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Effect of dietary supplementation of herbal products on the performance of broilers

Mihir Sarma; Sapcota, D.; Dutta, K.K.; Gohain, A.K.

Indian Journal of Poultry Science 36(2): 235-236


ISSN/ISBN: 0974-8180
Accession: 003726825

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Day-old broiler chicks (n=120) were distributed randomly into four groups (n=30) and two replicates and were offered herbal growth promoters (spirulina, T1; AV/LTG/26B, T2 and their combination, T3) at 50 g per quintal of broiler diet. At the end of a six-week trial, the results revealed differences (P<0.01) in the final body weight between the control and treatment groups. However, average feed consumption and feed conversion efficiency remained similar. The livability percentage and performance indices were higher in treatment groups compared to control. The cost of production was Rs 36.52, Rs 35.81, Rs 35.71 and Rs 35.32 per kg live broiler for the groups T0 (control), T1, T2 and T3, respectively.

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