Fattening performance and carcass quality of Polish Merino x Romanov crossbred lambs with different proportions of Romanov genotype

Borys, B.; Mandecka, B.

Options Mediterraneennes Serie A, Seminaires Mediterraneens 46: 71-74


Accession: 003768649

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The fattening ability and the slaughter value of crossbred Polish Merino lambs with different proportions of the Romanov genotype, were compared. 36 crossbred ram lambs with 25-75% Romanov genotype were intensively fattened to 35-40 kg of body weight. 16 were then subjected to postmortem examination of slaughter performance. The proportion of the Romanov genotype had no significant influence on the fattening results and slaughter performance of lambs observed. However, fattening performance (daily gains, fodder consumption, live evaluation of slaughter performance) and carcass fatness were much lower for crossbreds with a high proportion of the Romanov genotype. The investigation has to be repeated using a greater number of animals.