Fattening performance, slaughter and carcass characteristics of Awassi and Tahirova x Awassi (F1) crossbred male lambs

Kul, S.; Seker, I.

Saglk Bilimleri Dergisi, Firat Universitesi Veteriner 16(1): 57-64


Accession: 003768657

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Following weaning and a 15-day adjustment period, lambs were fattened in two separate pens. Concentrate feed with 300 g lucerne hay was given ad libitum until the lambs attained a liveweight of 45 kg. Average daily gain during the 98-day fattening period were 219 and 241 g in pure and crossbreds, respectively. Purebreds consumed 6.74 and crossbreds consumed 6.06 kg of feed to gain a kilogram of weight. At slaughter (45 kg liveweight), the cold carcass weights were 21.77 and 19.72 kg for pure and crossbreds, respectively. For purebreds, the values for carcass performance, rearleg ratio, foreleg ratio, carcass length, rearleg width, and longissimus dorsi area were 48.33%, 29.83%, 17.18%, 63.00 cm, 16.86 cm, and 20.74 cm2, respectively. The corresponding values for crossbreds were 43.85%, 31.95%, 18.23%, 65.25 cm 16.50 cm, and 19.07 cm2. Tail-fat-ratio, chest weight and backfat thickness differed significantly (P<0.01) between pure and crossbreds, with values of 11.75 vs. 2.94%, 16.43 vs. 19.13 cm, and 17.60 vs. 8.80 mm, respectively.