Heterotic grouping of 70 maize inbred lines by SSR markers

Li XinHai; Yuan LiXing; Li XiaoHui; Zhang ShiHuang; Li MingShun; Li WenHua

Scientia Agricultura Sinica 36(6): 622-627


ISSN/ISBN: 0578-1752
Accession: 003794582

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Simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers were adopted in heterotic grouping of 70 elite maize inbred lines. Sixty-four SSR primers giving stable amplified profiles detected 248 alleles among the lines tested. The average number of alleles per SSR locus was 3.88 with a range of 2-9. The value of polymorphism information content for each SSR locus varied from 0.13 to 0.88, with an average of 0.523. The UPGMA analysis classified 70 inbred lines into 6 clusters, which corresponded to the heterotic groups determined by their pedigree information and breeder's experiences (i.e. Sipingtou, Luda Red Cob, PA, PB, BSSS and Lancaster).