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Evaluation of energy and protein nutrition of dairy cows in dairy farms of Central-East Poland. Winter period

Klebaniuk, R.

Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska. Sectio EE, Zootechnica 21(2): 159-165


ISSN/ISBN: 0239-4243
Accession: 003758820

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The energy and protein nutrition of dairy cows was evaluated in 22 dairy farms in east-central Poland during 1996-1999. Three models of cow feeding were distinguished between barns, differing mainly in the kinds and proportions of concentrates in the diets. In model I (traditional), meadow hay was the main feed (45% DM average) together with sugarbeet tops and pulp (34% DM). In models II and III, the diets were based on silages, which were 54 and 61% DM of the diets, respectively. The silages were mainly prepared from maize (models II and III) or from grasses (model III). Small amounts of sugarbeet top and pulp silages were also included. The proportion of hay in these models was much smaller compared to model I; however, the proportion of concentrates was similar (about 20% DM) in all feeding models. It was shown that the lowest energy (0.46 JPM) and protein (49.2 g PDI) expenditure for 1 kg FCM production was obtained in barns where model III, based on silages (mainly maize and grasses) which made about 60% DM in the diet (20% hay and 20% concentrates), was used. Increased energy and protein expenditures (over 1/3 higher than norms) per 1 kg FCM were noted when the cows were fed diets mainly based on sugarbeet top and pulp silages and large amounts of hay (model I).

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