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Fluid fertilisers - an efficient source of P for calcareous soils

Holloway, R.E.; Bertrand, I.; Frischke, A.J.; Brace, D.M.; McLaughlin, M.J.; Shepperd, W.; Graham, R.D.

Plant nutrition: food security and sustainability of agro ecosystems through basic and applied research Fourteenth International Plant Nutrition Colloquium, Hannover, Germany: 832-833


Accession: 003773973

A range of fluid products together with granular Mono-ammonium phosphate (10N:22P:0K:)+Ammonium nitrate (34N:0P:0K) were used in field experiments to provide 12 kg P ha-1 and 15 kg N ha-1 in 1998 on a highly calcareous grey sandy loam and a calcareous red brown sandy loam. Fluid sources of P had large impacts on early growth, P uptake and grain yield at both sites. The best fluid fertilizer on the highly calcareous grey soil produced 2.5 times more dry matter than the granular MAP+AN plots.

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