Effect of integrated nitrogen management on nutrient uptake in knolkhol, yield and nutrient availability in soil

Shalini, S.B.; Channal, H.T.; Hebsur, N.S.; Dharmatti, P.R.; Sarangamath, P.A.

Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciences 15(1): 43-46


Accession: 003729998

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In an investigation conducted during rabi season of 1999 in Dharwad, Karnataka, India to study the effect of two organic manures (farmyard manure and vermicompost (VC)) along with inorganic N fertilizer with and without Azospirillum, it was found that both the organic manures had significant effect in increasing growth, yield and as well as in maintaining the fertility of red sandy clay soil. Application of 50% (urea)+50% N(VC)+Azospirillum resulted in higher availability and uptake of nutrients by knolkhol and thus produced the maximum yield of 37 tonnes/ha.