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Foliar responses of Withania somnifera Dunal. to air pollution

Trag, A.R.; Mahmooduzzafar ; Siddiqi, T.O.; Iqbal, M.

Advances in Plant Sciences 15(2): 607-613


ISSN/ISBN: 0970-3586
Accession: 003774460

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The physiological and biochemical responses of leaves of W. somnifera, collected within the vicinity of Badarpur thermal power plant (BTPP) in South Delhi, India, to air pollution were determined under laboratory conditions and compared to those of plants growing in a non-polluted site (control). The net photosynthetic rate in the leaves of W. somnifera growing within the vicinity of BTPP was lower by 42% compared to the control. Intercellular carbon dioxide concentration and stomatal conductance were also lower by 49 and 61%, respectively, compared to the control. The amount of chlorophyll a and b, the total chlorophyll content, nitrate reductase activity, and nitrate and protein content were also lower compared to the control. Stomatal dimensions were reduced due to air pollution. Sugar content in the leaves of W. somnifera collected within the vicinity of BTPP was enhanced by 26%. Similarly, foliar sulfur also increased by 267% in samples from the polluted area.

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