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Effects of fibrolytic enzyme addition on ruminal fermentation, milk yield and milk composition of dairy cows

Ahn, J.H.; Kim, Y.J.; Kim, H.J.

Journal of Animal Science and Technology 45(1): 131-142


ISSN/ISBN: 2055-0391
Accession: 003741587

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We evaluated the effects of adding fibrolytic enzyme into ruminant diets on ruminal fermentation (in vitro) and lactational performances of dairy cows (in vivo). Through the in vitro experiment that was carried out with different contents of NDF (34, 38, 43%) in diets, digestibilities of NDF in the rumen appeared not significantly different by the addition of enzyme. NDF digestibility differed with the NDF content in the diets, with NDF 43% in diet showing higher digestibility. This could be attributed to the relatively higher amounts of hemicellulose in the current experimental diets than in conventional diets that might have been digested easily by the addition of fibrolytic enzyme in the rumen.

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