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Gamete fertility and morphological variations in offsprings of triploid clones Populus tomentosa

Kang XiangYang; Mao JianFeng

Journal of Beijing Forestry University 23(4): 20-23


Accession: 003780297

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A study was conducted to investigate gamete fertility and its morphological variations in the offspring of triploid Chinese white poplar ((Populus tomentosa x P. bolleana) x P. tomentosa) with reference parents of diploid poplars (P. tomentosa x P. bolleana) and (P. alba x P. glandulosa). Results showed that the triploid Chinese white poplar (B312) produces large quantity of pollen yield with an average of 53 mg per catkin. The trend of higher estimates for the gamete fertility was observed if the diploids were used as reference mother parents.

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