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Effect of long-term use of fertilizers on the accumulation of heavy metals in a leached chernozem

Parasyuta, A.N.; Stolyarov, A.I.; Suetov, V.P.; Kil' dyushkin, V.M.; Soldatenko, A.G.

Agrokhimiya (11): 62-65


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-1881
Accession: 003730738

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Studies were made in the Krasnodar region of Russia on a leached chernozem soil that had been given 5 different treatments starting in 1969: (1) no fertilizer, control; (2) manure, 40 t/ha, total applied over the period 480 t/ha; (3) manure, 80 t/ha, total applied 640 t/ha; (4) mineral fertilizers, total applied N1920: P960: K 3840; and (5) mineral fertilizers + manure, total applied N 2440: P1620: K1120 plus 480 t manure/ha. Systematic application of moderate doses of fertilizer did not influence the amount of most heavy metals significantly. The grass contents of heavy metals, and their mobile forms, remained below the permitted thresholds, though the amount of available forms of Pb in the soil had increased to the permissible limit.

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