Herbicides and their mixtures for crops of grain maize

Bitarov, K.M.; Misik, N.A.

Kukuruza i Sorgo 6: 17


Accession: 003793949

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Experiments were conducted in 1996-2000 at the North Caucasus Institute of Mountain and Foothill Agriculture to test the effects of pre-emergence herbicides Harness on crops of grain maize. Harness was applied alone at 3 litres/ha, Primextra alone at 6 litres/ha and Titus alone (at the 5-7 leaf stage) at 50 g/ha. Titus was also applied at 25 g/ha following either Harness at 1.5 litres/ha or Primextra at 3 litres/ha. Within 10 days of application, the first effects of the herbicides on weeds were noticed, with reduced leaf size and yellowing. All the herbicides alone and in mixtures were effective against weeds, reducing weed cover by 64-80% relative to the untreated control. Weight of weed biomass/m2 was reduced from 1200 g in the control to between 220 g (Harness alone) and 166 g (Harness + Titus). Compared to the control's yield of 2.01 t/ha, grain yield was highest with Titus alone (3.84 t/ha), Harness + Titus (3.70 t/ha) and Primextra + Titus (3.52 t/ha).