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Cloning of differentiation- and development-related gene fragment of Pleurotus ostreatus fruit body

M.A.Min; Guan HaiShan

Journal of Huazhong Agricultural University 20(4): 299-302


Accession: 003681740

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Several tests were conducted to isolate the differentiation- and development-related gene fragment of P. ostreatus using the differential display technique for RAP-PCR (DDTR-P). In test I, total RNA of mycelium, primordium, and young and mature fruit bodies were extracted and purified. In test II, the first chain of cDNA was synthesized using the reaction between total RNA of different parts and the oligonucleotide random primers (ORPs) C1, CK32L, CK32U, AdptUP1 and KnRASUP1. In test III, the RAP-PCR reaction occurred between the first synthesized chain of cDNA of each part and 5 ORPs, followed by separation with GeneGel Excel gel. All ORPs could amplify products, but only CK32L and CK32U produced differential fragments (DF).

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