Evaluation of wheel motion resistance of an agricultural tractor operating in field conditions in function of tire type, tractor ballasting and forward speed

Lancas, K.P.; Lopes, A.; Furlani, C.E.A.; Nagaoka, A.K.; Kronka, S.N.

Engenharia Agricola 20(2): 171-178


ISSN/ISBN: 0100-6916
Accession: 003761710

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The aim of this research was to compare the motion resistance of the FWD agricultural tractor, equipped with three types of tyres (bias, radial and low pressure), with and without tyre water ballasting, operating in four forward speed. The research was carried out at UNESP, Sao Paulo, Brazil, in a clay soil with firm conditions and green cover. The FWD tractor used was equipped with an 89 kW (121 cv) engine power and the R1 tyre used were: radial (front: 14.9R26 and rear: 620/75R30), bias (front: 14.9-26 and rear: 23.1-30) and low pressures (front:500/60-26.5 and rear: 700/55-34). The best results of motion resistance was obtained with the radial tyre. The tyre without water for ballasting showed lower motion resistance values. The increase in forward speed improved the motion resistance for radial and bias tyres, and decreased this parameter for low pressure tyre.