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Determination of pesticide residues in red wines with microporous membrane liquid-liquid extraction and gas chromatography

Hyötyläinen, T.; Tuutijärvi, T.; Kuosmanen, K.; Riekkola, M.-L.

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 372(5-6): 732-736


ISSN/ISBN: 1618-2642
PMID: 11941446
DOI: 10.1007/s00216-002-1242-x
Accession: 003706651

A sample pretreatment method based on microporous membrane liquid-liquid extraction (MMLLE) was developed for the subsequent gas chromatographic determination of pesticides in wine. MMLLE provided efficient and selective extraction with enrichment factors in the range 3-13. The gas chromatographic separation was carried out using on-column injection and flame ionization detection. The method was linear, repeatable and sensitive. The limits of quantification were better than 0.006 mg/L for all the analytes except for iprodione (0.37 mg/L). The method was applied to the determination of pesticides in several red wines of different origin.

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