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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 3764

Chapter 3764 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bustan, A.; Goldschmidt, E.E., 1999:
Examination of 'hierarchical' and 'proportional' dry matter partitioning models with potted citrus trees

Sakata, H., 2001:
Examination of Cryptosporidium species in infants and senior citizens with diarrhoea

Stordeur, P.; Marlier, D.; Blanco, J.; Oswald, E.; Biet, F.; Dho Moulin, M.; Mainil, J., 2002:
Examination of Escherichia coli from poultry for selected adhesin genes important in disease caused by mammalian pathogenic E. coli

Tarnawski, S.; Hamelin, Jérôme.; Locatelli, L.; Aragno, M.; Fromin, N., 2003:
Examination of Gould's modified S1 (mS1) selective medium and Angle's non-selective medium for describing the diversity of Pseudomonas spp. in soil and root environments

Bornert, G.; Leroux, D.; Gorsane, S., 2003:
Examination of Listeria monocytogenes thriving capabilities in rillettes stored at +4 and +8 degrees C

Gurung, A.M.; Pang, E.C.K.; Taylor, P.W.J., 2002:
Examination of Pisum and Lathyrus species as sources of ascochyta blight resistance for field pea (Pisum sativum)

Kaplan, M.; Kuk, S.; Kalkan, A., 2002:
Examination of Toxocara spp. in different playgrounds in Elazg

Okuda, L.H.; Pituco, E.M.; Stefano, E.; Perucini, L.M., 2001:
Examination of aborted bovine fetuses for Neospora caninum in Brazil

Fujii, M.; Kobayashi, K., 2003:
Examination of accuracy improvement for in-line seeding by seed repression before and after seeding

Gusils, C.; Cuozzo, S.; Sesma, F.; González, S., 2002:
Examination of adhesive determinants in three species of Lactobacillus isolated from chicken

Saka, M., 2003:
Examination of an amphibian-based assay using the larvae of Xenopus laevis and Ambystoma mexicanum

Goh, L.M.; Barlow, P.J.; Yong, C.S., 2003:
Examination of antioxidant activity of Ginkgo biloba leaf infusions

Kniel, K.E.; Lindsay, D.S.; Sumner, S.S.; Hackney, C.R.; Pierson, M.D.; Dubey, J.P., 2002:
Examination of attachment and survival of Toxoplasma gondii oocysts on raspberries and blueberries

Weinhold, U.; Hofmann, W.; Mulling, C.; Budras, K.D., 2003:
Examination of bronchoalveolar lavage samples from pneumonic calves treated with the antibiotics tilmicosin and ceftiofur on the occurrence of apoptosis on neutrophilic granulocytes. 2. Influence on the prevalence of apoptosis

Golian, J.; Pavelka, M.; Cerny, I., 2003:
Examination of cadmium contamination of dairy products in the Slovak Republic

Otto, W.H.; Burton, S.D.; Carper, W.R.; Larive, C.K., 2001:
Examination of cadmium(II) complexation by the Suwannee River fulvic acid using 113Cd NMR relaxation measurements

Callegari, D.; Bianchi, E.; Risio, L. de, 2002:
Examination of cerebrospinal fluid: retrospective study of 65 dogs (2001-2002)

Forde, C.; Delahunty, C., 2002:
Examination of chemical irritation and textural influence on food preferences in two age cohorts using complex food systems

Gal, J.; Sos, E.; Marosan, M., 2003:
Examination of death of some domestic species of birds of prey

Gal, J.; Antal, A.; Sos, E.; Marosan, M., 2002:
Examination of death of tortoises during wintering period

Evens, C.C.; Martin, M.D.; Woods, J.S.; Soares, H.L.; Bernardo, M.; Leitäo, J.; Simmonds, P.L.; Liang, L.; DeRouen, T., 2002:
Examination of dietary methylmercury exposure in the Casa Pia Study of the health effects of dental amalgams in children

Makkos Petz, B.; Deak, E.; Bali Papp, A.; Ivancsics, J., 2003:
Examination of different boar' semen during short storage

Hoppe, C.T.; Horstmann, W.; Gerhards, H., 2003:
Examination of disorders of the equine head with magnetic resonance imaging - three case reports

Beauchamp, C.J.; Charest, M.H.; Gosselin, A., 2002:
Examination of environmental quality of raw and composting de-inking paper sludge

Rehbein, S.; Visser, M.; Winter, R., 2002:
Examination of faecal samples of horses from Germany and Austria

Kiss, M.; Nowinszky, L.; Puskas, J., 2002:
Examination of female proportion of light trapped turnip moth (Scotia segetum Schiff.)

O.Y.ngSung; Kwak JunHyuk, 2001:
Examination of formaldehyde emissions from the hot-pressing of particleboard

Altndis, M., 2000:
Examination of intestinal parasites with Kop-Color staining in primary school children in Afyon

Wang, H.X.; Ng, T.B., 2001:
Examination of lectins, polysaccharopeptide, polysaccharide, alkaloid, coumarin and trypsin inhibitors for inhibitory activity against human immunodeficiency virus reverse transcriptase and glycohydrolases

Grigonis, A.; Macijauskas, V.; Zamokas, G., 2002:
Examination of liver functions in dogs with parvovirus enteritis

Kim, H.; Murthy, S.; Peot, C.; Ramirez, M.; Strawn, M.; Park, C-Hwi.; McConnell, L.L., 2003:
Examination of mechanisms for odor compound generation during lime stabilization

Metaxopoulos, J.; Kritikos, D.; Drosinos, E.H., 2003:
Examination of microbiological parameters relevant to the implementation of GHP and HACCP system in Greek meat industry in the production of cooked sausages and cooked cured meat products

Kobayashi, K.; Takahashi, F.; Suzuki, M.; Suzuki, H., 2003:
Examination of morphological changes in the first formed protoxylem in Arabidopsis seedlings

Mikó, László.; Székely, Görgy.M.; Dobai, József.G.; Mikó, Ién.; Csécsei, Görgy.I., 2002:
Examination of nasopharyngeal and tracheal somatosensory evoked potential recordings in dogs

Strmsnik, L.; Pogacnik, M.; Cebulj Kadunc, N.; Kosec, M., 2002:
Examination of oestrus cycle and early pregnancy in sheep using transrectal ultrasonography

Ramprabhu, R.; Dhanapalan, P.; Prathaban, S., 2002:
Examination of peritoneal fluid in the diagnosis of traumatic reticuloperitonitis and allied syndrome

O'Leary, K.C.; Eisnor, J.D.; Gagnon, G.A., 2003:
Examination of plant performance and filter ripening with particle counters at full-scale water treatment plants

Jarmocik, E., 2001:
Examination of potatoes detorioration on rod-conveyor equipped with vibration damper

Baumgartner, A.; Kuffer, M., 2002:
Examination of ready-to-eat food for microbial spoilage at room temperature and considerations about official refrigeration regulations in Switzerland

Lengyel, Z.; Komlosi, I.; Balika, S.; Major, T.; Erdei, I.; Szabo, F., 2003:
Examination of reproduction and weaning results in Hungarian Limousin population. 1st paper: sine model

Kim KiYong; Kang KyungMin; Park GeunJe; Bae EunKyung; Lee InAe; Lee ByungHyun; Kwak SangSoo; J.J.nki, 2003:
Examination of root induction ratio for regeneration of alfalfa by medium component

Chen, L., 2003:
Examination of scale of coaching performance with the NCAA sample

Simadibrata, M.; Wanders, R.J.A.; Jan, G.; Tytgat, G.N.J.; Lesmana, L.A.; Daldiyono ; Ariawan, I., 2003:
Examination of small bowel enzymes in chronic diarrhea

Yanai, Y.; Toyota, K.; Okazaki, M., 2003:
Examination of soil microbial communities affected by successive soil freeze-thaw treatments

Moser, W.K.; Jackson, S.M.; Podrazsky, V.; Larsen, D.R., 2002:
Examination of stand structure on quail plantations in the Red Hills region of Georgia and Florida managed by the Stoddard-Neel system: an example for forest managers

Gal, J.; Marosan, M.; Farago, S.; Mandoki, M., 2002:
Examination of testicular changes of hares (Lepus europaeus L.) in the territory of Lajta-Hansag

Narasimhan, S.; Santiago, F.; Koski, R.A.; Brei, B.; Anderson, J.F.; Fish, D.; Fikrig, E., 2002:
Examination of the Borrelia burgdorferi transcriptome in Ixodes scapularis during feeding

Szemeredi, G.; Szenci, O., 2002:
Examination of the aetiology of skin diseases caused by dermatophytons in dogs and cats

Toro, M.A.; Barragan, C.; Rodriganez, J.; Rodriguez, C.; Silio, L., 2000:
Examination of the ancestry of Iberian pigs using molecular markers

Cooley, H.M.; Fisk, A.T.; Wiens, S.C.; Tomy, G.T.; Evans, R.E.; Muir, D.C.G., 2001:
Examination of the behavior and liver and thyroid histology of juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) exposed to high dietary concentrations of C10-, C11-, C12- and C14-polychlorinated n-alkanes

Yokoyama, H.; Sakami, T., 2002:
Examination of the benthic oxygen uptake rate as an environmental criterion for fish farms in Gokasho Bay

Beauchamp, C.J.; Boulanger, R.; Matte, J.; Saint-Laurent, G., 2002:
Examination of the contaminants and performance of animals fed and bedded using de-inking paper sludge

Zhang, Q.; Liu, Y.; Sodmergen, 2003:
Examination of the cytoplasmic DNA in male reproductive cells to determine the potential for cytoplasmic inheritance in 295 angiosperm species

Christiansen, L.; Degan, F.; Ulvskov, P.B.okhardt, B., 2002:
Examination of the dehiscence zone in soybean pods and isolation of a dehiscence-related endopolygalacturonase gene.

Oishi, T., 2002:
Examination of the differences of WTP and improvement for benefit function transfer: a case study of amenity benefit in regional water resource programme

Galanty, A.; Janeczko, Z., 2003:
Examination of the effect of Citrosept on the vitality of cancer cells in vitro

Totthne Polner, A.; Sumeghy, L.; Gaal, T., 2002:
Examination of the effect of intramuscular and single peroral iron supplementation in suckling piglets

Petrasi, Z.; Romvari, R.; Bajzik, G.; Repa, I.; Horn, P., 2003:
Examination of the heart capacity of meat- and fat-type pigs by means of ECG-gated dynamic magnetic resonance imaging and computerized tomography

Ishida, T.; Taninaka, H.; Nakagawa, Y., 2000:
Examination of the inverse methods for hydraulic properties of unsaturated sandy soil

Ohba, H.; Thinou, M.; Nakazawa, M.; Konno, T.; Owa, N., 2003:
Examination of the mensuration of the sulfur-oxidation activity of Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans by the Doubling Time method

Olasupo, N.; Smith, S.; Akinsinde, K., 2002:
Examination of the microbial status of selected indigenous fermented foods in Nigeria

Yokozawa, T.; Tanaka, T.; Kimura, T., 2001:
Examination of the nitric oxide production-suppressing component in Tinospora tuberculata

Yoshihara, H.S.toh, T., 2003:
Examination of the off-axis tension test method for evaluating the shear properties of wood

Piorkowski, J., 2002 :
Examination of the pathomorphological changes in the skin of guineapigs after experimental infection of Trichophyton mentagrophytes

Buckley, C.J.; Phanopoulos, C.; Khaleque, N.; Engelen, A.; Holwill, M.E.J.; Michette, A.G., 2002:
Examination of the penetration of polymeric methylene di-phenyl-di-isocyanate (pMDI) into wood structure using chemical-state x-ray microscopy

Inagaki, S.; Kotani, T., 2002:
Examination of the rat eye at the early stage of development with osmium tetroxide staining

Wheeler, T.T.; Mao, J.; Davis, S.R.; Seyfert, H.M., 2002:
Examination of the relationship between milk fat content and levels of acetyl-CoA-carboxylase- alpha expression in the udder of the cow

Isler, B.J.; Irvin, K.M.; Neal, S.M.; Moeller, S.J.; Davis, M.E., 2002:
Examination of the relationship between the estrogen receptor gene and reproductive traits in swine

Isler, B.J.; Irvin, K.M.; Neal, S.M.; Moeller, S.J., 2002:
Examination of the relationship between the paternally expressed gene 3 and reproductive tract components in swine

Isler, B.J.; Irvin, K.M.; Rothschild, M.F.; Evans, G.J., 2001:
Examination of the relationship between the prolactin receptor gene and reproductive tract components in swine

Yldz, K.; Oguz, H.I.; Ylmaz, H., 2001:
Examination of the relationships between nut characteristics and some nutrient elements by path analysis

Igawa, S.; Sakamaki, M.; Miyazaki, M., 2002:
Examination of the reliability of the portable calorimeter

Takeda, Y.S.ibahara, S.H.nashiro, I., 2003:
Examination of the structure of amylopectin molecules by fluorescent labeling

Khadrawi, A.F.; A.N.mr, M.A., 2003:
Examination of the thermal equilibrium assumption in transient natural convection flow in porous channel

S.R.n; Chen ChiaRui, 2001:
Examination of the type and related species in Thermopsis R. Br. Aiton et W. T. Aiton (Leguminosae)

Piech, T.; Wawron, W.; Szczubia, M., 2001:
Examination of the udder of goats and an attempt to interpret the California mastitis test

Bain, O.; Guerrero, R.; Rodriguez, B.; Babayan, S.; Jouvenet, N., 2003:
Examination of type material of two species of Litomosoides (Filarioidea: Onchocercidae), parasites from bats; taxonomic consequences

Sipos, B.Z.; Szabo, N.; Steger Mate, M.; Schmidt, G., 2002:
Examination of valuable ingredients of some wild fruits

Zhang GuoRong; Huang PeiZhong, 2002:
Examination on the microstructure of albino-lemma in barley with electron microscope

Novotnine Danko, G.; Magyar, K.; Kulcsar, M.; Huszenicza, G., 2001:
Examination the out-of-season hormonal function of the ovary in the Prolific Merino sheep breed

Reichardt, W.; Gernand, E.; Muller, S.; Hartung, H.; Eckert, B.; Braun, U., 2003:
Examinations of the fatty acid composition of backfat of Thuringian pigs as well as of the fat of Thuringian sausages from the retail trade

Kiossis, E.; Riedl, J.; Daffner, B.L.; Stolla, R., 2002:
Examinations of udder health and milkability after endoscopically controlled treatment of teat stenoses in cattle

Georgiev, P.; Wehrend, A.; Dimitrov, M.; Bostedt, H., 2003:
Examinations on pseudopregnancy in cats - influence of housing conditions on clinical characteristic

Hafez, H.M.; Hafez, H.M.; Schulze, D.; Schulze, D., 2003:
Examinations on the efficacy of chemical disinfectants on Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale in vitro

Swalve, H.H.; Hover, K., 2003:
Examinations using the results of breeding value estimation for Holstein sires and cows in Germany

Chubachi, T.; Kanno, C.; Sato, K., 2001:
Examined factor and prediction of soil nitrogen mineralization after middle rice growth

Sudha Bhattacharya; Alok Bhattacharya; Petri, W.A.J., 2002:
Examining Entamoeba

Georg, H.; Totschek, K., 2001:
Examining an automatic cow brush for dairy cows

Collins, D.; Jones, B.; Fairweather, M.; Doolan, S.; Priestley, N., 2001:
Examining anxiety associated changes in movement patterns

Armitage, S.; Thompson, J.; Rolff, J.; Siva Jothy, M., 2003:
Examining costs of induced and constitutive immune investment in Tenebrio molitor

Divine, D.D.; Ebert, D.W.; Douglas, C.L., 2000:
Examining desert bighorn habitat using 30-m and 100-m elevation data

Larocque, Gr, 2002:
Examining different concepts for the development of a distance-dependent competition model for red pine diameter growth using long-term stand data differing in initial stand density

Pedersen, P.M., 2002:
Examining equity in newspaper photographs: a content analysis of the print media photographic coverage of interscholastic athletics

Gabbard, S.; Fernandez Mott, A.; Carroll, D., 2002:
Examining farm worker images

Althoff, D.M.; Pellmyr, O., 2002:
Examining genetic structure in a bogus yucca moth: a sequential approach to phylogeography

Benach, J.; Yasui, Y.; Borrell, C.; Rosa, E.; Pasarín, M.Isabel.; Benach, Núria.; Español, E.; Martínez, Jé.Miguel.; Daponte, A., 2003:
Examining geographic patterns of mortality: the atlas of mortality in small areas in Spain (1987-1995)

Wust, E.; Buermeyer, J.; Hoffmann, A.; Rudzik, L., 2002:
Examining infrared appliances using statistical methods

Omran, Y.A.M.M.; E.L.tif, A.; Ali, H.A., 2003:
Examining of some genetically improved yeast strains on vine vigor, yield component and fruit quality of Roomy Red grapevines

Cai, X.; Ringler, C.; Rosegrant, M.W., 2001:
Examining physical and economic efficiencies of water use through integrated economic-hydrologic water modelling

Iwasaki, Y., 2003:
Examining rival models of leisure coping mechanisms

Canosa, A.; Brown, G.; Bassan, H., 2001:
Examining social relations between adolescent residents and tourists in an Italian coastal resort

Christou, E.; Kassianidis, P., 2002 :
Examining the adoption of e-shopping for travel services: determinants of consumers' perceptions

Schultz-Cherry, S.; Koci, M.; Thompson, E.; Tumpey, T.M., 2003:
Examining the cellular pathways involved in influenza virus induced apoptosis

Theodori, G.L., 2001:
Examining the effects of community satisfaction and attachment on individual well-being

Gaughran, E.W.; Gordon, S.D.; Hillery, M.T., 2002:
Examining the effects of cutting speed, infeed speed and depth of cut on surface roughness of medium density fiber board

Skees, J.R.; Enkh Amgalan, A., 2002:
Examining the feasibility of livestock insurance in Mongolia

Pennington Gray, L.; Beland, R.; Sklar, S., 2002:
Examining the influences of senior discount usage in the hospitality industry

Aguilo, E.; Alegre, J.; Sard, M., 2003:
Examining the market structure of the German and UK tour operating industries through an analysis of package holiday prices

Yasar, S.; Orhan, H.; Erensayn, C., 2003:
Examining the nutritional and production characteristics of egg-farms in Basmakci County in Turkey

Kowalski, K.C.; Crocker, P.R.E.; Kowalski, N.P.; Chad, K.E.; Humbert, M.L., 2003:
Examining the physical self in adolescent girls over time: further evidence against the hierarchical model

Watson, E.E., 2003:
Examining the potential of indigenous institutions for development: a perspective from Borana, Ethiopia

Eva, H.; Fritz, S., 2003:
Examining the potential of using remotely sensed fire data to predict areas of rapid forest change in South America

Wilson, P.M.; Rodgers, W.M.; Fraser, S.N., 2002:
Examining the psychometric properties of the behavioral regulation in exercise questionnaire

Cunningham, G.B., 2002:
Examining the relationship among Miles and Snow's strategic types and measures of organizational effectiveness in NCAA Division I athletic departments

Hail, N.; Lotan, R., 2002:
Examining the role of mitochondrial respiration in vanilloid-induced apoptosis

Brody, S.D., 2003:
Examining the role of resource-based industries in ecosystem approaches to management: an evaluation of comprehensive plans in Florida

Sirakaya, E.; Teye, V.; Sonmez, S.F., 2001:
Examining the sources of differential support for tourism industry in two Ghanaian cities

Frogbrook, Z.L., 2001:
Examining the spatial variation of environmental properties using geostatistics

Gowda, P.H.; Mulla, D.J.; Dalzell, B.J., 2003:
Examining the targeting of conservation tillage practices to steep vs. flat landscapes in the Minnesota River Basin

Wilson, D.C., 2003:
Examining the two cultures theory of fisheries knowledge: the case of bluefish management

Kim, D.Y.; Morrison, A.M.; Mills, J.E., 2002:
Examining the web-based marketing efforts of first-tier city convention centers in the U.S

Pennington Gray, L.; Kerstetter, D.L., 2001:
Examining travel preferences of older Canadian adults over time

Snell, N.J.C., 2003:
Examining unmet needs in infectious disease

Pennington Gray, L.; Vogt, C., 2002:
Examining welcome center visitors' travel and information behaviors: does location of centers or residency matter?

Esposito, A.; Vischetti, C.; Trevisan, M.; Francaviglia, R., 2000:
Example of the application of a pesticide leaching model in two Central Italian scenarios

Fenech, A., 1999:
Examples of innovative information management for reporting forest data and information

Raspe, S., 2002:
Examples of measuring biomass and nutrient supplies of spruce roots

Needham, L.L., 1994:
Examples of measuring internal dose for assessing exposure in epidemiological studies

Eppert, I.; Bauquis, A.C.; Durand, B.B.; Raynaud, V.; LeTual, A.G.; Arpajon, F., 2002:
Examples of microbiological reciprocal effects in cheese

Grando, M.S.; Malossini, U.; Stefanini, M., 2000:
Examples of parental analyses by microsatellites in grapevine

Cieszewski, C.J.; Harrison, M.; Martin, S.W., 1999:
Examples of practical methods for unbiased parameter estimation in self-referencing functions

Batchelor, W.D.; Basso, B.; Paz, J.O., 2003:
Examples of strategies to analyse spatial and temporal yield variability using crop models

Virla, G.V.; Olmi, M., 2001:
Examples of the Dryinidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera) deposited in the Museo de la Plata

Zhao, Y-Cai., 2002:
Excavation and characterization of refuse in closed landfill

Mercader, J.; Panger, M.; Boesch, C., 2002:
Excavation of a chimpanzee stone tool site in the African rainforest

Sheets, R., 2002:
Excavator spawns successful wood recycling business

Zerm, M.; Adis, J., 2003:
Exceptional anoxia resistance in larval tiger beetle, Phaeoxantha klugii (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae)

Bennetzen, J.L.; Ramakrishna, W., 2002:
Exceptional haplotype variation in maize

Ribeiro, M.D.F.; Imperatriz Fonseca, V.L.; Santos Filho, P.D.S., 2003:
Exceptional high queen production in the Brazilian stingless bee Plebeia remota

Manzella, S.; Ammavuta, G.; Bono, G.; Federico, R.; Spatafora, F., 2001:
Exceptional infestation by African leafhoppers in the vineyards of western Sicily

Salvucci, M.E.; Osteryoung, K.W.; Crafts-Brandner, S.J.; Vierling, E., 2001:
Exceptional sensitivity of Rubisco activase to thermal denaturation in vitro and in vivo

Squires, D.; Omar, I.H.; Jeon, Y.; Kirkley, J.; Kuperan, K.; Susilowati, I., 2003:
Excess capacity and sustainable development in Java Sea fisheries

Pätsikkä, E.; Kairavuo, M.; Sersen, F.; Aro, E-Mari.; Tyystjärvi, E., 2002:
Excess copper predisposes photosystem II to photoinhibition in vivo by outcompeting iron and causing decrease in leaf chlorophyll

Fournier, V.G.uillou-Coustans, M.; Metailler, R.V.chot, C.M.riceau, J.L.-Delliou, H.H.elvan, C.D.sbruyeres, E.K.ushik, S., 2003:
Excess dietary arginine affects urea excretion but does not improve N utilisation in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss and turbot Psetta maxima

Roysommuti, S.; Khongnakha, T.; Jirakulsomchok, D.; Wyss, J.M., 2002:
Excess dietary glucose alters renal function before increasing arterial pressure and inducing insulin resistance

Xu, H.; Sakakibara, S.; Morifuji, M.; Salamatulla, Q.; Aoyama, Y., 2003:
Excess dietary histidine decreases the liver copper level and serum alanine aminotransferase activity in Long-Evans Cinnamon rats

Eder, K.; Flader, D.; Hirche, F.; Brandsch, C., 2002:
Excess dietary vitamin E lowers the activities of antioxidative enzymes in erythrocytes of rats fed salmon oil

Lew, V.L.; Tiffert, T.; Ginsburg, H., 2003:
Excess hemoglobin digestion and the osmotic stability of Plasmodium falciparum-infected red blood cells

Knox, M.R.; Ellis, T.H.N., 2002:
Excess heterozygosity contributes to genetic map expansion in pea recombinant inbred populations

Pion, S.D.S.; Kamgno, J.; Demanga-Ngangue; Boussinesq, M., 2002:
Excess mortality associated with blindness in the onchocerciasis focus of the Mbam Valley, Cameroon

Jia, L.C.egg, M.; Jiang, T., 2003:
Excess non-synonymous substitutions suggest that positive selection episodes occurred during the evolution of DNA-binding domains in the Arabidopsis R2R3-MYB gene family

Barna, J.W.shart, G., 2003:
Excess nuclear DNA in spermatozoa of guinea fowl

Turner Mary; Rudin Mark; Cizdziel James; Hodge Vernon, 2003:
Excess plutonium in soil near the Nevada Test Site, USA

Volkman, S.K.; Hartl, D.L.; Wirth, D.F.; Nielsen, K.M.; Choi, M.; Batalov, S.; Zhou, Y.; Plouffe, D.; Le Roch, K.G.; Abagyan, R.; Winzeler, E.A., 2002:
Excess polymorphisms in genes for membrane proteins in Plasmodium falciparum

Molder, M.; Kellner, E., 2002:
Excess resistance of bog surfaces in central Sweden

Paul, E.; Laval, M.L.; Sperandio, M., 2002:
Excess sludge production and costs due to phosphorus removal

Dabral, P.P., 2000:
Excess-deficit analysis of rainfall for water management planning in Terai region of West Bengal

Xiao ZhiZhuang; Q.Y.nBo; Wang TianHong; Gao PeiJi; Liu MengHai, 2001:
Excessive DMSO dramatically reducing the specificity of PCR amplification at low concentrations of template

Laverty, S.; Okouneff, S.; Ionescu, M.; Reiner, A.; Pidoux, I.; Webber, C.; Rossier, Y.; Billinghurst, R.C.; Poole, A.R., 2002:
Excessive degradation of type II collagen in articular cartilage in equine osteochondrosis

An, B.K.; Shinn, K.H.; Kobayashi, Y.; Tanaka, K.; Kang, C.W., 2003:
Excessive dietary conjugated linoleic acid affects hepatic lipid content and muscular fatty acid composition in young chicks

Burger, M.; Brunnberg, L., 2003:
Excessive endotracheal tube cuff pressure causing tracheal injury during intubation anaesthesia

Yu, S.; van der Meer, R.; Beynen, A.C., 2002:
Excessive hepatic copper accumulation in jaundiced rats fed a high-copper diet

Colantuoni, C.; Schwenker, J.; McCarthy, J.; Rada, P.; Ladenheim, B.; Cadet, J.L.; Schwartz, G.J.; Moran, T.H.; Hoebel, B.G., 2001:
Excessive sugar intake alters binding to dopamine and mu-opioid receptors in the brain

Molotkov, A.; Fan, X.; Duester, G., 2002:
Excessive vitamin A toxicity in mice genetically deficient in either alcohol dehydrogenase Adh1 or Adh3

King, B.M.; Rollins, B.L.; Grundmann, S.J.; Olivier, L.G., 2003:
Excessive weight gains in female rats with transections of the stria terminalis

Huttunen, J.T.; Vaisanen, T.S.; Heikkinen, M.; Hellsten, S.; Nykanen, H.; Nenonen, O.; Martikainen, P.J., 2002:
Exchange of CO2, CH4 and N2O between the atmosphere and two northern boreal ponds with catchments dominated by peatlands or forests

Butterbach Bahl, K.; Gasche, R.; Willibald, G.; Papen, H., 2002:
Exchange of N-gases at the Hoglwald Forest - a summary

Lodenius, M.; Tulisalo, E.; Soltanpour-Gargari, A., 2003:
Exchange of mercury between atmosphere and vegetation under contaminated conditions

Kesselmeier, J.; Hubert, A., 2002:
Exchange of reduced volatile sulfur compounds between leaf litter and the atmosphere

Syrakov, D.; Prodanova, M.; Ganev, K.; Zerefos, C.; Vasaras, A., 2002:
Exchange of sulfur pollution between Bulgaria and Greece

Boot, H.J.; ter Huurne, A.Agnes.H.M.; Hoekman, A.J.W.; Pol, J.M.; Gielkens, A.L.J.; Peeters, B.P.H., 2002:
Exchange of the C-terminal part of VP3 from very virulent infectious bursal disease virus results in an attenuated virus with a unique antigenic structure

Höhnle, M.; Höfer, P.; Bedford, I.D.; Briddon, R.W.; Markham, P.G.; Frischmuth, T., 2002:
Exchange of three amino acids in the coat protein results in efficient whitefly transmission of a nontransmissible Abutilon mosaic virus isolate

Butterbach Bahl, K.; Breuer, L.; Gasche, R.; Willibald, G.; Papen, H., 2002:
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Exotic insects for pest control and pollination

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Exotic trees as nurse-trees for the regeneration of natural tropical forests

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Exotic vs endemic biocontrol agents: would the real Stratiolaelaps miles (Berlese) (Acari: Mesostigmata: Laelapidae), please stand up?

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Exotically long and prolific root hairs of Arabidopsis, corn and wheat grown in a phosphate nutrient buffer system

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Exotics as host plants of the California butterfly fauna

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Expandable gastroretentive dosage forms

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Expanded high-performance feed for dairy cattle: physical and nutritional properties of feed

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Expanded polystyrene as a substitute for perlite in rooting substrate

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Expanding institutional arrangements for acquiring water for environmental purposes: transactions evidence for the Western United States

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Expanding list of protozoan parasites in shrimps: three new species, Rosculus macrobrachii n. sp., Montonella macrobrachii n. sp. and Solenococcidium indicus n. sp. from Macrobrachium rosenbergii and Penaeus indicus

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Expanding mulching, composting and end product markets

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Expanding non-timber forest product harvester/buyer participation in Pacific Northwest forest policy

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Expanding of the two-wing turning anti-missplowing bottom based on MDT

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Expanding portion sizes in the US marketplace: implications for nutrition counseling

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Expanding ranges for four species of invasive sawflies (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae) in Eastern United States

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Expanding regulatory requirements for poultry producers in the United States to curb water pollution

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Expanding the applications of micro-irrigation drip treatment and disposal systems in Delaware

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Expanding the diversity of the IS630-Tc1-mariner superfamily: discovery of a unique DD37E transposon and reclassification of the DD37D and DD39D transposons

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Expanding the frontiers of traditional medicine: a case history in investigating a prospective therapy

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Expanding the genetic map of maize with the intermated B73 x Mo17 (IBM) population

Anonymous, 2001 :
Expanding the mulch market

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Expanding the paradigms of placental malaria

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Expanding the pressure technique: insights into protein folding from combined use of pressure and chemical denaturants

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Expanding the sensitivity of conventional analytical techniques in quality control using sensory technology

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Expanding the use of impact assessment and evaluation in agricultural research and development

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Expanding the village knowledge centres in Pondicherry

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Expanding tropical fruit production - technical considerations and strategic options

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Expansins and cell growth

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Expansion and co-ordination of technical forestry education in Nigeria

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Expansion and contraction of major histocompatibility complex genes: a teleostean example

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Expansion and enclosure: ritual landscapes and the politics of space in Central Malawi

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Expansion and proliferation of skin-homing T cells in atopic dermatitis as assessed at the single cell level

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Expansion and validation of a predictive model for the growth of Bacillus stearothermophilus in military rations

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Expansion dynamics, metabolite composition and substance transfer of the primary root growth zone of Zea mays L. grown in different external nutrient availabilities

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Expansion in Brazil and Mexico: can aggressive growth persist? Widespread economic problems are hampering growth of industrial feed output elsewhere in Latin America

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Expansion in the cultivation of ornamental foliage plants

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Expansion of irrigation in West Bengal: mid-1970s to mid-1990s

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Expansion of natural rubber cultivation in Kerala: an exploratory analysis

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Expansion of nitrophilous skirt communities in neglected orchards and gardens in the surroundings of Szczecin

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Expansion of pre-existing, lymph node-localized CD8+ T cells during supervised treatment interruptions in chronic HIV-1 infection

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Expansion of smectite by hexadecyltrimethylammonium

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Expansion of the Asiatic parasite Ashworthius sidemi (Nematoda, Trichostrongylidae) in wild ruminants in Polish territory

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Expansion of the airstream of air-assisted orchard sprayers

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Expansion of the cell plate in plant cytokinesis requires a kinesin-like protein/MAPKKK complex

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Expansion of the distribution range of the ragweed beetle, Ophraella communa LeSage, (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) and its natural enemies in Japan

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Expansion of tuberculosis in pigs in the Republic of Croatia in the period 1990-2000

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Expansion of unconventional T cells with natural killer markers in malaria patients

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Expansion of woody plants in tallgrass prairie: a fifteen-year study of fire and fire-grazing interactions

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Expansion status of Nature Farming and EM technology in Japan

Anonymous, 2001:
Expansion: to reach the result with the integration of future member states in the CAP

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Expectation and variance of true and false fragment matches in DNA restriction mapping

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Expectations and food appearance - sensory assessment and measurement

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Expectations and placebo responses to caffeine-associated stimuli

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Expectations concerning nutrition information on the food products packages

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Expectations for Hungarian dairy industry in connection with the joining the European Union

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Expectations regarding sustainable development based on the tradition of forest sustainability in Sachsen since Von Carlowitz (1713)

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Expected and achieved responses to selection for stem thickness in the generations F2 and F2Syn3 of the semiexotic maize population Mo17 x La Posta

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Expected and unexpected stressors in major international competition: appraisal, coping, and performance

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Expected effect of agricultural and trade policy

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Expected genetic contributions and their impact on gene flow and genetic gain

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Expected genetic responses from selection for current available criteria of genetic merits on holstein cows

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Expected impact of implementation of key EU measures to solve the conflict of conservation vs. farming

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Expected procedures of registration and cultivation control of transgenic cultivars in Poland

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Expected reliability of cow breeding value for average lifetime milk production

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Expected response and rate of inbreeding in a closed flock of White Leghorn under long term selection

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Expected response of an F6 soyabean population, using a correlated selection

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Expected response to selection on stayability and its economic weight in a population of Nelore cattle in Brazil

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Expected threats of global climate change on mosquito and tick-borne arbovirus infections of human beings

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Expected volume and value of structural-dimension lumber from 25-, 30-, 35-, 40- and 50-year-old loblolly pine plantation timber

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Expecting pleiotropic QTL for negatively correlated traits?

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Expediency of burning coal at thermal power stations of sugar factories of the Ukraine

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Expediency thresholds of carrying out protective measures on meadow clover seed plants against clover seed weevils Apion apricans Hbst. and Apion aestivum Germ

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Expedient microdetermination of itraconazole and hydroxyitraconazole in plasma by high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection

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Expeditionary learning: an alternative teaching method for physical education

Anonymous, 2002:
Expenditure and meat consumption update

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Expenditure of work and machine working time in broiler rearing

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Expenditure on different categories of meat in Greece: the influence of changing tastes

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Expenditure patterns and elasticities of rural households sampled in two communal areas of KwaZulu-Natal

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Expenditures associated with conflicts between street tree root growth and hardscape in California, United States

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Expenditures, costs and profitability of vegetative rootstock production in the years 1993-1996

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Expenses are paid off

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Experience affects female responses to male song in the variable field cricket Gryllus lineaticeps (Orthoptera, Gryllidae)

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Experience and prospects of Norwegian cod farming

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Experience and social environment influence the ability of young brown trout to forage on live novel prey

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Experience from ACIAR trials of the suitability and performance of Australian tree species

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Experience gained and evaluation of the echinococcosis/hydatidosis eradication programmes in Cyprus 1971 - 1999

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Experience gained from the application of GLP principles to multi-site studies in plant protection

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Experience in a long term apple pest-predator study

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Experience in and prospects for using fibrous wood particles for board manufacture

Takkel, E., 2003:
Experience in biological plant protection in the conditions of hotbed soil

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Experience in collaboration: McDenver at McDonald's

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Experience in combined glaciological and botanical studies on the primary plant successions on young moraines in the Central Altai

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Experience in genetic monitoring performance of mice strains from collection stocks of Tomsk Science Centre, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

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Experience in planification of regional parks in the Lombarda region: the case of Montevecchia and Curone Valley park and Groane park

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Experience in reconstruction and investigation of work of the column diffuser at Nosiv sugar factory

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Experience in studying synanthropization in the course of pasture digression in the Transural steppes by the transect method

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Experience in the control of acute intestinal infectious diseases

Filippov, V.L., 2001:
Experience in the operation of an agricultural credit consumer cooperative

Voronin, S.G., 2001:
Experience in the reconstruction of refrigeration systems in dairy factories

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Experience in using the electric-spark erosion method

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Experience modulates emission of food calls in broody hens

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Experiential learning in higher education

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Experiment for estimating daily range of surface temperature over a region using AVHRR data at arbitrary time

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Experiment for high yield culture of precocious new walnut varieties

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Experiment of bagging for pear varieties

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Experiment of citrus rootstocks for 4 orange varieties

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Experiment of comparison of differing soil management in citrus orchard

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Experiment of control of Strumata berruginea in Jinyou pummelo variety

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Experiment of control of grape grey mould disease

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Experiment of cultivation of introduced cranberry varieties

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Experiment of culture of Dongzao jujube variety on saline soils

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Experiment of dense dwarf apple culture for early high production and high profit

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Experiment of doubled bagging for growing Red Fuji apple variety

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Experiment of early high quality production of Huangguan pear variety

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Experiment of embryo transplantation of table purpose breeding sheep and goat in Ningxia

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Experiment of fast propagation of Green mume by cutting

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Experiment of field cultivation of virus-free strawberry planting materials

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Experiment of film-shed greenhouse culture of sweet cherry trees

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Experiment of fruit bagging of Cangxili pear variety

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Experiment of greening barren mountains by planting Japanese creeper Parthenocissus tricuspidata

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Experiment of growing Linze Xiaozao jujube variety in Yumen area

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Experiment of growing Sanhuali in Simao area, Yunnan province

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Experiment of growing apple trees on dwarf-interstock apple rootstock SH.29

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Experiment of growing apples by bud topworking method

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Experiment of growing apricot under sunny film greenhouse

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Experiment of growing early grape varieties under the rain-escaping film shed

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Experiment of growing early, high quality pear varieties

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Experiment of growing fig variety in the sunny greenhouse

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Experiment of hard-cutting for Jingxiu and Jingyu grape varieties

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Experiment of hard-cutting for Ribiel grape variety with using ABT 1 rooting powder

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Experiment of high production cultural techniques for plum variety Black Gem

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Experiment of high quality production for densely planted Dongzao jujube variety

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Experiment of killing in vitro acarid of rabbit by Man Shi Ling and efficiency of clinical treatment

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Experiment of long shoot pruning of Zaolu flat peach variety grown in the sunny greenhouse

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Experiment of low temperature preservation of strawberry genetic resources

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Experiment of mulching film for recovery of damaged banana plants

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Experiment of pesticide control on Kermes nawai

Fan XueYan, 2003:
Experiment of protection against cold damage for nectarine trees in the winter by spraying PBO

Ren ZengPing; Zhong ZuoShen, 2001:
Experiment of release of crusted residual oil leaching in Zihe riverflat under the condition of constant water head

Itoh, S.; Komada, M.; Kimiwada, K.; Awasaki, H., 2001:
Experiment of restoring high-moor plant community based on ground water environment of peatland

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Experiment of rootstock for Zihuamang mango variety

Yang JiHua; L.W.iGuo; Gao Wei, 2001:
Experiment of soil moisture preservation techniques in mulberry field of limestone hill

L.ShengLong, 2000:
Experiment of spraying 20% Carbosulfan emulsion for control of pear aphid

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Experiment of storage for guava variety Shinshiji

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Experiment of technical parameters and performance of biomass-gas appliance

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Experiment of topgrafting of satsuma mandarin trees with scion buds wrapped with film

Sun ZhenHua, 2003:
Experiment of topworking for the low production walnut plantation

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Experiment of using 24% Conform suspension for the control of apple leaf curling moth

H.S.uGuang; Fang ChengMing, 2003:
Experiment of using 25% Mansike for control of citrus red mite

Jian DingShuo, 2003:
Experiment of using Aiduoshou growth regulator agent for mandarin variety

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Experiment of using Lorsban insecticide for control of peach fruit moth

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Experiment of using Osmia cornifrons for pear pollination

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Experiment of using azocyclotin for control of citrus red mite and its safety

Liu GuangQin; Wang Wei; Chen Juan; Huang JianPing, 2002:
Experiment of using biological-like fungicide for control of strawberry grey mould disease

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Experiment of using fungicides for control of grape white rot disease

Y.HuaLin, 2000:
Experiment of using in vitro citrus triploidy explantlets for improving the survival rate

Lin BaiSheng; Huang JiaSheng, 2003:
Experiment of using mites to control the mites

Wang HaiHua, 2003:
Experiment of using potassium chlorate for inducing flowering of longan in off-season

Chen ChuanPei, 2002:
Experiment of using predatory mite for control of citrus mites

Zhang ZaiYong, 2002:
Experiment of using the liquid of soaked tobacco stem for control of citrus leaf miner

Chen ZhiSheng, 2003:
Experiment of using touch-breaking micro-capsule agent for control of citrus star borer

G.H.ngYing; Weng Sheng; Zhang ChunTao; Y.Y.ngGen, 2003:
Experiment on 25% aqueous solution of arsenal to control weed in fruit orchard

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Experiment on Lentinula edodes cultivation on sawdust of Magnolia officinalis

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Experiment on Nealsomyia rufella Bezzi against Cryptothelea variegata Snellen

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Experiment on an integrated ricefish polyculture system (6 species), 1-2 fish/m2 in the Mekong delta

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Experiment on cold storage of Braeburn apples in a stepwise ULO controlled atmosphere

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Experiment on control of Matsucoccus matsumurae by several insecticides

P.ZhongQing et al., 2001:
Experiment on control of Saperda populnea with Scleroderma guani

Zhao ShuQing; Guo JianPo; Chang LiuYin, 2001:
Experiment on culturing extra-early apricot embryos

Yue PengXiang; W.S.ouYi, 2002:
Experiment on decaffeination from green tea using supercritical CO2

Gao Yuan; Sun HongMei; Song CaiQin; Ding Ying; Bao WeiPing; Bao LiHua, 2002:
Experiment on decreasing mortality rate of ascites syndrome of broiler by L-arginine and NaHO3

Huang YuShan; S.G.iPing; Chen MingBao, 2001:
Experiment on different formulae and covering soil of Pleurotus cornucopiae

Chen PingGuang; Wang AiMin; W.S.iDa; Lin HaiYan; W.C.aoQun, 2001:
Experiment on earlier piglet weaning to raise the economical benefit

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Experiment on germination of wild Bredia sinensis

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Experiment on increasing production efficiency of silkworm baculovirus bioreactor by feeding nutrient

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Experiment on introduction of Prunus persica var. nectarina

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Experiment on introduction of jujube from the North to the South in China

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Experiment on introduction of wild Gladiolus communis

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Experiment on nursery grafting techniques of Myrica rubra

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Experiment on pollination and moisture conservation of Citrus grandis var. zaoxiangyou

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Experiment on protection of rubberwood from blue stain and mould

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Experiment on regeneration after removal of artificial Cunninghamia lanceolata forest by Magnolia officinalis

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Experiment on seedling cultivation by cutting of Taxus chinensis var. mairei

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Experiment on softwood cuttings of jujube

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Experiment on supplementing olaquindox and diluted hydrochloric acid in diets for early weaning piglets

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Experiment on the application of microcapsules against Anoplophora glabripennis in poplars

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Experiment on the control of Petrova perangustana

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Experiment on the control of citrus aphid and leaf miner by carbosulfan insecticide

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Experiment on the control of corky fruit disease in the pear variety Jinhua

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Experiment on the control of fruit russet, fruit rot and early leaf fall diseases of pear variety Huanghuali

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Experiment on the control of pear psyllid using different insecticides

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Experiment on the control of pomegranate purple velvet scale by using different insecticides

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Experiment on the use of mancozeb M-45 to control citrus diseases and citrus rust mite

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Experiment on thin layer drying of pelleted corn seed and its drying model

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Experiment on treatment of diseased tree by Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

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Experiment precision and variety comparison precision in regional crop trials

Chen ShuRen, 2001:
Experiment research of air flowing speed distribution on header for stripper combine

Wen Yan; Zhang YueQing, 2001:
Experiment research on detecting Trichinella spiralis by PCR

Liu JiGen; Lei TingWu, 2002:
Experiment research on the effect of surface PAM coverage on erosion: soil critical shear stresses of slope cultivated land by rainfall

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Experiment research on the new type roller machine for fine manipulation of oolong tea

Wang LiChen; Wang Ping; L.Y.Min; Song JianNong, 2002:
Experiment study on 2ZPY-H530 Rice Potted-seedling Transplant

Tian QingSheng; Tan ShiXian, 2002:
Experiment summary of early high production of Navel orange grown in the mountainous region of Hunan province

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Experiment to control citrus aphid by spraying Admire insecticide

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Experiment using fungicides for control of gray leaf spot disease for Huanghuali pear variety

Deng ZhiQiang; Xue DeQian; L.X.aoHong; Huang GuangHuan, 2002:
Experiment using fungicides for control of mume scab disease

Jiang ShuLing; Wei ChangCun; Jia JingXian; M.L.; Q.B.oLi, 2003 :
Experiment with dense cultivation techniques for using Zhongai 1 pear dwarfing rootstock as an interstock

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Experiment with extra lysine for nursing sows

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Experiment with tissue culture of luohanguo

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Experimental Aspergillus fumigatus infection in dogs and treatment with itraconazole

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Experimental Brucella ovis infection in mouflon (Ovis musimon)

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Experimental Cryptobia salmositica (Kinetoplastida) infections in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L.: cell-mediated and humoral immune responses against the pathogenic and vaccine strains of the parasite

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Experimental Ehrlichia chaffeensis infection in beagles

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Experimental Elaphostrongylus cervi infection in sheep and goats

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Experimental Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in dexamethasone-immunosuppressed mice

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Experimental Haemonchus contortus infection and challenge in the Churra sheep breed: immunological and pathophysiological parameters

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Experimental Mo-fertilizer trial of an acid forest soil: dynamics of molybdenum in the soil and effects on the nutrition of spruce

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Experimental Nipah virus infection in pigs and cats

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Experimental Oesophagostomum columbianum infection in ovines

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Experimental Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in simian immunodeficiency virus-infected rhesus macaques

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Experimental RNomics

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Experimental Salmonella enterica subspecies enterica serovar Typhimurium infection in Indian goats: clinical, serological, bacteriological and pathological studies

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Experimental Sarcocystis hominis infection in a water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

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Experimental Trichinella infection in seals

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Experimental Trypanosoma cruzi infection alters the shaping of the central and peripheral T-cell repertoire

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Experimental Trypanosoma cruzi infection in platelet-activating factor receptor-deficient mice

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Experimental Trypanosoma evansi infection in South American coati (Nasua nasua): hematological, biochemical and histopathological changes

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Experimental aeration systems

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Experimental aerosol inoculation of Mycobacterium bovis in North American opossums (Didelphis virginiana)

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Experimental airborne transmission of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and Bordetella bronchiseptica

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Experimental analysis of a nitrogen removal process simulation of wastewater land treatment under three different wheat planting densities

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Experimental analysis of biparental inbreeding in a self-fertilizing plant

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Experimental analysis of eosinophil-associated gastrointestinal diseases

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Experimental analysis of shear band formation in a seed layer

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Experimental analysis of territory size in a population of the fire ant Solenopsis invicta

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Experimental analysis of the effect of exotic and native plant species on the structure and function of soil microbial communities

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Experimental analysis of the mating system of the white pine weevil, Pissodes strobi (Peck) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

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Experimental analysis on the effects of variable apertures on tracer transport

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Experimental and analytical methods for studying within-field variation of crop responses to inputs

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Experimental and clinical studies on Chinese herbs against Trichomonas vaginalis in vitro

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Experimental and clinical studies on plasma leptin in obese dogs

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Experimental and clinical study on the antiviral activity of jinyebaidu granule against human cytomegalovirus

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Experimental and clinical study on the hypolipidemic and antisclerotic effect of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus strain GB N 1 (48)

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Experimental and conformational analyses of interactions between butenafine and lipids

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Experimental and epidemiological evidence on non-organ specific cancer preventive effect of Korean ginseng and identification of active compounds

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Experimental and field evaluation of a live vaccine against avian pneumovirus

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Experimental and field studies of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in white-tailed deer

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Experimental and interventional dietary study in humans on the role of HDL fatty acid composition in PGI2 release and Cox-2 expression by VSMC

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Experimental and modeling studies of colloid attachment, straining, and exclusion in saturated porous media

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Experimental and modeling study of the uranium (VI) sorption on goethite

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Experimental and modelling studies of the flow properties of concentrated yogurt as affected by the storage time

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Experimental and numerical study of water flow in soil under irrigation in northern Senegal: evidence of air entrapment

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Experimental and phylogenetic evidence for floral mimicry in a guild of fly-pollinated plants

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Experimental and simulated solute transport in a partially-saturated, variable-aperture fracture

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Experimental and simulation studies of heat flow and heterocyclic amine mutagen/carcinogen formation in pan-fried meat patties

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Experimental and theoretical evaluation of typing methods based upon random amplification of genomic restriction fragments (AFLP) for bacterial population genetics

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Experimental and theoretical investigation of drying of carrots in a fluidized bed with energy carrier

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Experimental and theoretical studies on photodegradation of fungicide diniconazole

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Experimental and theoretical study on equilibrium partitioning of heavy metals

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Experimental appression of flatid planthopper (Metcalfa pruinosa Say) with wasp Neodryinus typhlocybae Ashmead

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Experimental approach in apple tree nutrition

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Experimental approach to elucidating the mechanism of light-independent chlorophyll biosynthesis in greening barley

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Experimental approaches for studying rhizosphere chemistry and nutrient uptake of tree roots by in-situ methods

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Experimental approaches to analyze the role of soil organic matter on pesticide behavior: application of fractionation techniques

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Experimental approaches to studying the immunology of parasitic diseases

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Experimental assessment of Heliconia acuminata growth in a fragmented Amazonian landscape

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Experimental assessment of a process for the remediation of organophosphorous pesticides contaminated soils through in situ soil flushing and hydrolysis

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Experimental assessment of salinity tolerance of Ceriops tagal seedlings and saplings from the Indus delta, Pakistan

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Experimental assessment of the effectiveness of biologically active food supplements based on zeolites

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Experimental assessment of the efficacy of associated vaccine against anthrax and sheep pox

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Experimental auctions for food safety: measurement of willingness-to-pay for Salmonella-free eggs

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Experimental bacteriophage-mediated virulence in strains of Vibrio harveyi

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Experimental biology of malaria and its vectors

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Experimental bovine hypodermosis in Spain

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Experimental broodstock diets as partial fresh food substitutes in white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei B

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Experimental canine leishmaniasis: evolution of infection following re-challenge with Leishmania infantum

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Experimental challenge of post-smolts with IPNV: mortalities do not depend on population density

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Experimental characterisation of the tangential and cylindrical fertiliser distribution pattern from a spinning disc: a parameter study

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Experimental chemotherapy against xenografts derived from multidrug resistant KBv200 cells and parental drug-sensitive KB cells in nude mice by annonaceous acetogenin 89-2

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Experimental coinfection with aquabirnavirus and viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV), Edwardsiella tarda or Streptococcus iniae in Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus

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Experimental colonization of Colutea arborescens (Fabaceae) by the offspring of migrans alatae of Pemphigus vesicarius Passerini (Hemiptera, Aphididae)

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Experimental colonization of new habitats by Galba truncatula O.F. Muller (Gastropoda: Lymnaeidae) in central France and their susceptibility to experimental infection with the trematode Fasciola hepatica L

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Experimental concurrent infection of sheep with Oestrus ovis and Trichostrongylus colubriformis: negative interactions between parasite populations and related changes in the cellular responses of nasal and digestive mucosae

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Experimental control of Reynoutria congeners: a comparative study of a hybrid and its parents

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Experimental control of Tylenchulus semipenetrans Cobb. affecting olive-tree crop

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Experimental control of banana scab disease using different fungicides

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Experimental control of pear scab using fungicides

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Experimental conversion of colony social organization by manipulation of worker genotype composition in fire ants (Solenopsis invicta)

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Experimental conversion of virulent RH Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites in vitro

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Experimental culture of Mytilus galloprovincialis in the Black Sea

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Experimental cutaneous Leishmaniasis: a powerful model to study in vivo the mechanisms underlying genetic differences in Th subset differentiation

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Experimental cutaneous bacterial infection in dogs

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Experimental cutting on the table band-sawing machine

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Experimental cypermethrin toxicity in buffalo calves

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Experimental data of determination of Ld50 for colibacillosis agent of pigs

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Experimental data on identification and study of some compounds with antiviral properties. 3. The inhibitory effect of some protein extracts isolated from various herbaceous plants belonging to fam. Chenopodiaceae

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Experimental data on influence of application with various protein-types on tobacco plant reaction to infection by tobacco mosaic virus