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Cold tolerance at booting stage in hybrids of indica and japonica rice with strong cold tolerance

Zeng YaWen; Shen ShiQuan; Lin XingHua; Xu FuRong

Journal of Huazhong Agricultural University 19(5): 411-416


Accession: 003682776

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Kunmingxiaobaigu (indica rice) and Dalizaoxian (japonica rice), and their F2, F3, F4, F5 and F6 generations with strong cold tolerance, were planted during 1997-99 in 3 rice growing regions in China. The regions included a highland japonica rice growing region at Kunming (Yunnan), a mixed growing region of indica and japonica rice at Yuxi (Yunnan), and a winter indica rice growing region at Sanya (Hainan).

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