Extraction of nutrients by marigold (Calendula officinalis L.)

Teixeira, N.T.; Polatto, A.M.; Tavares, M.A.G.C.

Ecossistema 25(2): 135-136


Accession: 003766341

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Plant height, fresh and dry weight, root length, and the macronutrient (N, P, K, Ca, Mg and S) and micronutrient (B, Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn) contents of roots and aerial parts were measured in C. officinalis plants after 20, 40 and 60 days' growth in 5-litre pots. Growth and nutrient extraction rates were greatest between 20 and 40 days' growth. Extraction rates were highest for the macronutrients N, K and Ca, and the micronutrients Fe, Mn and B.