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Effect of media composition on the production of amino acids through microbial fermentation by utilizing agricultural wastes

Riaz, S.; Shakoori, A.R.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology 34(4): 325-330


ISSN/ISBN: 0030-9923
Accession: 003730993

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Bacteria isolated from soil samples on nutrient agar medium were grown on two liquor based media, L-I containing 0.5% maize steep liquor and 0.5% glycerol and L-II containing 4% maize steep liquor and 6% glycerol. One hundred isolates were tested for amino acids production in L-I medium and fifty were tested for amino acids production in L-II medium. Mostly amino acids obtained in L-I and L-II media were lysine (Lys), glutamic acid (Glu), aspartic acid (Asp) and alanine (Ala).

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