neustria (L.) (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae) in Erzurum Province of Turkey

Day, W.H., 2002:
Biology, host preferences, and abundance of Mesochorus curvulus (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae), a hyperparasite of Peristenus spp. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) parasitizing plant bugs (Miridae: Hemiptera) in alfalfa-grass forage crops

Keiper, J.B.; Deonier, D.L.; Jiannino, J.; Sanford, M.; Walton, W.E., 2002:
Biology, immature stages, and redescriptions of Hydrellia personata Deonier (Diptera: Ephydridae), a Lemna miner

Hasan, S.; Sobhian, R.; Herard, F., 2002:
Biology, impact and preliminary host-specificity testing of the rust fungus, Uromyces salsolae, a potential biological control agent for Salsola kali in the USA

Nath, R.K.; Saikia, D.K., 2002:
Biology, incidence and population build up of mustard flea beetle, Phyllotreta cruciferae (Goeze) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) on mustard

Monquero, P.A.; Christoffoleti, P.J.; Carrer, H., 2003:
Biology, management and biochemical/genetic characterization of weed biotypes resistant to acetolactate synthase inhibitor herbicides

Price, D.; Hough-Goldstein, J.S.ith, M., 2003:
Biology, rearing, and preliminary evaluation of host range of two potential biological control agents for mile-a-minute weed, Polygonum perfoliatum L

Boemare, N., 2002:
Biology, taxonomy and systematics of Photorhabdus and Xenorhabdus

Zhou JianZhong; Dong MingSheng, 2003:
Bioluminescence technology and application in the dairy industry

Radenovic, C.; Sataris, I.; Ivanovic, M.; Kojic, L., 2001:
Bioluminescent response of inbred lines of corn (Zea mays) to temperature and drought

Khanna, A.S., 2000:
Biomanagement of Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White) Chitwood by Paecilomyces lilacinus (Thom.) Samson on egg plant

Rajendran, G.; Ramakrishnan, S.; Subramanian, S., 2001:
Biomanagement of nematodes in horticultural crops

Hansen, P.D., 2003:

Lampe, J.W.; Rock, C.L., 2001:
Biomarkers and biological indicators of change

Hill, J.O.; Peters, J.C., 2002:
Biomarkers and functional foods for obesity and diabetes

Arab, L.; Akbar, J., 2002:
Biomarkers and the measurement of fatty acids

Bingham, S.A., 2002:
Biomarkers in nutritional epidemiology

Kammenga, J.E.; Dallinger, R.; Donker, M.H.; Kohler, H.R.; Simonsen, V.; Triebskorn, R.; Weeks, J.M., 2000:
Biomarkers in terrestrial invertebrates for ecotoxicological soil risk assessment

Weaver, C.M.; Liebman, M., 2002:
Biomarkers of bone health appropriate for evaluating functional foods designed to reduce risk of osteoporosis

McClure, S.R.; Glickman, L.T.; Glickman, N.W.; Rasmussen, E.S.; Carlson, S.J.; Breur, G.J., 2002:
Biomarkers of bone metabolism in horses: ante-mortem versus post-mortem correlation in serum and aqueous humour

Palli, D.; Masala, G.; Vineis, P.; Garte, S.; Saieva, C.; Krogh, V.; Panico, S.; Tumino, R.; Munnia, A.; Riboli, E.; Peluso, M., 2003:
Biomarkers of dietary intake of micronutrients modulate DNA adduct levels in healthy adults

McGorum, B.C.; Anderson, R.A., 2002:
Biomarkers of exposure to cyanogens in horses with grass sickness

Arab, L., 2003:
Biomarkers of fat and fatty acid intake

Grujic, S.; Jovancicevic, B.; Polic, P.; Wehner, H., 2003:
Biomarkers of oil-type pollutants in surface soil

Hambidge, M., 2003:
Biomarkers of trace mineral intake and status

Lagadic, L., 2002:
Biomarkers: useful tools for the monitoring of aquatic environments

Bendik, M.M.; Fomin, V.M.; Khaisam, A.G.; Maslov, Y.L., 2003:
Biomass - a source of energy for power plants

Shanmughavel, P.; Lakshminarayanan, S.; Francis, K., 2002:
Biomass accumulation and nutrient concentration in Bambusa vulgaris Schrad. ex. J.C. Wendl

Jaghdev Singh; Gautam, R.C.; Singh, C.B., 2001:
Biomass accumulation by cowpea as influenced by crop rotations and fertilizer application in kinnow-based agri-horticultural system

Tsybul' ka, N.N.; Zhilko, V.V.; Tishuk, L.A.; Zhukova, I.I., 2001:
Biomass accumulation by crop plants when grown on dernopodzolic soils damaged by water erosion

Scheffer Basso, S.M.; Jacques, A.V.A.; Agnol, M.D., 2002:
Biomass allocation and morphophysiological correlations in forage legumes with contrasting growth habits

Longbrake, A.C.W.; McCarthy, B.C., 2001:
Biomass allocation and resprouting ability of princess tree (Paulownia tomentosa: Scrophulariaceae) across a light gradient

Vega Munoz, R.; Escalante Estrada, J.A.; Sanchez Garcia, P.; Ramirez Ayala, C.; Cuenca Adame, E., 2001:
Biomass allocation and yield of sunflower as affected by nitrogen rate and plant population

Vignolio, O.R.; Fernandez, O.N.; Maceira, N.O., 2002:
Biomass allocation to vegetative and reproductive organs in Lotus glaber and L. corniculatus (Fabaceae)

Geetha, I.; Balaraman, K., 2001:
Biomass and blastospore production in Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. as influenced by media components

Montero M.M.; Kanninen, M., 2002:
Biomass and carbon in Terminalia amazonia plantations in the South of Costa Rica

Cerqueira, E.D.; Rabotnikof, C.M.; Saenz, A.M.; Fernandez, B.; Chirino, C., 2002:
Biomass and digestibility of the Argentine calden forest as predictors of animal performance

Rodriguez, I.; Torres, V.; Crespo, G.; Fraga, S., 2002:
Biomass and diversity of the soil macrofauna in different grasslands

Amandeep Kaur; Khajuria, H.N.; Gupta, B.K.; Gera, M.K.; Bajwa, V., 2001:
Biomass and fodder quality assessment in Leucaena

Jiang ZongKai, 2000:
Biomass and its allocation in a 34-year-old Fokienia hodginsii plantation

Neves, E.J.M.; Reissmann, C.B.; Dunisch, O., 2001:
Biomass and mineral elements contents in different compartments of Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn

Pandey, D.D.; Kumar, R.C.; Nirala, A.K.; Kumar, S., 2003:
Biomass and net primary productivity of Brassica campestris

Pandey, D.D.; Chanchal, S.; Singh, N.K., 2002:
Biomass and net primary productivity of Linum usitatissimum

Dubey, S.K., 2001:
Biomass and nitrogen accumulation pattern in soybean (Glycine max) as influenced by phosphate solubilizing bacteria in vertisols

Karlsson, P.S.; Nordell, K.O.; Sveinbjornsson, B., 2001:
Biomass and nitrogen turnover and nutrient use characteristics in subarctic mountain birch trees

Molina, E.; Alvarado, A.; Boniche, J.; Smyth, T.J., 2002:
Biomass and nutrient accumulation from heart-of-palm production in mature peach palm plantations of Guapiles, Costa Rica

Preuhsler, T., 2002:
Biomass and nutrient inventories for the evaluation and prognosis of parameters in nutrient balances of forest stands

Dietrich, H.P.; Raspe, S.; Schwarzmeier, M.; Ilg, S., 2002:
Biomass and nutrient inventories to calculate yield losses at three spruce sites in Bayern

Karimuna, L.; Denich, M.; Vlek, P.L.G., 2001:
Biomass and nutrient stocks of fallow vegetation in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Kale, M.P.; Sarnam Singh; Roy, P.S., 2002:
Biomass and productivity estimation using aerospace data and Geographic Information System

Gutierrez, E.L.; Ruiz, E.F.; Uribe, E.G.; Martinez, J.M., 2001:
Biomass and productivity of water hyacinth and their application in control programs

Becker, R., 2002:
Biomass and their nutrient levels - essential input data for the calculation of critical loads and for the dynamic modelling of nutrient balances

Shweta ; Mamta Sharma, 2003:
Biomass and vermicompost production by the earthworm, Lampito mauritii in different organic wastes

Hees, A.F.M. van, 2001:
Biomass development of unmanaged forests

Bauen, A., 2001:
Biomass energy, greenhouse gas abatement and policy integration

Koopmans, A., 2002:
Biomass energy, indoor air pollution and health

Schumacher, M.V.; Caldeira, M.V.W., 2001:
Biomass estimation and nutrient content of a Eucalyptus globulus (Labillardiere) subspecies maidenii plantation

Ares, A.; Boniche, J.; Quesada, J.P.; Yost, R.; Molina, E.; Smyth, T.J., 2002:
Biomass estimation by allometric relationships, nutrients, and carbon associated to heart-of-palm plantations in Costa Rica

Wang, J.R.; Zhong, A.L.; Kimmins, J.P., 2002:
Biomass estimation errors associated with the use of published regression equations of paper birch and trembling aspen

Negi, M.S.; Dhiman, R.C., 2000:
Biomass estimation of teak plantation from Terai Region of Uttar Pradesh

Hollenstein, K.; Graham, R.L.; Shepperd, W.D., 2001:
Biomass flow in western forests: simulating the effects of fuel reduction and presettlement restoration treatments

Tonneau, J.P.; Sabourin, E.; Silveira, L.M. da; Sidersky, P., 2002:
Biomass flow modelling: an approach to soil fertility management in the Agreste region of Paraiba (Brazil)

Bain, R.L.; Overend, R.P., 2002:
Biomass for heat and power

Edwards, P.; Luker, S., 2001:
Biomass for the post-industrial landscape

Turn, S.Q.; Bain, R.L.; Kinoshita, C.M., 2002 :
Biomass gasification for combined heat and power in the cane sugar industry

Karami, M.; Zehzad, B.; Kasmani, M.E., 2000:
Biomass of dominant aquatic plants at Hashilan wetland

Kozak, I., 2000:
Biomass of forest and meadow in the Eastern Carpathians

Wang ShuFeng; Zheng YuShan; Chen, X.; Chen LiGuang; Lin, Y.; Dong LinShui, 2001:
Biomass of mixed forest of Casuarina equsetifolia and Pinus elliottii

Bezkorovainsys, I.N., 2002:
Biomass of soil invertebrates of the taiga zone of the Krasnoyarsk territory

L.Q.; Zhang JinTun; Gao HongWen, 2003:
Biomass of three Bothriochloa ischaemum communities at the loess plateau of Shanxi province

Gouranga Kar; Chakravarty, N.V.K., 2001:
Biomass partitioning and crop water requirements of Brassica as influenced by sowing dates and cultivars

Seong RakChun, 2002:
Biomass partitioning during early growth stage of soybean in response to planting time

Gutman, M.; Noy Meir, I.; Pluda, D.; Seligman, N.'am; Rothman, S.; Sternberg, M., 2002:
Biomass partitioning following defoliation of annual and perennial Mediterranean grasses

Raj Singh; Rao, V.U.M.; Diwan Singh, 2002:
Biomass partitioning in Brassica as affected by sowing dates

Dheebakaran, G.; Ramasamy, S., 2001 :
Biomass partitioning of rice as affected by N sources and rates

Bregard, A.B.langer, G.M.chaud, R.T.emblay, G., 2001:
Biomass partitioning, forage nutritive value, and yield of contrasting genotypes of timothy

Pascale, C.; Heredia, O.S.; Giuffre, L., 2002:
Biomass phosphorus in natural grassland and its relationship with soil phosphorus

Morris, M.; Waldheim, L., 2001:
Biomass power generation: sugar cane bagasse and trash

Hauser, S.; Nolte, C., 2002:
Biomass production and N fixation of five Mucuna pruriens varieties and their effect on maize yields in the forest zone of Cameroon

Castro, D.M.; Ming, L.C.; Marques, M.O.M., 2002:
Biomass production and chemical composition of Lippia alba (Mill.) N.E.Br. ex Britt & Wilson in leaves on different plant parts in different seasons

Habyarimana, E.; Laureti, D.; Fonzo, N. di; Lorenzoni, C., 2002:
Biomass production and drought resistance at the seedling stage and in field conditions in sorghum

Asif Iqbal; Ehsan Ullah; Khalid Iqbal, 2002:
Biomass production and its partitioning in sugarcane at different nitrogen and phosphorus application rates

Kozak, I.; Holubets, M., 2001:
Biomass production and productivity in oak forests of the Eastern Carpathians in relationship with stands age

Liu Jiang; Hong Wei; W.C.engZhen; H.D.ngJin; B.X.aoLi; Yan ShuJun, 2002:
Biomass production and productivity of natural regenerated Sassafras tzumu trees

Rana, B.S.; Rao, O.P.; Singh, B.P., 2001:
Biomass production in 7 year old plantations of Casuarina equisetifolia on sodic soil

Rovas, M.; Dronzek, T., 2002:
Biomass production in semi-natural grassland at different frequency of cutting under mountain conditions

Kumar, R.R.; Potty, V.P., 1998:
Biomass production of Pachyrhizus erosus (L.) by individual and coinoculation with Glomus microcarpum and Bradyrhizobium

Bhardwaj, S.D.; Pankaj Panwar; Sachil Gautam, 2001:
Biomass production potential and nutrient dynamics of Populus deltoides under high density plantations

Chen GuoXiong; Lips, S.H.; Sagi, M., 2002:
Biomass production, transpiration rate and endogenous abscisic acid levels in grafts of flacca and wild-type tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Bylund, H.; Nordell, K.O., 2001:
Biomass proportion, production and leaf nitrogen distribution in a polycormic mountain birch stand (Betula pubescens ssp. czerepanovii) in Northern Sweden

Yang LiPing; Xue JianHua; Jin ShuMei, 2001:
Biomass reproductive allocation of Lilium pumilum

Kallweit, R., 2002:
Biomass studies on level II Scots pine sites in Brandenburg

Tamrakar, P.R., 2000:
Biomass tables for Schima-Castanopsis forests

Ahman, I.; Bertholdsson, N.O., 2001:
Biomass willow cultivars and local variation in attacks by herbivores and rust

Rondon, E.V., 2002:
Biomass yield and growth of Schizolobium amazonicum (Huber) Ducke under different spacing conditions in the wood region

Codling, E.E.; Chaney, R.L.; Mulchi, C.L., 2002:
Biomass yield and phosphorus availability to wheat grown on high phosphorus soils amended with phosphate inactivating residues. I. Drinking water treatment residue

Vieira, M.C.; Heredia, N.A.Z.; Amorim, P.Q., 2002:
Biomass yield of Calendula officinalis L. as a function of diaspores shapes and chicken manure

Vieira, M.C.; Heredia, Z.; Nestor, A.; Ramos, M.B.M., 2002:
Biomass yield of Mentha x villosa and Mentha cf. longifolia as a function of semi-decomposed chicken manure and of harvest time

Fuentes, R.G.; Taliaferro, C.M., 2002:
Biomass yield stability of switchgrass cultivars

E.Baha, A.M., 2002:
Biomass yield, chemical analysis, specific gravity and fiber length of Leucaena leucocephala trees planted in sandy soil at different ages and spacings

Gondek, K.; Filipek Mazur, B., 2003:
Biomass yields of shoots and roots of plants cultivated in soil amended with vermicomposts based on tannery sludge and content of heavy metals in plant tissues

Kumar, R Sunil, 2002:
Biomass, horizontal zonation and vertical stratification of polychaete fauna in the littoral sediment of Cochin estuarine mangrove habitat, south west coast of India

Singh, K.A., 2000:
Biomass, litterfall and changes in the soil properties as influenced by age and tree density in Alnus nepalensis D. Don

Gresham, C.A.; Williams, T.M., 2002:
Biomass, nitrogen, and phosphorus accumulation in 4-year-old intensively managed loblolly pine and sweetgum plantations

Kloseiko, J.M.ndre,, I., 2001:
Biomass, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus contents of beans grown in limed soil in response to foliar application of HNO3 or H2SO4 mists; Feng MingGuang, 2001:
Biomass, sporulation and aphid-infecting virulence of Pandora neoaphidis mycellia produced in repeated liquid culture

Escalante Estrada, J.A., 2001:
Biomass, yield, water use efficiency and nitrogen in sunflower grown on soil with residual moisture

Cesar, C., 2003:
Biomaterials and agriculture have they a common future?

Joshi, P.K.; Roy, P.S.; Singh, S.; Agarwal, S.; Yadav, D., 2002:
Biome level characterization (BLC) of western India - a geospatial approach

Fitch, R.B.; Hosgood, G.; Staatz, A., 2002:
Biomechanical evaluation of triple pelvic osteotomy with and without additional ventral plate stabilization

Maierl, J.; Bohmisch, R.; Metzner, M., 2002:
Biomechanical testing of the suspensory apparatus of the phalanx distalis in the claw of beef bulls

Barello, A.; Galaverna, S.; Fubini, E., 2002:
Biomechanics evaluation of a students' sample 15-19 years old

Petrofsky, J.; Meyer, J.; Magsino, R.; Zook, S.; Kao, J.K.; Laymon, M., 2003:
Biomechanics in physically disabled monoskiers versus conventional downhill skiers and snowboarders

Anonymous, 2000:
Biomechanics of mammalian feeding and primate evolution. Papers presented at the 65th annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, 9-13 April 1996

Girtler, D.; Peham, C.; Kicker, C., 2003:
Biomechanics of the hind limb in the horse - influence of elevation of the heels on the tarsal joint

Federle, W.; Brainerd, E.L.; McMahon, T.A.; Holldobler, B., 2001:
Biomechanics of the movable pretarsal adhesive organ in ants and bees

Stokes, A., 2002:
Biomechanics of tree root anchorage

Fournier Djimbi, M.; Chanson, B., 1999:
Biomechanics of trees and wood for hazardous tree assessment

Eskander, E.F.; Abdel Alim, M.A.; Ahmed, H.H., 1999:
Biomedical and hormonal aspects of apple vinegar

Dutton, C.J.; Junge, R.E.; Louis, E.E., 2003:
Biomedical evaluation of free-ranging ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) in Tsimanampetsotsa Strict Nature Reserve, Madagascar

Matveeva, V.A., 2002:
Biomethod in Kuzbass

Esel' son, V.A., 1999:
Biomethod in the Kaliningrad region

Dobrokhotov, S.A., 2002:
Biomethod in the Leningrad region

Harding, K.; Staines, H., 2001:
Biometric analysis of phenotypic characters of potato shoot-tips recovered from tissue culture, dimethyl sulphoxide treatment and cryopreservation

Kolman, R.; Szczepkowski, M., 2003:
Biometric analysis of the American paddlefish Polyodon spatula (Walbaum, 1792)

Lamberti, F.; Duncan, L.W.; Luca, F. de; Molinari, S.; Agostinelli, A.; Dunn, D.; Coiro, M.I.; Radicci, V., 2001:
Biometric and molecular characterization and juvenile development stages of Xiphinema vulgare Tarjan, 1964 (Nematoda, Dorylaimida)

Ivanova, V.; Vassilev, A., 2003:
Biometric and physiological characteristics of chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum indicum L.) plants grown at different rates of nitrogen fertilization

Tomczyk Wrona, I., 2002:
Biometric characteristics in a population of Hutsul foals with regard to foaling season

Czerniejewski, P., 2002:
Biometric characteristics of the vendace (Coregonus albula L.) from Lake Lesne

Fonseca, C.C.; Campos, S.K.; Benjamin, L. dos A.; Neves, M.T.D. das; Machado, G.V.; Espeschit, C.J.B., 2001:
Biometric maternal and fetal parameters and its relations with obstetrics diameters during the gestation in crossbred goats

Mahalakshmipriya, A.; Vijayalakshmi, A., 2001:
Biometric parameters of cluster beans as influenced by sagowaste and pressmud

Moreno Elcure, F.A.; Cardozo, A., 2002:
Biometric parameters of stingless bee (Meliponinae) colonies on trees cut for lumber in Portuguesa state, Venezuela

Padilla Alvarez, F.; Silva, M.J.V. da; Campano Cabanes, F.; Jimenez Vaquero, E.; Puerta Puerta, F.; Flores Serrano, J.M.; Bustos Ruiz, M., 2001:
Biometric study of Apis mellifera populations from Central Portugal and Madeira

Delfini, C.; Schellino, R.; Minetto, M.; Gaia, P.; Pagliara, A.; Ambro, S.; Strano, M., 2002:
Biometric study on the ability of wine yeasts to produce and/or degrade DL-lactic acid during alcoholic fermentation

Shahid Afghan; Ghulam Ghuas; Zia ul Hussnain ; Ali, F.G., 2002:
Biometric traits of promising clones at Shakarganj Sugar Research Institute (SSRI), Jhang

Gesteira, A. da S.; Schuster, I.; Jose, I.C.; Piovesan, N.D.; Viana, J.M.S.; Barros, E.G. de; Moreira, M.A., 2003:
Biometrical analyses of linolenic acid content of soybean seeds

Schuelter, A.R.; Casali, V.W.D.; Cruz, C.D.; Finger, F.L.; Amaral Junior, A.T. do; Shimoya, A., 2001:
Biometrical analysis of a mutant that increases shelf-life of tomato fruits

Pranckietis, V.; Pranckietiene, I.; Cerniauskas, D., 2002:
Biometrical analysis of the first-year apple trees in nursery

Gancarz, J.; Budzynski, M., 2001:
Biometrical characteristics and reproduction performance of Silesian horses at the Podkarpacki region

Sharma, S.S.; Zaman, G.; Goswami, R.N.; Mahanta, J.D., 2002:
Biometrical characteristics of Nageswari ducks of Assam

Lund, M.S.; Guldbrandtsen, B.; Sorensen, D., 2002:
Biometrical methods for the analysis of molecular information

Hamayun Khan; Miyandad Pardehi; Rahmatullah Rind; Rind, M.M., 2003:
Biometrical study on normal spleen of cattle

Talukdar, M.; Borthakur, S.; Goswami, R.N., 2000:
Biometrical study on the intestine of crossbred adult pigs

Fl' ak, P., 2001:
Biometrico-genetical methods for marker assisted selection

Kalita, A.; Jonali Devi; Sarma, K.; Ahmed, F.A., 2003:
Biometry and follicular status of ovary of adult Bakarwali goats (Capra hircus)

Kalita, A.; Talukdar, M.; Baishya, G., 2002:
Biometry of female genital organs of indigenous pigs of Assam

Baishya, G.; Kalita, A.; Sarma, K.; Goswami, R.N., 2002:
Biometry of foetuses in crossbred pigs

Ozturk, A.; Dag, B.; Keshkn, I.; Aktas, A.H., 2002:
Biometry of testicular growth in Konya Merino, Akkaraman and Awassi ram lambs

Campos, D.B.; Carneiro e Silva, F.O.; Severino, R.S.; Drummond, S.S.; Campos, A.B.; Lima, E.M.M. de, 2002:
Biometry of the os penis in correlation with the biometry of the spinal cord in mixed breed dogs (Canis familiaris)

Sebastian, M., 2003:
Biomolecular antioxidants in animal nutrition

Bitonti, M.B.; Chiappetta, A.; Innocenti, A.M.; Uccella, N., 2002:
Biomolecular characterisation and histological distribution of biophenols in green mature fruit of Olea europea cv. Cassanese

Griselli, B.; Bari, A.; Magnoni, M.; Bertino, S.; Isocrono, D.; Piervittori R., 2003:
Biomonitoring in the evaluation of human impact: use of lichen biodiversity, and moss accumulation of radioisotopes in an Alpine valley (Valle Orco, Piedmont, Italy)

Klivar, D., 2000:
Biomonitoring in the revitalization of the Moravka River

Odzak, N.; Zvonarić, T.; Gaspić, Z.K.; Horvat, M.; Barić, A., 2000:
Biomonitoring of mercury in the Kastela Bay using transplanted mussels

Potter, K.; Lovett Doust, L., 2001:
Biomonitoring site quality in stressed aquatic ecosystems using Vallisneria americana

Becker, P.H., 2003:
Biomonitoring with birds

Wolterbeek, H.T.; Garty, J.; Reis, M.A.; Freitas, M.C., 2003:
Biomonitors in use: lichens and metal air pollution

Golubev, V.N., 1998:
Biomorphological basis of the forecast of flowering rhythms in anthophytes

Huth, W.; Balke, K., 2002:
BionReg. - without effect on the development of BYDV infected plants of winter barley

Han ZhiWu; Yang YongHai; Ren LuQuan; L.J.anQiao, 2001:
Bionic analysis and visual design of a bulldozing blade

You LanShao; Lei RunHua; Jiang JieXian; B.L.anYang; Xiao ZhiShu, 2002:
Bionomic of Campoletis chlorideae (Hym: Ichneumonidae) as a parasitoid of the cotton bollworm Helicoverpa armigera (Lep: Noctuidae)

Lou JunFang; H.G.oLiang; Y.C.iZhu; Zhao WenWei, 2002:
Bionomics and chemical control of Kuwanaspis phyllostachydis

W.L.n; Nie YaPing; Huang YanHui, 2001:
Bionomics and control methods of Didesmococcus koreanus

Wang WanFu; Lin ChuangYe, 2001:
Bionomics and control of Apopestes spectrum moth damaging the murals at Mogao Grottoes

Lin QingLan; L.K.En; X.W.nChen; Cai YiMing, 2001:
Bionomics and control of Chinolyda flagellicornis

H.G.oLiang; Y.C.iZhu; Lou JunFang; Chen XiaoZhong; X.H.i, 2001:
Bionomics and control of Takecallis taiwanus

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Biosystematics and evolution of the Triatominae

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Biotech information for the developing world

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Biotech innovations in agriculture: principles, policies and conflicts between the USA and EU

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Biotechnological methods for quality control in poultry production

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Biotechnological solutions for weed problems - the next generations

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Biotechnological tools in giant freshwater prawn aquaculture: prospects for application

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Biotechnologies and bioethics

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Biotechnologies and forest trees

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Biotechnologies and groundnut

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Biotechnologies to advance health in developing countries

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Biotechnology and agriculture: a challenge for the 21st century

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Biotechnology and development of insect resistance in trees: a novel approach

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Biotechnology and genetic engineering for fermented milk products

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Biotechnology and genetically modified foods

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Biotechnology and genetically modified foods: the role of environmental journalists

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Biotechnology and human development in developing countries

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Biotechnology and international relations: forging new strategic partnerships

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Biotechnology and its application in agriculture and food production: the Egyptian experience

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Biotechnology and its applications in the agrofood sector

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Biotechnology and quality of agricultural food products

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Biotechnology and seeds: present and future

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Biotechnology and sex control in livestock

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Biotechnology and smallholder agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa

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Biotechnology and sustainability

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Biotechnology and sustainable agriculture

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Biotechnology and synthetic chemistry - routes to clinically important compounds

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Biotechnology and the UN: new challenges and new failures

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Biotechnology and the developing world

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Biotechnology and the industrialization of horticulture in India

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Biotechnology and the precautionary principle

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Biotechnology and the quest for food security: panacea, panoply or palliative?

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Biotechnology and the war on poverty

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Biotechnology and traditional breeding in sub-Saharan Africa

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Biotechnology applications for improving environmental impact in the agroindustrial complex

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Biotechnology approaches for exploitation and preservation of plant resources. International Symposium, Yalta, Ukraine, 26-31 May 2002: Abstracts

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Biotechnology at work in soil biomass management

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Biotechnology capacity of LDCs in the Asian Pacific Rim

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Biotechnology for almond improvement in Australia

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Biotechnology for developing-country agriculture: problems and opportunities

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Biotechnology for evolving drought tolerant crops and varieties: prospects and limitations

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Biotechnology for improving Rubus production and quality

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Biotechnology for pollution control in forest-based industries

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Biotechnology for the improvement of maize for resource poor farmers: the CIMMYT approach

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Biotechnology in Bangladesh

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Biotechnology in Europe - 20 years' experience and current strategy

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Biotechnology in New Zealand: what do we know?

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Biotechnology in Switzerland: high on the public agenda, but only moderate support

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Biotechnology in agriculture: ethical questions and bioethics involved in genetically modified soyabean

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Biotechnology in agriculture: implications for farm-level risk management

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Biotechnology in animal breeding

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Biotechnology in animal husbandry. VI international symposium systems of animal breeding and economics of animal production at the beginning of the new millennium, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 2-5 October, 2001

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Biotechnology in aquaculture

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Biotechnology in conservation of aquatic biodiversity

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Biotechnology in forage crops - capturing our potential

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Biotechnology in forestry

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Biotechnology in forestry: considering the costs and benefits

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Biotechnology in longan and litchi breeding: applications and prospects

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Biotechnology in processing milk raw materials

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Biotechnology in the Indian National Agricultural Research System: a case for institutional reform

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Biotechnology in the Netherlands: controversy or consensus?

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Biotechnology in the development of food crops. Why is there controversy regarding its safety?

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Biotechnology in the management of abiotic stresses

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Biotechnology in the supply chain: managing a product differentiating technology

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Biotechnology input in fish breeding

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Biotechnology issues for developing economies

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Biotechnology issues in Africa

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Biotechnology of cotton - a review

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Biotechnology of plant osmotic stress tolerance: physiological and molecular considerations

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Biotechnology of rice: present limitations and future prospects

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Biotechnology of tropical and subtropical fruit: cornucopia or forbidden fruit?

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Biotechnology offers US farmers promises and problems

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Biotechnology regulation: limiting or contributing to biotech development?

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Biotechnology regulations and the WTO

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Biotechnology research by the Malaysian cocoa board

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Biotechnology tolls in Araucaria angustifolia conservation and improvement: inductive factors affecting somatic embryogenesis

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Biotechnology's future benefits: prediction or promise?

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Biotechnology, GMOs and development: economic implications

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Biotechnology, a benefit not only to agriculture

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Biotechnology, bioethics and the poor

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Biotechnology, especially genetic modification, and the legislation

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Biotechnology, ethics and social control

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Biotechnology, farm management and local agricultural development

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Biotechnology, genetic modification, organic farming and nutrition security

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Biotechnology-derived and novel foods: safety approaches and regulations

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Biotechnology: a basket of options

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Biotechnology: a modern tool for food production improvement

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Biotechnology: a promising tool for conservation of phytodiversity

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Biotechnology: a solution for improving nutrient bioavailability

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Biotechnology: a technology for the next millennium in Zimbabwe

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Biotechnology: driven by profit or searching for a better environment?

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Biotechnology: legal and other issues in a Thailand experience

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Biotechnology: perspectives of civil society

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Biotechnology: scope and perspective

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Biotechnology: the next wave of innovation technologies for sustainable development

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Bioterrorism and zoonoses

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Bioterrorism in the Northern Hemisphere and potential impact on New Zealand

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Bioterrorism-syndromic surveillance. Proceedings of a conference held at the New York Academy of Medicine, New York, USA, September 23-24 2002

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Bioterrorism. A fiction that has (almost) become a reality

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Bioterrorism: a new public health problem

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Bioterrorism: an overview

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Bioterrorism: an update with a focus on anthrax

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Biotic interferences and other problems faced by the elephants in the most crucial corridors of Eastern Ghats

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Biotic pressure and entry of exotics in shola grassland ecosystem of upper Palnis

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Biotin uptake into human peripheral blood mononuclear cells increases early in the cell cycle, increasing carboxylase activities

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Biotope- and species protection value of large arable fields in the lowlands of Northeast Germany

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Biotopes and vegetation types from French Guiana

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Biotransformation of biphenyl by Paecilomyces lilacinus and characterization of ring cleavage products

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Biotransformation of citronellal by Solanum aviculare suspension cultures: preparation of p-menthane-3,8-diols and determination of their absolute configurations

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Biotransformation of food antioxidants by Armoracia rusticana hairy root cultures

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Biotransformation of gastrodin by cell suspension culture of Platycodon grandiflorum

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Biotransformation of glucose to gluconic acid by Aspergillus niger - study of mass transfer in an airlift bioreactor

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Biotransformation of organic matter of forest soils in the region polluted by the Kostomukshskii ore mining and processing enterprise

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Biotransformation of phorbol by human intestinal bacteria

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Biotransformation of phosphogypsum in media containing different forms of nitrogen

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Biotransformation of some industrial residuals and evaluation of their humification process

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Biotransformation of soya beta -glycosyl isoflavones into non-glycans isoflavones by fungal beta -glycosidase

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Biotransformation of the mycotoxin, zearalenone, to a non-estrogenic compound by a fungal strain of Clonostachys sp

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Biotransformation of triptonide by cell suspension cultures of Platycodon grandiflorum

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Biotransformation of volatile constituents using plant cell cultures: a review

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Biotreatment of textile effluent by using water hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms

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Bioturbation effects of Chironomus riparius on the benthic N-cycle as measured using microsensors and microbiological assays

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Biotype Q of Bemisia tabaci identified in Israel

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Biotype of a brown planthopper population in Yezin, Myanmar

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Biotypic characterisation of bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) in clinical samples

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Biotypic variation in Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia Kurdjumov Homoptera: Aphididae) between Hungary and South Africa

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Biotypic variation of Diuraphis noxia (Homoptera: Aphididae) between South Africa and Hungary

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Biowaste as source of vermicompost

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Biowaste effects on soil and native plants in a semiarid ecosystem

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Biphasic autoregulation of mineralocorticoid receptor mRNA in the medial septal nucleus by aldosterone

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Biphasic effects of leptin in porcine granulosa cells

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Biphasic hypothermia in mice infected with a parasitic nematode, Trichinella spiralis

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Biphasic kinetics of growth and bacteriocin production with Lactobacillus amylovorus DCE 471 occur under stress conditions

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Biphasic superoxide generation in potato tubers. A self-amplifying response to stress

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Biplot AMMI graphic representation of specific combining ability

Yan, W.; Hunt, L.A., 2002:
Biplot Analysis of Diallel Data

Yan,, D., 2002:
Biplot analysis of host-by-pathogen data

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Biplot Analysis of Test Sites and Trait Relations of Soybean in Ontario

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Bipolaris spicifera causes fungus balls of the sinuses and triggers polypoid chronic rhinosinusitis in an immunocompetent patient

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Birch (Betula pendula) wood discolouration during drying. Effect of environmental factors and wood location in the trunk

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Birch forests: an alpine forest resource

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Birch resources in Russia - harvesting and processing

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Birch: a little-known forest tree species

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Bird blowflies (Calliphoridae: Protocalliphora, Trypocalliphora) in Poland

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Bird communities in two fragments of semideciduous forest in rural Sao Paulo State

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Bird communities of Parque Escolar Rural Enrique Berduc, La Picada (Entre Rios) during an annual cycle

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Bird community in riparian forest

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Bird counts of burned versus unburned big sagebrush sites

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Bird damage to guava (Psidium guava) and papaya (Carica papaya)

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Bird damage to the plastic stretch-film on baled silage in Ireland

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Bird damage to the plastic stretch-film surrounding baled silage

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Bird nesting ecology in a forest defoliated by gypsy moths

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Bird predation and the host-plant shift by the goldenrod stem galler

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Bird preference to different sunflower genotypes

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Bird species richness in natural forest patches in southeast Brazil

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Bird strike incidence at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport

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Bird use of forest structural classes in grand fir forests of the Blue Mountains, Oregon

Smith, W.; Stotts, M.; Andres, B.; Melton, J.; Garibaldi, A.; Boggs, K., 2001:
Bird, mammal, and vegetation community surveys of research natural areas in the Tongass National Forest

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