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Effect of different protein sources on the performance of fattening beef cattle during 8-16 month of age

Deng Bo; Sun YuCheng; Wei Feng; Yang LianYu; Qin GuiXin

Journal of Jilin Agricultural University 24(1): 77-81


Accession: 003727233

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18 male Simmental cattle, 18 months of age, were randomly allocated into 3 groups and fed for 270 days in 3 stages. Early stage composed of 120 days, middle stage with 90 days and later stage with 60 days. The concentrate:roughage ratios in diets were 35:65, 55:45 and 65:35 for groups 1, 2 and 3, respectively. Soyabean meal was used as protein supplement throughout the diet for group 1, and during early and middle stages for group 2. Maize dried distillers grains (CDDG) was used as protein supplement in diets during the later stage for group 2 and throughout the experimental period for group 3.

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