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Effect of splitting tillers on the yield and yield components of transplanted Aman rice

Mamin, M.S.I.; Alam, M.Z.; Ahmed, A.U.; Rashid, M.A.; Jameel, F.

Annals of Bangladesh Agriculture 9(1): 1-9


Accession: 003735130

The effects of splitting tillers on the growth and yield of rice (cv. BR11) was studied in 2 experiments conducted in Gazipur, Bangladesh during 1990 and 1991. Treatments were: keeping the whole plant intact (control), splitting out all tillers and retaining only 2 (S1) and 4 (S2) tillers with the mother hill, and transplanting of split tillers at 2 (S3) and 4 (S4) tillers per hill. In 1990, variations in yield among treatments were not significant.

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