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Effect of vitamin A supplementation on some physiological reactions of ewes and their male lambs during suckling period

Soliman, E.B.

Assiut Veterinary Medical Journal 47(93): 67-79


ISSN/ISBN: 1012-5973
Accession: 003737081

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The effects of vitamin A supplementation to ewes (n=20), at 2 weeks late gestation and during the suckling period, on some physiological reactions (of the ewes and their male lambs) were evaluated. The ewes were randomly divided into 2 groups (10 ewes per group); the first group served as control, whereas the second was administered vitamin A (retinol) at 50 000 IU per head per week. The results showed that lambs born to vitamin A-supplemented ewes had higher (P<0.01) liveweight and daily gain averages, than those born to control ewes. Vitamin A supplementation had no significant effect on rectal temperature, respiration rate and pulse rate, both for ewes and lambs.

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