Ground water quality of Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu

Latha, M.R.; Indirani, R.; Sheeba, S.; Francis, H.J.

Journal of Ecobiology 14(3): 217-221


ISSN/ISBN: 0970-9037
Accession: 003788900

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A total of 133 water samples collected from Avinashi, Pollachi and Palladam areas of Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu, India, were analysed for water quality parameters. The electrical conductivity (EC) of water samples from these areas ranged from 0.45-4.50, 2.27-9.95 and 0.2-2.7 dS m-1, respectively. The highest sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) of 34.20 was observed in Palladam samples. Salinity was recorded in samples collected from Avinashi and Pollachi while both salinity and sodicity occurred in samples from Palladam. Water samples with residual sodium carbonate (RSC) ranging from 5.0-7.5 mel-1 and EC >3 dS m-1 are unsuitable for irrigation as they are liable to cause salinity and sodicity problem in soils.