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In vitro germination of nonphotosynthetic, myco-heterotrophic plants stimulated by fungi isolated from the adult plants

Bruns, T.D.; Read, D.J.

New Phytologist 148(2): 335-342


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-646X
DOI: 10.1046/j.1469-8137.2000.00766.x
Accession: 003808041

Sarcodes sanguinea and Pterospora andromedea (Ericaceae, Monotropoideae) are nonphotosynthetic mycoheterotrophic plants. Recent studies have shown that the roots of the adult plants are always associated with closely related but exclusive sets of Rhizopogon species (Basidiomycota, Boletales) from section Amylopogon. We have isolated Rhizopogon species that were associated with the adult plants and used them to germinate seeds under gnotobiotic conditions.

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