Development of rapid mass propagation of chrysanthemum by shoot tip culture for superior mother plants cv. 'Shuho-no-Chikara' 2. Growth and flowering characteristics of plant from multiple shoots via shoot tip culture in cultivation for cut flower

Furuya, H.

Bulletin of the Hiroshima Prefectural Agriculture Research Center 69: 55-62


Accession: 003709907

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The micropropagation of chrysanthemum (Dendranthema sp.) cv. Shuho-no-Chikara by shoot culture was investigated. The plants easily acclimatized and grew well in the containers. The regenerated plants formed 3.6 winter suckers per plant during the following autumn. There was no mutant among the plants in the natural culture, light culture, and twice cutting culture. The morphological and ecological characteristics of the plants from multiple shoots were the same as those of the plant from the shoot tip culture. The regenerated plants produced flowers that are suitable as cut flowers. Therefore, the propagation by multiple shoots is suitable for the mass and rapid production of superior lines of chrysanthemum.