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Description of Aspidonema scheucherae (Sachs, 1949) Andrassy, 1958 from Turkey (Nematoda: Bunonematidae)

Description of Aspidonema scheucherae (Sachs, 1949) Andrassy, 1958 from Turkey (Nematoda: Bunonematidae)

Annales Zoologici 51(4): 395-401

ISSN/ISBN: 0003-4541

The description of a population of Aspidonema scheucherae (Sachs, 1949) from Turkey is provided on the base of light and scanning electron microscopy. Comparison of the structure of cuticular ornamentation as seen under the light microscope and SEM is given. The use of the characters of the cuticular ornamentation in the phylogenetic and taxonomical studies of the group is discussed.

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Accession: 003703255

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