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Bleachability of explosion pulp of triploid Populus tomentosa

Song XianLiang; Lai WenHeng; Pan DingRu; Yin Ning; Fan YongMing

Journal of Beijing Forestry University 22(6): 55-58


Accession: 003663267

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This study focused on the bleachability of triploid clones of Populus tomentosa explosion pulp which was first used at 2.0 MPa, then at 1.0 MPa. In 1.0 MPa, 4% Na2CO3 and 4-12% Na2SO3 were added into triploid clones of P. tomentosa, the brown stock's brightness was 42-58% (ZBD), and the yield rate was about 90%. After conventional bleaching at first stage (2% H2O2), the brightness can reach 56-66% (ZBD), at second stage (2% H2O2) the brightness can reach 64-75% (ZBD).

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