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Effect of temperature and controlled atmosphere conditions in the storage of 'Fuji' apples with watercore incidence

Brackmann, A.; Benedetti, M.; Steffens, C.A.; Mello, A.M. de

Revista Brasileira de Agrociencia 8(1): 37-42


Accession: 003735689

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Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the storage conditions of apples (cv. Fuji) with water core incidence. In the first experiment, two temperatures (-0.5 and 0 degrees C) were combined with three storage conditions (cold storage and 1.1 kPa O2, 0.8 kPa O2 with 0 kPa CO2). In the second experiment, different controlled atmospheres (CAs) were evaluated: cold storage, 1.1 kPa O2/0 kPa CO2; 0.8 kPa O2 with 0 kPa CO2 and 1 kPa O2/2 kPa CO2 at 0 degrees C.

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