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Combined effects of pre-slaughter treatments and lairage time on carcass and meat quality in pigs of different halothane genotype

Nanni Costa, L.; Lo Fiego, D.P.; Dall'olio, S.; Davoli, R.; Russo, V.

Meat science 61(1): 41-47


ISSN/ISBN: 0309-1740
PMID: 22063911
DOI: 10.1016/s0309-1740(01)00160-7
Accession: 003683578

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The effect of two different lairage times on meat quality was investigated in pigs with different halothane genotype previously submitted to controlled pre-slaughter treatments. One hundred and ninety nine Italian heavy pigs were loaded by ramp or lift and transported unmixed for 1 h to the abattoir at a stocking density of either < 0.4 or > 0.6 m(2) per 100 kg pigs. After unloading, an equal number of animals within each previous treatment was held in lairage for 2 h or overnight (22 h) before slaughter. Carcass and meat quality and incidence of skin damage were evaluated. Longer lairage did not negatively affect carcass traits and reduced the incidence of PSE meat without increased DFD occurrence. It also seriously increased the amount of skin damage due to fighting, resulting in long fasting. Pre-slaughter treatments and halothane genotype showed a negligible effect on the response to the resting time.

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