Dossier: Corsican pine (Pinus nigra var. laricio) , from plant to plank

Riou Nivert, P.; Meredieu, C.; Dreyfus, P.; Leban, J.M.; Grandemange, F.; Matz, S.; Daquitaine, R.; Mothe, F.; Saint Andre ; Caraglio, Y.

Foret Entreprise 137: 48


Accession: 003718612

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Information is presented in 6 parts: Corsican pine, a spcies of growing importance; The project 'Pin complet', a collaborative research & development project for growing Corsican pine in silvicultural conditions that favour an outcome that satisfies the end user in the timber market; Growth models and modelling branchiness in Corsican pine;; Wood quality of Corsican pine; Report of silvicultural models for Corsican pine; simulation of silvicultural scenarios; and News of branchiness in Corsican pine.