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Ectomycorrhizas and molecular phylogeny of the hypogeous russuloid fungus Arcangeliella borziana

Ectomycorrhizas and molecular phylogeny of the hypogeous russuloid fungus Arcangeliella borziana

Mycological Research 105(10): 1231-1238

ISSN/ISBN: 0953-7562

DOI: 10.1016/s0953-7562(08)61994-2

Sporocarps of A. borziana, a hypogeous russuloid fungus, were found in a subalpine spruce (Picea abies) forest in the Swiss Alps. We identified the ectomycorrhizas formed by this species using the internal transcribed spacer (ITS)-PCR-RFLP method and described them in terms of morphological, anatomical, and molecular features.

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Accession: 003722966

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