Effect of type of cereal (barley vs. maize) on ingestion, weight gain and carcass characteristics of lambs fed on feed and straw or only on feed

Landa, R.; Mantecon, A.R.; Frutos, P.; Rodriguez, A.B.; Giraldez, F.J.

ITEA Produccion Animal 97A(3): 204-216


Accession: 003736773

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The effects on lambs were studied of feed containing 75% barley or maize, with 20% soyabean meal, 2% molasses, and 3% vitamins and minerals on feed intake, growth rate and carcass characteristics (carcass weight, morphology, pH and chilling losses, commercial yield and fat and meat colour). There were no significant interactions or differences due to roughage supplementation. Lambs fed maize-based concentrate had significantly higher values for carcass weight (12.4 and 12.6 kg), commercial yield (46.2 and 47.6%) and the ratio of carcass weight to external length (252 and 262 g/cm) than lambs receiving barley-based concentrate. It is suggested that these effects were due to a higher carcass fattening caused by differences in protein:energy ratio between concentrate feeds. It is concluded that roughage supplementation should not be necessary when barley or maize are given as whole grain.