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Conjugated linoleic acid content of milk and milk products III. Biological effect of conjugated linoleic acid and milkfat; conjugated linoleic acid in the human organism: (a review)

Csapo, J.; Varga Visi, E.; Csapo Kiss, Z.; Szakaly, S.

Acta Agraria Kaposvariensis 5(4): 23-38


Accession: 003691225

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Based on the results of animal experiments, it has been proven that CLA mixed to the feed hinders the formation of gastric and skin cancers in mice, and the development of intestine and breast cancers in rats. Although, CLA significantly decreased the proliferation of cancerous cells in some in vitro experiments using several human tissues, it is unknown how its effect change at in vivo circumstances. The effect of CLA on the process of carcinogenesis is very complex and not completely known. The required amount of CLA intake for a desirable physiological effect in human is unknown, and estimated values are only based on animal experiments.

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