Determination of the most suitable culture medium and growth conditions for micropropagation of GF677 (hybrid of almond x peach) rootstocks

Kamali, K.; Majidi, E.; Zarghami, R.

Seed and Plant 17(3): Pe234-Pe243


ISSN/ISBN: 1562-5494
Accession: 003707174

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To study the in vitro propagation of GF677 (almond x peach hybrid) rootstocks, explants were isolated from apical and lateral buds in early April. Plant materials were sterilized using 0.1% HgCl2 (0.1%) and cultured onto LS, 1/2-strength MS and modified Knop culture media. The best shoot proliferation was observed on modified Knop medium without NAA and containing 2% sucrose and 1 mg benzyladenine/litre. In this medium, approximately 5 shoots per test tube were produced and significant differences between plant growth regulator concentrations at the 1% level were observed. The growth chamber conditions included a 16-h light period and a 24/26 degrees C day/night temperature regime. Light intensity was 2500-3000 lux and air humidity was 45%. In the rooting stage, the LS medium, containing 0.3 mg IBA/litre and 1.6 mg thiamin/litre and subjected to 7 days of darkness, recorded the best rooting (up to 80%) among the media. Propagated plants via tissue culture were transferred to the soil consisting of either 40% peat and 60% sand mixture, or Jiffy blocks. Jiffy blocks recorded better results than the peat and sand mixture.