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Effects of nitrogen level and seedling number on panicle structure in japonica rice

Kim BoKyeong; Kim KiYoung; Oh MyungKyu; Shin MunSik; Ko JaeKwon; Lee JaeKil; Kang HeeKyoung

Korean Journal of Crop Science 48(2): 120-126


Accession: 003743559

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Seedlings of rice cultivars Sindongjinbyeo, Dongjin No. 1, Saegyehwabyeo and Iksan 467 were transplanted at 1 or 3 seedlings per hill and supplied with 110, 165 or 220 kg N/ha in a field experiment conducted in Korea Republic. Sindongjinbyeo and Iksan 467 recorded high primary rachis branches (PRB) per panicle and more grains on PRB compared to the other cultivars. The two cultivars also had few secondary rachis branches (SRB) per PRB and fewer grains on SRB per PRB. Consequently, these resulted in higher ripened grain rate.

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