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Effects of dietary manganese proteinate or chromium picolinate supplementation on plasma insulin, glucagon, glucose and serum lipids in broiler chickens reared under thermoneutral or heat stress conditions

Sands, J.S.; Smith, M.O.

International Journal of Poultry Science 1(5): 145-149


ISSN/ISBN: 1682-8356
Accession: 003740556

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A study was conducted to investigate the effects of supplemental chromium picolinate (CrPic) or manganese proteinate (MnPro) on heat-distressed broiler chickens. In a completely randomized design, diets were supplemented with either 200 or 400 micro g Cr/kg as CrPic or 0, 60 and 240 mg Mn/kg as MnPro and fed to broilers under heat stress (HS) or thermoneutral (TN) conditions.

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