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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 3677

Chapter 3677 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Pavlov, D.; Pavlova, E., 2000:
Characterization of the ecological composition of plant communities in the stations for monitoring forest ecosystems

Asakawa, A.; Inui, A.; Yuzuriha, H.; Ueno, N.; Katsuura, G.; Fujimiya, M.; Fujino, M.A.; Niijima, A.; Meguid, M.M.; Kasuga, M., 2003:
Characterization of the effects of pancreatic polypeptide in the regulation of energy balance

Cardoso, R.M.F.; Daniels, D.S.; Bruns, C.M.; Tainer, J.A., 2003:
Characterization of the electrophile binding site and substrate binding mode of the 26-kDa glutathione S-transferase from Schistosoma japonicum

Roche, S.; Gaudin, Y., 2002:
Characterization of the equilibrium between the native and fusion-inactive conformation of rabies virus glycoprotein indicates that the fusion complex is made of several trimers

Ellis, N.A.; Tammen, I.; Nicholas, F.W.; Raadsma, H.W., 2002:
Characterization of the equine angiotensin-converting enzyme gene

Loayza, I.; Antonio Vilaseca, L.; Lorenzo, D.; Dellacassa, E., 2002:
Characterization of the essential oil and extracts from the aerial parts of kehuina (Polylepis besseri)

Mohammad Hudaib; Cavrini, V.; Bellardi, M.G.; Rubies Autonell, C., 2002:
Characterization of the essential oils of healthy and virus infected Echinacea purpurea (L.) Moench plants

Grevesse, C.; Lepoivre, P.; Jijakli, M.Haïssam., 2008:
Characterization of the Exoglucanase-Encoding Gene PaEXG2 and Study of Its Role in the Biocontrol Activity of Pichia anomala Strain K

Torres, G.; Lelandais-Briere, C.B.sin, E.J.bier, M.; Roche, O.M.zubert, C.C.rre-Menguy, F.H.rtmann, C., 2003:
Characterization of the expression of Phaseolus vulgaris OCT1, a dehydration-regulated gene that encodes a new type of phloem transporter

Corre-Menguy, F.C.judo, F.; Mazubert, C.V.dal, J.L.landais-Briere, C.T.rres, G.R.de, A.H.rtmann, C., 2002:
Characterization of the expression of a wheat cystatin gene during caryopsis development

Candia, L.M. de; Rodgers, R.J., 1999:
Characterization of the expression of the alternative splicing of the ED-A, ED-B and V regions of fibronectin mRNA in bovine ovarian follicles and corpora lutea

Robertson, K.M.; Simpson, E.R.; Lacham Kaplan, O.; Jones, M.E.E., 2001:
Characterization of the fertility of male aromatase knockout mice

Ciceroni, L.; Fabbi, M.; Ciarrocchi, S.; Pinto, A.; Ciervo, A.; Kasten, R.W.; Chomel, B.B., 2002:
Characterization of the first Bartonella henselae strain isolated from a cat in Italy

Tan, L.; Grewal, P.S., 2003:
Characterization of the first molluscicidal lipopolysaccharide from Moraxella osloensis

Mogg, R..; Batley, J..; Hanley, S..; Edwards, D..; O'Sullivan, H..; Edwards, J.., 2003:
Characterization of the flanking regions of Zea mays microsatellites reveals a large number of useful sequence polymorphisms

E.F.dili, A.; Kundig, C.; Ouellette, M., 2002:
Characterization of the folylpolyglutamate synthetase gene and polyglutamylation of folates in the protozoan parasite Leishmania

Bergeron, L.J.; Morou-Bermudez, E.; Burne, R.A., 2000 :
Characterization of the fructosyltransferase gene of Actinomyces naeslundii WVU45

Amoros, A.; Melgarejo, P.; Martinez, J.J.; Hernandez, F.; Martinez, J., 2000:
Characterization of the fruit of five pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) clones cultivated in homogeneous soils

De-La-Fuente, J.G.rcia-Garcia, J.; Blouin, E.; Kocan, K., 2003:
Characterization of the functional domain of major surface protein 1a involved in adhesion of the rickettsia Anaplasma marginale to host cells

Santos, M.; Rebordinos, L.; Gutiérrez, S.; Cardoza, R.E.; Martín, J.F.; Cantoral, J.M., 2001:
Characterization of the gdhA gene from the phytopathogen Botrytis cinerea

Antonopoulos, D.A.; Aminov, R.I.; Duncan, P.A.; White, B.A.; Mackie, R.I., 2003:
Characterization of the gene encoding glutamate dehydrogenase ( gdhA) from the ruminal bacterium Ruminococcus flavefaciens FD-1

Rahman, M.M.; Gopinathan, K.P., 2003:
Characterization of the gene encoding the envelope fusion glycoprotein GP64 from Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus

Burton, R.A.; Johnson, P.E.; Beckles, D.M.; Fincher, G.B.; Jenner, H.L.; Naldrett, M.J.; Denyer, K., 2002:
Characterization of the genes encoding the cytosolic and plastidial forms of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase in wheat endosperm

Flynn, S.; van Sinderen, D.; Thornton, G.M.; Holo, H.; Nes, I.F.; Collins, J.Kevin., 2002:
Characterization of the genetic locus responsible for the production of ABP-118, a novel bacteriocin produced by the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus salivarius subsp. salivarius UCC118

Mohan, K.Naga.; Ray, P.; Chandra, H.Sharat., 2002:
Characterization of the genome of the mealybug Planococcus lilacinus, a model organism for studying whole-chromosome imprinting and inactivation

Ide, Y.; Tsuchimoto, D.; Tominaga, Y.; Iwamoto, Y.; Nakabeppu, Y., 2003:
Characterization of the genomic structure and expression of the mouse Apex2 gene

Erichsen, H.C.; Eck, P.; Levine, M.; Chanock, S., 2001:
Characterization of the genomic structure of the human vitamin C transporter SVCT1 (SLC23A2)

Ospina, H.S.D.; Ararat, J.E.; Rosales, M.M., 2001:
Characterization of the genotypic variation of the nutritional quality of 22 provenances of Trichanthera gigantea (H. & B.) Nees

Brescia, M.A.; Caldarola, V.; Giglio, A. de; Benedetti, D.; Fanizzi, F.P.; Sacco, A., 2002:
Characterization of the geographical origin of Italian red wines based on traditional and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometric determinations

Mahoney, A.B.; Turco, S.J., 1999:
Characterization of the glucosyltransferases that assemble the side chains of the Indian Leishmania donovani lipophosphoglycan

Ros, C.; Belak, S., 2002:
Characterization of the glycoprotein B gene from ruminant alphaherpesviruses

Sanchez, A.J.; Vincent, M.J.; Nichol, S.T., 2002:
Characterization of the glycoproteins of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus

Saldano, S.A.; Rabasa, A.E.; Fernandez, J.L.; Poli, M.A., 2003:
Characterization of the goat production system in south Tucuman province (Argentina)

Asfie, M.; Yoshijima, T.; Sugita, H., 2003:
Characterization of the goldfish fecal microflora by the fluorescent in situ hybridization method

Pagliaricci, H.R.; Gonzalez, S.; Ohanian, A.E.; Pereyra, T.W., 2000:
Characterization of the growth and production of winter forage cereals in Cordoba, Argentina

Vidal Diaz, M.L.; Clara, V.; Alonso Rodriguez, N.; Gutierrez Morales, A., 2001:
Characterization of the heavy clay soils of the north of Villa Clara dedicated to the cultivation of sugarcane

Fernández, Mónica.; Cuadrado, Y.; Recio, E.; Aparicio, Jús.F.; Martín, J.F., 2002:
Characterization of the hom-thrC-thrB cluster in aminoethoxyvinylglycine-producing Streptomyces sp. NRRL 5331

Burton, M.D.; Papalia, L.; Eusebius, N.P.; O'Hehir, R.E.; Rolland, J.M., 2002:
Characterization of the human T cell response to rye grass pollen allergens Lol p 1 and Lol p 5

Cardozo, G.; Tucci, P.; Hernández, A., 2002:
Characterization of the immune response induced by a carbohydrate enriched fraction from Echinococcus granulosus protoscoleces in patients with cystic hydatid disease

Carvalho, L.P. de; Soto, M.; Jeronimo, S.; Dondji, B.; Bacellar, O.; Luz, V.; Orge, G.O.; Alonso, C.; Jesus, A.R.; Carvalho, E.M., 2003:
Characterization of the immune response to Leishmania infantum recombinant antigens

Bush, T.J. van den; Rosenbusch, R.F., 2003:
Characterization of the immune response to Mycoplasma bovis lung infection

Nicholas, B.L.; Brennan, F.R.; Martinez Torrecuadrada, J.L.; Casal, J.I.; Hamilton, W.D.; Wakelin, D., 2002:
Characterization of the immune response to canine parvovirus induced by vaccination with chimaeric plant viruses

Overbeke, I.V.n; Chiers, K.C.arlier, G.V.ndenberghe, I.B.eumen, J.V.n; Ducatelle, R.H.esebrouck, F., 2002:
Characterization of the in vitro adhesion of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae to swine alveolar epithelial cells

Rimstad, E.; Mjaaland, S.; Snow, M.; Mikalsen, A.B.; Cunningham, C.O., 2001:
Characterization of the infectious salmon anemia virus genomic segment that encodes the putative hemagglutinin

Boisclair, J.; Doré, M.; Beauchamp, G.; Chouinard, L.; Girard, C., 2001:
Characterization of the inflammatory infiltrate in canine chronic hepatitis

Yu, T.; Nassuth, A.; Peterson, R.L., 2001:
Characterization of the interaction between the dark septate fungus Phialocephala fortinii and Asparagus officinalis roots

Bollag, J.M.; Dec, J., 2001:
Characterization of the interaction between xenobiotic residues and humic substances

Ramon Rodriguez, A.B., 2001:
Characterization of the international expansion of the Spanish hotel industry (1)

Ho, H-Chen.; Suarez, S.S., 2003:
Characterization of the intracellular calcium store at the base of the sperm flagellum that regulates hyperactivated motility

Macedo, C.S. de; Uhrig, M.L.; Kimura, E.A.; Katzin, A.M., 2002:
Characterization of the isoprenoid chain of coenzyme Q in Plasmodium falciparum

Choi, H.S.; Sawamura, M.; Kondo, Y., 2002:
Characterization of the key aroma compounds of Citrus flaviculpus Hort. ex Tanaka by aroma extraction dilution analysis

Rodriguez Rico, I.; Fabelo Falcon, J.A.; Lugo Permuy, F.; Rodriguez Diaz, J., 2002:
Characterization of the kinetic environment of the ageing of raw materials used in Mulata rum

Quan, G-X.; Kim, I.; Kômoto, N.; Sezutsu, H.; Ote, M.; Shimada, T.; Kanda, T.; Mita, K.; Kobayashi, M.; Tamura, T., 2002:
Characterization of the kynurenine 3-monooxygenase gene corresponding to the white egg 1 mutant in the silkworm Bombyx mori

Moreira, M.F.B.; Braga Junior, R.A.; Borem, F.M.; Rabal, H.J.; Rabelo, G.F.; Fabbro, I.M. dal; Trivi, M.R.; Arizaga, R., 2002:
Characterization of the laser's light transmission in bean seed (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Ehara, K.; Saka, S.; Kawamoto, H., 2002:
Characterization of the lignin-derived products from wood as treated in supercritical water

de Moura, Aéa.Figueiredo.Procópio.; Torres, Rângela.Pavan.; Mancini-Filho, J.; Tenuta Filho, A., 2002:
Characterization of the lipid portion of pink shrimp commercial samples

Larvor, M-Pierre.; Cerdan, R.; Gumila, C.; Maurin, L.; Seta, P.; Roustan, C.; Vial, H., 2003:
Characterization of the lipid-binding domain of the Plasmodium falciparum CTP:phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase through synthetic-peptide studies

Zdorovenko, G.M.; Shashkov, A.S.; Zdorovenko, E.L.; Kocharova, N.A.; Yakovleva, L.M.; Knirel, Y.A.; Rudolph, K., 2001:
Characterization of the lipopolysaccharide and structure of the O-specific polysaccharide of the bacterium Pseudomonas syringae pv. atrofaciens IMV 948

Hausmann, S.; Vivarès, C.P.; Shuman, S., 2001:
Characterization of the mRNA capping apparatus of the microsporidian parasite Encephalitozoon cuniculi

Xing, Z..; Tan, F..; Hua, P..; Sun, L..; Xu, G..; Zhang, Q.., 2003:
Characterization of the main effects, epistatic effects and their environmental interactions of QTLs on the genetic basis of yield traits in rice

Onaciu, G., 2000:
Characterization of the main features of production and reproduction at a cattle population growth in Cluj County

Knowles, T.T.; Alleman, A.Rick.; Sorenson, H.L.; Marciano, D.C.; Breitschwerdt, E.B.; Harrus, S.; Barbet, A.F.; Bélanger, M., 2003:
Characterization of the major antigenic protein 2 of Ehrlichia canis and Ehrlichia chaffeensis and its application for serodiagnosis of ehrlichiosis

Fombelle, A.D.; Varloud, M.G.achet, A.; Jacotot, E.P.ilippeau, C.D.ogoul, C.J.lliand, V., 2003:
Characterization of the microbial and biochemical profile of the different segments of the digestive tract in horses given two distinct diets

Tal, Y.W.tts, J.; Schreier, S.; Sowers, K.; Schreier, H., 2003:
Characterization of the microbial community and nitrogen transformation processes associated with moving bed bioreactors in a closed recirculated mariculture system

Shimizu, H.; Taniguchi, H.; Hippo, Y.; Hayashizaki, Y.; Aburatani, H.; Ishikawa, T., 2003:
Characterization of the mouse Abcc12 gene and its transcript encoding an ATP-binding cassette transporter, an orthologue of human ABCC12

Rantanen, A.; Gaspari, M.; Falkenberg, M.; Gustafsson, C.M.; Larsson, N-Göran., 2003:
Characterization of the mouse genes for mitochondrial transcription factors B1 and B2

Akram, M.; Jain, R.K.; Vikas Chaudhary; Ahlawat, Y.S.; Khurana, S.M.P., 2003:
Characterization of the movement protein (NSm) gene of Groundnut bud necrosis virus from cowpea and potato

Vázquez-Padrón, R.I.; Moreno-Fierros, L.; Neri-Bazán, L.; Martínez-Gil, A.F.; de-la-Riva, G.A.; López-Revilla, R., 2000:
Characterization of the mucosal and systemic immune response induced by Cry1Ac protein from Bacillus thuringiensis HD 73 in mice

E.S.yed, A.K.; Hothersall, J.; Cooper, S.M.; Stephens, E.; Simpson, T.J.; Thomas, C.M., 2003:
Characterization of the mupirocin biosynthesis gene cluster from Pseudomonas fluorescens NCIMB 10586

Goldie-Cregan, L.C.; Croager, E.J.; Abraham, L.J., 2002:
Characterization of the murine CD30 ligand (CD153) gene: gene structure and expression

Rahkonen, O.P.; Koskivirta, I.M.O.; Oksjoki, S.M.; Jokinen, E.; Vuorio, E.I., 2002:
Characterization of the murine Timp4 gene, localization within intron 5 of the synapsin 2 gene and tissue distribution of the mRNA

Chantrel Groussard, K.; Delpy, L.; Ratinaud, M.H.; Cogne, M., 2001:
Characterization of the murine gene for subunit VIIaL of cytochrome c oxidase

Gianfrancesco, F.; Falco, G.; Esposito, T.; Rocchi, M.; D'Urso, M., 2001:
Characterization of the murine orthologue of a novel human subtelomeric multigene family

Maccatrozzo, L.; Bargelloni, L.; Patarnello, P.; Radaelli, G.; Mascarello, F.; Patarnello, T., 2002:
Characterization of the myostatin gene and a linked microsatellite marker in shi drum (Umbrina cirrosa, Sciaenidae)

Maccatrozzo, L.; Bargelloni, L.; Radaelli, G.; Mascarello, F.; Patarnello, T., 2004:
Characterization of the myostatin gene in the gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata): sequence, genomic structure, and expression pattern

Robertson, A.S.; Belorgey, D.; Lilley, K.S.; Lomas, D.A.; Gubb, D.; Dafforn, T.R., 2002:
Characterization of the necrotic protein that regulates the Toll-mediated immune response in Drosophila

Velasco, L.M.sa, S.D.lgado, M.; Bedmar, E., 2001:
Characterization of the nirK gene encoding the respiratory, Cu-containing nitrite reductase of Bradyrhizobium japonicum

Mesa, S.; Velasco, L.; Manzanera, M.E.; Delgado, Mía.J.; Bedmar, E.J., 2002:
Characterization of the norCBQD genes, encoding nitric oxide reductase, in the nitrogen fixing bacterium Bradyrhizobium japonicum

Filep, T., 2002:
Characterization of the nutrient buffer capacity of K, Ca, Mg in two Hungarian soils

Galindo Altemir, M.J., 2001:
Characterization of the nutritional state of vine variety Moristel in the Designation of Origin of Somontano

Abaza, L.; Msallem, M.; Daoud, D.; Moktar Zarrouk, 2002:
Characterization of the oils from seven Tunisian olive tree varieties

Eck, T.F.; Holben, B.N.; Ward, D.E.; Dubovik, O.; Reid, J.S.; Smirnov, A.; Mukelabai, M.M.; Hsu, N.C.; O'Neill, N.T.; Slutsker, I., 2001:
Characterization of the optical properties of biomass burning aerosols in Zambia during the 1997 ZIBBEE field campaign

Chernyanskii, S.S., 2001:
Characterization of the organic profile of chernozems and salt-affected soils of different ages on the basis of the fractional peptization analysis

Gafan, C.; Wilson, J.; Berger, L.C.; Berger, B.J., 2001:
Characterization of the ornithine aminotransferase from Plasmodium falciparum

Razuck, F.Barcellos.; Ribeiro, B.; Vargas, Jé.Hamilton.; Wolff, J.Luiz.; Ribeiro, B.Morais., 2002:
Characterization of the p10 gene region of Anticarsia gemmatalis nucleopolyhedrovirus

Bassett, C.L.; Artlip, T.S.; Callahan, A.M., 2002:
Characterization of the peach homologue of the ethylene receptor, PpETR1, reveals some unusual features regarding transcript processing

Gross, S.; Dunkelblum, E.; Assael, F.; Harel, M.; Zada, A.; Mendel, Z., 2001:
Characterization of the performance of pheromone traps as a basis for the management of the Citrus Mealybug Planococcus citri (Risso) in Citrus groves

Islam, M.S.; Khan, S.; Ito, T.; Maruo, T.; Shinohara, Y., 2002:
Characterization of the physico-chemical properties of environmentally friendly organic substrates in relation to rockwool

Zavgorodnyaya, Y.A.; Demin, V.V.; Kurakov, A.V.; Biryukova, O.N., 2001:
Characterization of the physicochemical properties of fungal melanins

Ipatov, V.S.; Kirikova, L.A., 2001:
Characterization of the phytogenic field of Picea abies in Pinetum hylocomiosum forests

Grodzki, L.; Boeger, M.R.T., 2001:
Characterization of the pioneer vegetation on the bracatinga (Mimosa scabrella Benth.) agroforestry system in the Colombo municipality, PR

Lubliner, N.; Singh Cundy, D.T.; Singh Cundy, A., 2003:
Characterization of the pollen growth transition in self-incompatible Petunia inflata

Pepin, G.; Baroudi, H.; Nomine, M., 2003:
Characterization of the pollutant-matrix interaction in contaminated soils: PAH and PCB contamination case study

Maak, S.; Jaesert, S.; Neumann, K.; Lengerken, G. von, 2003:
Characterization of the porcine CDKN3 gene as a potential candidate for congenital splay leg in piglets

Jacobs, K.M.ttheeuws, M.P.ucke, M.V.n; Zeveren, A.V.n; Peelman, L., 2002:
Characterization of the porcine FABGL gene

Hedegaard, J.; Horn, P.; Bendixen, C.; Bendixen, E., 2002:
Characterization of the porcine RN- mutation in PRKAG3 by proteom analysis

Jacobs, K.; Poucke, M. van; Mattheeuws, M.; Chardon, P.; Yerle, M.; Rohrer, G.; Zeveren, A. van; Peelman, L.J., 2002:
Characterization of the porcine melanocortin 2 receptor gene (MC2R)

Ogihara, N.; Ebihara, S.; Kawamura, W.; Okamoto, M.; Sakai, T.; Takiguchi, K.; Morita, T.; Uchida, R.; Matsuyama, Y.; Hayashi, Y.; Arakawa, Y.; Kikuchi, M., 2003:
Characterization of the portal signal in a nonsteady hyperglycemic state in conscious dogs

Mota, D.; Ramirez Necoechea, R.; Alonso Spilsbury, M.; Garcia Contreras, A.C., 2002:
Characterization of the productive performance in family pig farms located in Ayotzingo, State of Mexico

Yamada, T.; Ono, H., 2001:
Characterization of the products resulting from ethylene glycol liquefaction of cellulose

Chandrapati, S.; O'Sullivan, D.J., 2002:
Characterization of the promoter regions involved in galactose- and nisin-mediated induction of the nisA gene in Lactococcus lactis ATCC 11454

Nikoskelainen, S.; Salminen, S.; Bylund, G.; Ouwehand, A.C., 2001:
Characterization of the properties of human- and dairy-derived probiotics for prevention of infectious diseases in fish

Fodor, S.K.; Vogt, V.M., 2002:
Characterization of the protease of a fish retrovirus, walleye dermal sarcoma virus

Baek, B.K.; Islam, M.K.; Kim, B.S.; Lim, C.W.; Hur, J.; Oluoch, A.O.; Kim, C.H.; Kakoma, I., 2003:
Characterization of the protective response against a homologous challenge infection with Strongyloides venezuelensis in rats

Lorca, G.L.; Font de Valdez, G.; Ljungh, A., 2002:
Characterization of the protein-synthesis dependent adaptive acid tolerance response in Lactobacillus acidophilus

Marcone, M.R.; Kakuda, Y.; Jahaniaval, F.; Yada, R.Y.; Montevirgen, L.S., 2002:
Characterization of the proteins of pili nut (Canarium ovatum, Engl.)

Wagner, W.; Mohrlen, F.; Schnetter, W., 2002:
Characterization of the proteolytic enzymes in the midgut of the European Cockchafer, Melolontha melolontha (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Ellis, E.M.; Slattery, C.M.; Hayes, J.D., 2003:
Characterization of the rat aflatoxin B1 aldehyde reductase gene, AKR7A1. Structure and chromosomal localization of AKR7A1 as well as identification of antioxidant response elements in the gene promoter

Gomes, C.M.; Goto, H.; Magnanelli, A.C.; Monteiro, H.P.; Soares, R.P.; Corbett, C.E.; Gidlund, M., 2002:
Characterization of the receptor for insulin-like growth factor on Leishmania promastigotes

Kristiansen, M.; Frøystad, M.K.; Rishovd, A.Lise.; Gjøen, T., 2002:
Characterization of the receptor-destroying enzyme activity from infectious salmon anaemia virus

Moura, A.M. de; Foelkel, C.E.B.; Frizzo, S.M.B., 2002:
Characterization of the reduced sulphur compounds generated in kraft and pre-hydrolysis kraft pulping

Sartori, M.M.P.; Leao, A.L., 2002:
Characterization of the residual biomass from sugarcane harvest and its potential energy on different varieties and cuts

Guerra, A.; Mendonca, R.; Ferraz, A., 2002:
Characterization of the residual lignins in Pinus taeda biodegraded by Ceriporiopsis subvermispora by using in situ CuO oxidation and DFRC methods

D'Agostino, I.B.; Deruère, J.; Kieber, J.J., 2000:
Characterization of the response of the Arabidopsis response regulator gene family to cytokinin

Gogorcena, Y.; Molias, N.; Larbi, A.; Abadía, J.; Abadía, A., 2001:
Characterization of the responses of cork oak (Quercus suber) to iron deficiency

Morales, M.; Hernandez, M.S.; Cabezas, M.; Barrera, J.; Martinez, O., 2001:
Characterization of the ripening of pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merrill) cv. India fruit

Scott Ward, T.S.; Dunbar, S.J.; Windass, J.D.; Williams, A.J., 2001:
Characterization of the ryanodine receptor-Ca2+ release channel from the thoracic tissues of the lepidopteran insect Heliothis virescens

Lu, S-En.; Scholz-Schroeder, B.K.; Gross, D.C., 2002:
Characterization of the salA, syrF, and syrG regulatory genes located at the right border of the syringomycin gene cluster of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae

Haugen, P.; D.J.nckheere, J.F.; Johansen, S., 2002:
Characterization of the self-splicing products of two complex Naegleria LSU rDNA group I introns containing homing endonuclease genes

Kwak HyoShun; Lee ChongSam, 1999:
Characterization of the serotyping and the plasmid profile of E. coli isolated from foods and clinical specimens

Rodero, E.; Fernandez Barranquero, C.; Anglada, M.; Alcaide, B.; Cantarero, J.; Sereno, J.R.B.; Herrera, M., 2001:
Characterization of the sexual behaviour of Andalusian stallions in a natural mount

Vegetti, A.C., 2002:
Characterization of the shoot branching systems in Oryzeae (Poaceae)

Armenteros, M.; Pena, J.; Pulido, J.L.; Linares, E., 2002:
Characterization of the situation in dairy herds affected by bovine mastitis

Yamagishi, N.; Terauchi, H.; Kanematsu, S.; Hidaka, S., 2003:
Characterization of the small subgenomic RNA of Soybean dwarf virus

Fresno, M.; Alvarez, S.; Darmanin, N.; Batista, P.; Pino, V.; Fernandez, M., 2002:
Characterization of the smoking process of Palmero cheese

Cruz, M.T. de la; Balaguer, J.; Hernando, J., 2001:
Characterization of the soils from the east termomediterranean forest of Mallorca

Koc, P.; Houska, M., 2002:
Characterization of the sorptive properties of spruce wood by the inverse identification method

Chaves, C.; Soares, D.; D.S.lva, R.; Saraiva, E., 2003:
Characterization of the species- and stage-specificity of two monoclonal antibodies against Leishmania amazonensis

Hanzawa, Y.; Imai, A.; Michael, A.J.; Komeda, Y.; Takahashi, T., 2002:
Characterization of the spermidine synthase-related gene family in Arabidopsis thaliana

Nyitrai, Péter.; Bóka, Károly.; Gáspár, László.; Sárvári, E.; Lenti, K.; Keresztes, A., 2003:
Characterization of the stimulating effect of low-dose stressors in maize and bean seedlings

Hong JiHeun; Lee SeungKoo, 2002:
Characterization of the stimulation of ethylene production by mannose in tomato fruit discs

Bugrysheva, J.; Dobrikova, E.Y.; Sartakova, M.L.; Caimano, M.J.; Daniels, T.J.; Radolf, J.D.; Godfrey, H.P.; Cabello, F.C., 2003:
Characterization of the stringent response and rel(Bbu) expression in Borrelia burgdorferi

Ward, T.W.; Kimmick, M.W.; Afanasiev, B.N.; Carlson, J.O., 2001:
Characterization of the structural gene promoter of Aedes aegypti densovirus

Acosta, F.L.; Vera, O.M.B.; Bohm, S.L., 2001:
Characterization of the supply, demand and commercialization channels of a group of organic certified producers

Smits, T.H.M.; Wick, L.Y.; Harms, H.; Keel, C., 2003:
Characterization of the surface hydrophobicity of filamentous fungi

Adhikari, B.; Howes, T.; Bhandari, B.R.; Truong, V., 2003:
Characterization of the surface stickiness of fructose-maltodextrin solutions during drying

Martinez, M. de los A.; Garcia, M.E.; Valle, Z. del, 2003:
Characterization of the tissular lesions produced by mealybugs on coffee roots

Bowles, D.E.; Kim, S.K.; O'Callaghan, D.J., 2000:
Characterization of the trans-activation properties of equine herpesvirus 1 EICP0 protein

Jhoo, J.W.; Sang, S.; He, K.; Cheng, X.; Zhu, N.; Stark, R.E.; Zheng, Q.Y.; Rosen, R.T.; Ho, C.T., 2001:
Characterization of the triterpene saponins of the roots and rhizomes of blue cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides)

Bouchard, J.D.; Dion, E.; Bissonnette, Fédéric.; Moineau, S., 2002:
Characterization of the two-component abortive phage infection mechanism AbiT from Lactococcus lactis

Horii, K.; Suzuki, G.; Suyemitsu, T.; Yamasu, K., 2003:
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