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Cloning and identification of an Agrobacterium radiobacter 5D-1 chromosome fragment involved in controlling nitrogen metabolism, biosynthesis of indolylacetic acid, and replication of ColE1 plasmids

Cloning and identification of an Agrobacterium radiobacter 5D-1 chromosome fragment involved in controlling nitrogen metabolism, biosynthesis of indolylacetic acid, and replication of ColE1 plasmids

Genetika Moskva 37(7): 888-892

Pleitropic chromosomal mutations were earlier identified in saprophytic associative bacterium, Agrobacterium radiobacter 5D-1. The mutations changed nitrogen metabolism, disturbed synthesis of IAA and conferred the ability to sustain replication of ColE1 plasmid derivatives, which are not normally maintained in bacteria other than Escherichia. The mutations were designated Nr (nitrogen metabolism) and assigned to a single cluster on an A. radiobacter genetic map.

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Accession: 003681441

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