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Effect of Pasteuria penetrans endospore number and attachment method on Meloidogyne javanica root penetration and mass production of the bacteria in tomato plants

Gomes, C.B.; Freitas, L.G. de; Ferraz, S.; Oliveira, R.D. de L.; Osorio, V.A.

Nematologia Brasileira 26(2): 119-130


Accession: 003723937

The effect of P. penetrans on the penetration of M. javanica in tomato roots was studied in the growth chamber. Tomato plants were inoculated with 1000 second-stage juveniles (J2) carrying 0, 10, 30, 60, and 90 endospores attached to their cuticle by bubbling juvenile and endospore water suspensions. The inoculated plants were incubated for 10 days at 12-h photoperiod and 27 degrees C.

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