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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 3843

Chapter 3843 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Karamanos, B.G.; Thanopoulou, A.C.; Roussi Penesi, D.P., 2001:
Maximal post-prandial triglyceride increase reflects post-prandial hypertriglyceridaemia and is associated with the insulin resistance syndrome

Milac, T.I.; Adler, F.R.; Smith, G.R., 2002:
Maximal power tests for detecting defects in meiotic recombination

Singer, R.S.; MacLachlan, N.J.; Carpenter, T.E., 2001:
Maximal predicted duration of viremia in bluetongue virus-infected cattle

Hodson, L.; Skeaff, C.M.; McKenzie, J.E., 2002:
Maximal response to a plasma cholesterol-lowering diet is achieved within two weeks

Mitisor, A.; Pentilescu, M., 2000:
Maximalizing the plywood pressing process

Salunkhe, A.N.; Jamdade, S.R.; Jadhav, S.B., 2001:
Maximisation of farm profit by paired row systems in cane cultivation

Morel, P.C.H.; Alexander, D.L.J.; Sherriff, R.L.; Wood, G.R., 2001:
Maximisation of gross margin in intensive livestock production

Villanueva, B.; Dekkers, J.C.M.; Woolliams, J.A.; Settar, P., 2002:
Maximising genetic gain with QTL information and control of inbreeding

Barnwell, R., 2003:
Maximising performance during hot weather

Chang, K.T.K.F.K.W.; Hoi, L.W.S., 2001:
Maximising revenue from sugar extraction and cogeneration through imbibition rate regulation

Ramaswamy, H.S.; Chen, C.R., 2002:
Maximising the quality of thermally processed fruits and vegetables

Hardarson, G.; Broughton, W.J., 2003:
Maximising the use of biological nitrogen fixation in agriculture. Report of an FAO/IAEA Technical Expert Meeting, Rome, Italy, 13-15 March 2001

Hwang, S.L.e, Y.Y.ng, K., 2001:
Maximization of acetic acid production in partial acidogenesis of swine wastewater

Bheemaiah, G.; Subrahmanyam, M.V.R., 2002:
Maximization of nitrogen resource for rainfed groundnut (Arachis hypogea) alley cropped with nitrogen fixing trees

Rezende, P.M. de; Andrade, M.J.B. de; Resende, G.M.; Botrel, E.P., 2001:
Maximization of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) exploration. Effects of cutting time and P fertilizer upon regrowth grain hay yield

Rezende, P.M. de; Gomes, L.L.; Tourino, M.C.C.; Gris, C.F.; Botrel, E.P., 2003:
Maximization of soybean exploration. XIV - Comparison of cultivars for hay and regrowth grain yields

Sharma, S.N.; Bhatnagar, V.K.; Mann, M.S.; Shekhawat, U.S.; Sain, R.S., 2002:
Maximization of wheat yields with a unique variety in warmer areas

Nyirenda, H.E.; Mphangwe, N.I.K., 2001:
Maximizing crop and total value of some TRF clones by plucking at optimum shoot age

Siddiqui, S.A.; Rahman, M.K.; Bhuiya, M.A.A., 2001:
Maximizing crop production through double intercropping with transplanted sugarcane

Leung, P.K.H., 2002:
Maximizing economic benefits of tourism development to island destinations: the case of Hong Kong

Salassi, M.E.; Champagne, L.P.; Legendre, B.L., 2002:
Maximizing economic returns from sugarcane production through optimal harvest scheduling

Walsh, Michael, J., 1999:
Maximizing financial support for biodiversity in the emerging Kyoto protocol markets

Fettig, C.J., 2002:
Maximizing pine tip moth control: timing is everything

McMillan, F.D., 2003:
Maximizing quality of life in ill animals

Wilson Johnson, K., 2003:
Maximizing revenue streams at composting facilities

Wright, J.; Wright, L., 2001:
Maximizing seed production of Linospadix monostachya

Dogbe, W.; Fening, J.O.; Kumaga, F.W.K.; Danso, S.K.A., 2002:
Maximizing the benefits of using mucuna on farmers' fields

Doran, M.S.; Haddad, K.; Chow, C.W., 2002:
Maximizing the success of balanced scorecard implementation in the hospitality industry

Huettig, C.; Roth, K., 2002:
Maximizing the use of APE consultants: what the general physical educator has the right to expect

Mansee, A.H.; Montasser, M.R., 2003:
Maximizing toxicity of certain insecticides against Tribolium castaneum (Herbst)

Broderick, G.A., 2001:
Maximizing utilization of alfalfa protein: the example of the lactating dairy cow

E.G.ndy, A.M.; Abdel Aziz, A.A., 2003:
Maximizing water use efficiency of maize crop in sandy soils

Cannell, M.G.R.; Thornley, J.H.M., 2001:
Maximizing wood yield, carbon storage and efficient use of N

Anonymous, 2003:
Maximum achievable security: new developments relating to Delvotest

Suomalainen, A., 2002:
Maximum biomass use and efficiency in large-scale cofiring - PUUT31

Kourtidou Papadeli, C.; Papadelis, C.; Louizos, A.L.; Guiba Tziampiri, O., 2002:
Maximum cognitive performance and physiological time trend measurements after caffeine intake

Stopa, R., 2002:
Maximum contact stresses for carrot root determined in test of radial compression

House, J.I.; Prentice, I.C.; Quere, C. le, 2002:
Maximum impacts of future reforestation or deforestation on atmospheric CO2

Klebanov, S.; Astle, C.M.; Roderick, T.H.; Flurkey, K.; Archer, J.R.; Chen, J.; Harrison, D.E., 2001:
Maximum life spans in mice are extended by wild strain alleles

Gomez Raya, L.; Varona, L.; Rauw, W.M.; Vidal, O.; Noguera, J.L., 2002:
Maximum likelihood allows testing the effect of QTL alleles on variance

Lynch, T.; Nkouka, J.H.ebschmann, M.; Guldin, J., 2003:
Maximum likelihood estimation for predicting the probability of obtaining variable shortleaf pine regeneration densities

Lynn, H.S., 2001:
Maximum likelihood inference for left-censored HIV RNA data

Jones, Beatrix, 2003:
Maximum likelihood inference for seed and pollen dispersal distributions

Drexler, J.Z., 2001:
Maximum longevities of Rhizophora apiculata and R. mucronata propagules

Kessler, M., 2001:
Maximum plant-community endemism at intermediate intensities of anthropogenic disturbance in Bolivian montane forests

Dikshit, A.K.; Pachauri, D.C.; Jindal, T., 2003:
Maximum residue limit and risk assessment of beta-cyfluthrin and imidacloprid on tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill)

Yang, Y.; Titus, S.J., 2002:
Maximum size-density relationship for constraining individual tree mortality functions

Solomon, D.S.; Zhang, L., 2002:
Maximum size-density relationships for mixed softwoods in the northeastern USA

Fujiwara, K.; Isobe, S.; Iimoto, M., 2001:
Maximum storage duration for grafted tomato plug seedlings under red-LED low light irradiation-CA conditions

Jenks, J.A.; Smith, W.P.; Deperno, C.S., 2002:
Maximum sustained yield harvest versus trophy management

Hatle, J.D.; Borst, D.W.; Eskew, M.R.; Juliano, S.A., 2001:
Maximum titers of vitellogenin and total hemolymph protein occur during the canalized phase of grasshopper egg production

Izadbakhsh, M.A.; Eslamian, S.S.; Mousavi, S.F., 2001:
Maximum-daily mean-discharge predicting models using physiographic characteristics of catchments in some western Iran watersheds

Yang, Z.; Swanson, W.J.; Vacquier, V.D., 2000:
Maximum-likelihood analysis of molecular adaptation in abalone sperm lysin reveals variable selective pressures among lineages and sites

Milligan, B.G., 2003:
Maximum-likelihood estimation of relatedness

Kowalska, J., 2001:
May bugs - a threat and possibilities of control

de Thoisy, Bît.; Gardon, J.; Salas, R.Alba.; Morvan, J.; Kazanji, M., 2003:
Mayaro virus in wild mammals, French Guiana

Castle, K., 2002:
Maybe it's time to rethink racing

Fialkowski, W.; Klonowska Olejnik, M.; Smith, B.D.; Rainbow, P.S., 2003:
Mayfly larvae (Baetis rhodani and B. vernus) as biomonitors of trace metal pollution in streams of a catchment draining a zinc and lead mining area of Upper Silesia, Poland

Smedley, S.R.; Schroeder, F.C.; Weibel, D.B.; Meinwald, J.; Lafleur, K.A.; Renwick, J.Alan.; Rutowski, R.; Eisner, T., 2002:
Mayolenes: labile defensive lipids from the glandular hairs of a caterpillar (Pieris rapae)

Bassoli, G., 2001:
Mazara del Vallo, new practices

Shaw, G-Chyuan.; Chiou, C-Yung.; Chou, Y-Hua.; Li, J-Ming., 2002:
mbgA-dependent lactose utilization by Bacillus megaterium

Graf, R.J.; Hucl, P.; Orshinsky, B.R.; Kartha, K.K., 2003:
McKenzie hard red spring wheat

Kryszak, A.; Grynia, M.; Budzinski, M., 2001:
Meadow communities of the Warta River valley flood plain near Konin

Hansen, M., 2003:
Meadow quickgrass gallmidge: facts about meadow quickgrass gallmidge

Kolak, I.; Popovic, D.; Satovic, Z.; Rozic, I., 2001:
Meadow saffron (Colchicum autumnale L.)

Jolliff, G.D.; Hoffman, G.D., 2002:
Meadowfoam industry update

Marshall, D.; Bell, R., 2003:
Meal construction: exploring the relationship between eating occasion and location

Sabatier, M.; Arnaud, M.J.; Kastenmayer, P.; Rytz, A.; Barclay, D.V., 2002:
Meal effect on magnesium bioavailability from mineral water in healthy women

Kerins, C.A.; Carlson, D.S.; McIntosh, J.E.; Bellinger, L.L., 2003:
Meal pattern changes associated with temporomandibular joint inflammation/pain in rats; analgesic effects

Haapalahti, M.; Mykkänen, H.; Tikkanen, S.; Kokkonen, J., 2003:
Meal patterns and food use in 10- to 11-year-old Finnish children

Vaughan, C.H.; Rowland, N.E., 2003:
Meal patterns of lean and leptin-deficient obese mice in a simulated foraging environment

Pfau, C.; Piekarski, J., 2001:
Meal preparation in households of elderly: meal patterns, dietary supplement use, food selection and kitchen appliances

Bergh, C.; Sjostedt, S.; Hellers, G.; Zandian, M.; Sodersten, P., 2003:
Meal size, satiety and cholecystokinin in gastrectomized humans

Andreelli, F., 2003:
Meal substitutes and management of obesity

Elimam, A.; Marcus, C., 2002:
Meal timing, fasting and glucocorticoids interplay in serum leptin concentrations and diurnal profile

Laurin, U., 2003:
Meal tourism. Local food, tourism and design

Lindsay, J.R.; McKillop, A.M.; Mooney, M.H.; Flatt, P.R.; Bell, P.M.; O'harte, F.P.M., 2003:
Meal-induced 24-hour profile of circulating glycated insulin in type 2 diabetic subjects measured by a novel radioimmunoassay

Fanti, B.A. de; Hamilton, J.S.; Horwitz, B.A., 2001:
Meal-induced changes in extracellular 5-HT in medial hypothalamus of lean (Fa/Fa) and obese (fa/fa) Zucker rats

Williams, D.L.; Cummings, D.E.; Grill, H.J.; Kaplan, J.M., 2003:
Meal-related ghrelin suppression requires postgastric feedback

Gardner, J.D.; Sloan, S.; Miner, P.B.J.; Robinson, M., 2003:
Meal-stimulated gastric acid secretion and integrated gastric acidity in gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

Andani, Z.; Jaeger, S.R.; Wakeling, I.; MacFie, H.J.H., 2001:
Mealiness in apples: towards a multilingual consumer vocabulary

Andersson, J.; Nydahl, M.; Gustafsson, K.; Sidenvall, B.; Fjellstrom, C., 2003:
Meals and snacks among elderly self-managing and disabled women

Raben, A.A.erholm-Larsen, L.F.int, A.H.lst, J.; Astrup, A., 2003:
Meals with similar energy densities but rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, or alcohol have different effects on energy expenditure and substrate metabolism but not on appetite and energy intake

Assis, M.A.A. de; Nahas, M.V.; Bellisle, F.; Kupek, E., 2003:
Meals, snacks and food choices in Brazilian shift workers with high energy expenditure

Granara de Willink, M.C.; Scatoni, I.B.; Terra, A.L.; Frioni, M.I., 1997:
Mealybugs (Homoptera, Pseudococcidae) that affect crops and wild plants in Uruguay. Updated list of the host plants

Sforza, R.; Greif, C., 2000:
Mealybugs and grapevine leafroll

Marotta, S.; Harten, A. van; Mahyoub, M.A., 2001:
Mealybugs found on agricultural crops in Yemen

Rezitis, A., 2003:
Mean and volatility spillover effects in Greek producer-consumer meat prices

Brahim, B.O.; Dionadji, M.; Mouanodji, M.; Ndoutamia, G.; Batakao, G.; Pathe, M.D., 2002:
Mean blood parameter values in rural populations in Chari-Baguirmi, Chad

Ewers, B.E.; Oren, R.; Phillips, N.; Strömgren, M.; Linder, S., 2001:
Mean canopy stomatal conductance responses to water and nutrient availabilities in Picea abies and Pinus taeda

Zugaj, R., 2002:
Mean discharges in the karst of Croatia

Thippeswamy, S.; Kajjidoni, S.T.; Salimath, P.M.; Shobharani, T., 2002:
Mean performance of promising sugarcane genotypes for cane yield and juice quality traits in Northern dry zone of Karnataka

Wattel Koekkoek, E.J.W.; Buurman, P.; Plicht, J. van der; Wattel, E.; Breemen, N. van, 2003:
Mean residence time of soil organic matter associated with kaolinite and smectite

Wang, M.C.; Chang, S.H., 2001:
Mean residence times and characteristics of humic substances extracted from a Taiwan soil

Apergis, N.; Rezitis, A., 2003:
Mean spillover effects in agricultural prices: the case of Greece

Neilsen, W., 2001:
Mean streaks - CSD in the Burdekin

Dadhich, G.N.; Pani, P.K., 2002:
Mean survival period of broiler chicks infected as embryos by sub-group 'A' virus

Guadagnini, A.; Sanchez Vila, X.; Riva, M.; Simoni, M. de, 2003:
Mean travel time of conservative solutes in randomly heterogeneous unbounded domains under mean uniform flow

Sudhakara, K.; Jayamadhavan, A.; Wahid, P.A., 2001:
Mean tree volume and basal area in teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) as influenced by nutrient concentration of index leaves

Arbogast, R.T.; Kendra, P.E.; Chini, S.R.; McGovern, J.E., 2003:
Meaning and practical value of spatial analysis for protecting retail stores

Myllykangas, S.A.; Foose, A.K.; Gosselink, C.A.; Gaede, D.B., 2002:
Meaningful activity in older adults: being in flow

Knoppers, A.; Anthonissen, A., 2001:
Meanings given to performance in Dutch sport organizations: gender and racial/ethnic subtexts

Padilla Garcia, J.M.; Sanchez Gonzalez, J. de J.; Ramirez Diaz, J.L.; Casas Salas, J.F.; Ron Parra, J.; Chuela Bonaparte, M.; Aguilar Sanmiguel, M., 2002:
Means and variances in synthetic maize varieties with different germplasm sources of teosinte

Bizeti, H.S.; Destro, D.; Montalvan, R., 2002:
Means and variances of some characters in base populations, with emphasis on grain yield in soybean

Mitreva, N.; Mitova, I., 2001:
Means for removal of negative effects of high amount nitrogen fertilizer in lettuce

Patras, J.; Cracaleanu, M.; Gemene, G.; Pantazi, D., 2002:
Means of farm organization based on economic efficiency in the hilly area of Moldavia

Elena, B., 2001:
Means of integrated pest control in the field pepper crops

Dutu, H., 2000:
Means of obtaining some early maize hybrids predicted on the genetic value of parental forms

Güriş, D.; Bayazit, Y.; Ozdemirer, U.; Buyurgan, V.; Yalniz, C.; Toprak, I.; Aycan, S., 2003:
Measles epidemiology and elimination strategies in Turkey

Kambiré, C.; Konde, M.Kader.; Yaméogo, Aé.; Tiendrébéogo, S.R.M.; Ouédraogo, R.Traoré.; Otten, M.W.; Cairns, K.Lisa.; Zuber, P.L.F., 2003:
Measles incidence before and after mass vaccination campaigns in Burkina Faso

Yaméogo, K.Robert.; Yaméogo, Aé.; Nacoulma, S.Daniel.; Zuber, P.L.F., 2003:
Measles vaccination coverage during poliomyelitis national immunization days in Burkina Faso, 1999

Ono, N.; Tatsuo, H.; Hidaka, Y.; Aoki, T.; Minagawa, H.; Yanagi, Y., 2001:
Measles viruses on throat swabs from measles patients use signaling lymphocytic activation molecule (CDw150) but not CD46 as a cellular receptor

Suhren, G.; Reichmuth, J., 2002:
Measurability and development of the hygienic atomicity of milk raw materials

Suhren, G.; Reichmuth, J., 2003:
Measurability and development of the hygienic value of the raw material milk

Nigam, R.B.; Gupta, S.K.; Sanyal, P., 2002:
Measure of clarification in cane sugar industry

Morel, P.; Guillemain, G., 2003:
Measure of level of water in different substrates by T.D.R. in pot chrysanthemum crops

Frencia, J.P.; Thomas, E.; Dufour, E., 2003:
Measure of meat tenderness using front-face fluorescence spectroscopy

Agbo, E.C.; Majiwa, P.A.; Claassen, E.J.; Roos, M.H., 2002:
Measure of molecular diversity within the Trypanosoma brucei subspecies Trypanosoma brucei brucei and Trypanosoma brucei gambiense as revealed by genotypic characterization

Medhurst, J.; Battaglia, M.B.adle, C., 2002:
Measured and predicted changes in tree and stand water use following high-intensity thinning of an 8-year-old Eucalyptus nitens plantation

Logsdon, S.; Keller, K.; Moorman, T., 2002:
Measured and predicted solute leaching from multiple undisturbed soil columns

Tolk, J.; Howell, T., 2001:
Measured and simulated evapotranspiration of grain sorghum grown with full and limited irrigation in three high plains soils

Vegh, K.R.; Cserni, I., 2001:
Measured and simulated nitrate leaching in vegetable culture

Neve, S. de; Dieltjens, I.; Moreels, E.; Hofman, G., 2003:
Measured and simulated nitrate leaching on an organic and a conventional mixed farm

Clark, G.A.; Srinivas, K.; Rogers, D.H.; Stratton, R.; Martin, V.L., 2003:
Measured and simulated uniformity of low drift nozzle sprinklers

Devireddy, R.V.; Swanlund, D.J.; Alghamdi, A.S.; Duoos, L.A.; Troedsson, M.H.T.; Bischof, J.C.; Roberts, K.P., 2002:
Measured effect of collection and cooling conditions on the motility and the water transport parameters at subzero temperatures of equine spermatozoa

Timmer, R.D., 2001:
Measured fertilizer use for winter wheat

Norgrove, L.; Hauser, S., 2002:
Measured growth and tree biomass estimates of Terminalia ivorensis in the 3 years after thinning to different stand densities in an agrisilvicultural system in southern Cameroon

Hopke, P.K.; Liu, W.; Han, Y.J.; Yi, S.M.; Holsen, T.M.; Cybart, S.; Milligan, M., 2003:
Measured summertime concentrations of particulate components, Hg0, and speciated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at rural sites in New York State

Cheng, C-H.; Chen, C-H.; Wong, Y.; Lee, B-J.; Kan, M-N.; Huang, Y-C., 2002:
Measured versus estimated energy expenditure in mechanically ventilated critically ill patients

Chang, K.T.K.F.K.W.; Hoi, L.W.S., 2001:
Measurement and analysis errors

Dijk, P.E.; Berkowitz, B.; Yechieli, Y., 2002:
Measurement and analysis of dissolution patterns in rock fractures

Wang, X.Z.ang, Y.R.skowski, G.; Ellis, M., 2002:
Measurement and analysis of dust spatial distribution in a mechanically ventilated pig building

Shen YanJun; Kondoh, A.; Tang ChangYuan; Zhang YongQiang; Chen JianYao; L.W.iQiang; Sakura, Y.; Liu ChangMing; Tanaka, T.; Shimada, J., 2002:
Measurement and analysis of evapotranspiration and surface conductance of a wheat canopy

Lin JengLiang, 2000:
Measurement and analysis of heterogeneous ignition behavior of biomass wastes

Levy, M.; Berkowitz, B., 2003:
Measurement and analysis of non-Fickian dispersion in heterogeneous porous media

Koopahi, M.; Astane, A.R.D., 2002:
Measurement and analysis of productivity of rural small industries (a case study: Khorasan Province)

Chen MingQiu; Peng GaoJun; Zhang JinBo, 2003:
Measurement and analysis of temperature and relative humidity in combined steel structure seed store house in Beijing in summer

Zang RunGuo, 2002:
Measurement and analysis on light and temperature regimes in different patch types of forest cycle in a tropical mountain rain forest, Hainan Island

Friedman, S.P.; Jones, S.B., 2001:
Measurement and approximate critical path analysis of the pore-scale-induced anisotropy factor of an unsaturated porous medium

Lynch, D.M.; Bamforth, C.W., 2002:
Measurement and characterization of bubble nucleation in beer

Criquet, S., 2002:
Measurement and characterization of cellulase activity in sclerophyllous forest litter

Rosin, P.; Lajolo, F.; Menezes, E., 2002:
Measurement and characterization of dietary starches

G.H.iYan; Gong LiDong; Y.J.ngHua, 2002:
Measurement and comparison of glycyrrhizic acid contents in root of licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.) from different cultivating areas

Zobeck Ted, M.; Sterk Geert; Funk Roger; Rajot Jean Louis; Stout John, E.; Van Pelt, R.S.ott, 2003:
Measurement and data analysis methods for field-scale wind erosion studies and model validation

Cole, T.J.; Rolland Cachera, M.F., 2002:
Measurement and definition

Ernstberger, H.; Davison, W.; Zhang Hao; Tye, A.; Young, S., 2002:
Measurement and dynamic modeling of trace metal mobilization in soils using DGT and DIFS

Elawad, S.; Kumagai, H.; Mitani, K., 2003:
Measurement and estimation of changes in nutrient composition and nutrient losses during hay and silage making in field curing

Elawad, S.; Kumagai, H.; Mitani, K., 2002:
Measurement and estimation of dry matter losses during hay and silage making in field curing

Ohshima, K.; Shinhashi, O.; Takazaki, K.; Kada, H.; Suzuki, S., 2003:
Measurement and fluctuation of 5'-nucleotides in pig's milk

Paulsen, M.R.; Watson, S.A.; Singh, M., 2003:
Measurement and maintenance of corn quality

Yuksel, A.; Yuksel, F., 2001:
Measurement and management issues in customer satisfaction research: review, critique and research agenda: Part one

Yuksel, A.; Yuksel, F., 2001:
Measurement and management issues in customer satisfaction research: review, critique and research agenda: Part two

van Wesenbeeck, I.J.; Peacock, A.L.; Havens, P.L., 2001:
Measurement and modeling of diclosulam runoff under the influence of simulated severe rainfall

Schaap, M.G.; Robinson, D.A.; Friedman, S.P.; Lazar, A., 2003:
Measurement and modeling of the TDR signal propagation through layered dielectric media

Bauerle, W.L.; Post, C.J.; McLeod, M.F.; Dudley, J.B.; Toler, J.E., 2002:
Measurement and modeling of the transpiration of a temperate red maple container nursery

Gomez, A.L.; Echeverri, L.F., 2001:
Measurement and modelling loads and power consumption in Colombian sugar mills

Price, A.G.; Carlyle Moses, D.E., 2003:
Measurement and modelling of growing-season canopy water fluxes in a mature mixed deciduous forest stand, southern Ontario, Canada

Schlotter, V., 2002:
Measurement and modelling of the tyre-soil interaction of agricultural tyres on firm and yielding ground

Wang RongYing; Fan Hua; M.W.nYun, 2002:
Measurement and pharmacokinetic study of gastrodin in rat blood by capillary micellar electrokinetic chromatography

Skinner, D.C.; Caraty, A., 2002:
Measurement and possible function of GnRH in cerebrospinal fluid in ewes

Ritson, P.; Sochacki, S., 2003:
Measurement and prediction of biomass and carbon content of Pinus pinaster trees in farm forestry plantations, south-western Australia

Kirk, I.W., 2002:
Measurement and prediction of helicopter spray nozzle atomization

Ismail, B.S.; Kalithasan Kailasam, 2002:
Measurement and prediction of permethrin persistence in six Malaysian agricultural soils

Paulsen, M.R.; Eckhoff, S.R.; Obaldo, L.; Jones, E.; Eustace, D.; Ye, B.; Liu, J., 2002:
Measurement and removal of garlic in wheat

van Donk Simon, J.; Skidmore Edward, L., 2003:
Measurement and simulation of wind erosion, roughness degradation and residue decomposition on an agricultural field

Ahmed, M.M.; Gebremedhin, B.; Benin, S.; Ehui, S., 2002:
Measurement and sources of technical efficiency of land tenure contracts in Ethiopia

Jennings, G.D.; Harman, W.A., 2001:
Measurement and stabilization of streambank erosion in North Carolina

Wang ChunGuang; Liang XiFeng, 2002:
Measurement and study of pulsation ratios and vacuum phase ratios of piston milking machine

Lang PuMei; L.H.iKui; Song CaiPing; Chen Yan; Yuan ZhiQiang, 2001:
Measurement assessment of forest benefit in reducing flood disaster

Boniglia, C.; Fedele, E.; Sanzini, E., 2003:
Measurement by ELISA of active lectin in dietary supplements containing kidney bean protein

Miquel, M.; Hall, L., 2002:
Measurement by MRI of storage changes in commercial chocolate confectionery products

Burton, A.J.; Pregitzer, K.S., 2002:
Measurement carbon dioxide concentration does not affect root respiration of nine tree species in the field

Rosner, B.; Gore, R., 2001:
Measurement error correction in nutritional epidemiology based on individual foods, with application to the relation of diet to breast cancer

McCleary, B.V.; Sturgeon, R., 2002:
Measurement of alpha -amylase in cereal, food, and fermentation products

Kim Guebuem; Burnett, W.C.; Dulaiova, H.; Swarzenski, P.W.; Moore, W.S., 2001:
Measurement of 224Ra and 226Ra activities in natural waters using a radon-in-air monitor

Keith Roach, M.J.; Day, J.P.; Fifield, L.K.; Livens, F.R., 2001:
Measurement of 237Np in environmental water samples by accelerator mass spectrometry

Stanford, M., 2003:
Measurement of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol in captive grey parrots (Psittacus e erithacus)

Hartmann, P.J.; McNair, H.M.; Zoecklein, B.W., 2002:
Measurement of 3-alkyl-2-methoxypyrazine by headspace solid-phase microextraction in spiked model wines

Pietzsch, J.; Bergmann, R., 2003:
Measurement of 5-hydroxy-2-aminovaleric acid as a specific marker of metal catalysed oxidation of proline and arginine residues of low density lipoprotein apolipoprotein B-100 in human atherosclerotic lesions

Contin, M.; Jenkinson, D.S.; Brookes, P.C., 2002:
Measurement of ATP in soil: correcting for incomplete recovery

Yasuda, Y.; Ohtani, Y.; Watanabe, T.; Okano, M.; Yokota, T.; Liang NaiShen; Tang YanHong; Abdul Rahim Nik; Tani, M.; Okuda, T., 2003:
Measurement of CO2 flux above a tropical rain forest at Pasoh in Peninsular Malaysia

Lambert, C.; Soudant, P.; Choquet, G.; Paillard, C., 2003:
Measurement of Crassostrea gigas hemocyte oxidative metabolism by flow cytometry and the inhibiting capacity of pathogenic vibrios

Tangvarasittichai, S.; Taytiwat, P., 2001:
Measurement of HDL-cholesterol in serum by a new enzymatic method

Jones, C.S.; Maple, P.A.C.; Andrews, N.J.; Paul, I.D.; Caul, E.O., 2003:
Measurement of IgG antibodies to Chlamydia trachomatis by commercial enzyme immunoassays and immunofluorescence in sera from pregnant women and patients with infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and laboratory diagnosed Chlamydia psittaci/Chlamydia pneumoniae infection

Lavery, M.R.; Milota, M.R., 2001:
Measurement of VOC emissions from ponderosa pine lumber using commercial and laboratory kilns

Kent, M., 2003:
Measurement of added water in foodstuffs

Xu, J.; Bergin, M.H.; Yu, X.; Liu, G.; Zhao, J.; Carrico, C.M.; Baumann, K., 2002:
Measurement of aerosol chemical, physical and radiative properties in the Yangtze delta region of China

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Measurement of aggregate true particle density to estimate grain mixture composition

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Measurement of air cell distributions in dairy foams

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Measurement of albumin synthesis in the pig

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Measurement of allergenicity of foodstuffs - development of models

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Measurement of ammonia volatilization from a field, in upland Japan, spread with cattle slurry

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Measurement of application of food supplements. Part II

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Measurement of arylsulphatase activity in agricultural soils using a simplified assay

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Measurement of ascorbic acid in single human neutrophils by capillary zone electrophoresis with electrochemical detection

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Measurement of attenuation and speed of sound in soils

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Measurement of average drop size in aqueous mixtures of Na-alginate and Na-caseinate by linear oscillatory tests

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Measurement of back curvature in American Saddlebred horses: structural and genetic basis for early-onset lordosis

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Measurement of basal serum insulin concentration in the diagnosis of Cushing's disease in ponies

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Measurement of bending properties of wood by compression bending tests

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Measurement of biochemical parameters of blood from wild male yaks

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Measurement of biting velocities, and predetermined and individual crosshead speed instrumental imitative tests for predicting cheese hardness

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Measurement of blood flow through the mammary gland in lactating sows: methodological aspects

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Measurement of blood total protein for assessment of passive immunity transference in the newborn Arabian foals

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Measurement of body fat by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry and bioimpedance analysis in men with prostate cancer

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Measurement of body fat using leg to leg bioimpedance

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Measurement of body temperature by use of auricular thermometers versus rectal thermometers in dogs with otitis externa

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Measurement of bone mineral density at the spine and proximal femur by volumetric quantitative computed tomography and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry in elderly women with and without vertebral fractures

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Measurement of bone surface strains on the sheep metacarpus in vivo and ex vivo

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Measurement of bovine teat skin pH

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Measurement of capillary blood glucose concentrations by pet owners: a new tool in the management of diabetes mellitus

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Measurement of cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (COMP) in normal and diseased equine synovial fluids

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Measurement of change in moisture content during drying process using the dielectric property of foods

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Measurement of change in soybean plant cross-sectional area under wind conditions via image processing

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Measurement of cholesterol of major serum lipoprotein classes by anion-exchange HPLC with perchlorate ion-containing eluent

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Measurement of cooked noodle stickiness using a modified instrumental method

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Measurement of cortisol metabolites in faeces of ruminants

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Measurement of cotton bale moisture content after moisture restoration

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Measurement of cyanide-resistant respiration in leaf blade of rice by use of oxygen isotope discrimination

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Measurement of degradation of the lipid fraction in margarines

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Measurement of degrees of abdominal subcutaneous fat thickness and rectus abdominis muscle thickness using ultrasonic diagnostic equipment (SDU-350XL) with a high frequency probe - a comparative investigation of body composition measurements using the BIA method

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Measurement of deuterium oxide by infrared spectroscopy and isotope ratio mass spectrometry for quantifying daily milk intake in breastfed infants and maternal body fat

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Measurement of different parts in Chall fetuses to determine the pregnancy age

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Measurement of dynamic characteristics of a Lublin 3 truck-trailer aggregate using laser vibrometry

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Measurement of economic efficiency in agro forestry production system

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Measurement of economic efficiency in the production of rice in Bangladesh - a translog stochastic cost frontier analysis

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Measurement of effective air diffusion coefficients for trichloroethene in undisturbed soil cores

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Measurement of energy cost of selected household and farm activities performed by rural women

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Measurement of energy expenditure by whole-body indirect human calorimeter - evaluation of validity and error factors

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Measurement of ethylene emission from Japanese red pine (Pinus densiflora) under field conditions in NOx-polluted areas

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Measurement of evapotranspiration in a winter wheat field

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Measurement of evapotranspiration of irrigated spring wheat and maize in a semi-arid region of north China

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Measurement of fasting serum apoB-48 levels in normolipidemic and hyperlipidemic subjects by ELISA

Cornah, J.E.; Roper, J.M.; Pal Singh, D.; Smith, A.G., 2002:
Measurement of ferrochelatase activity using a novel assay suggests that plastids are the major site of haem biosynthesis in both photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic cells of pea (Pisum sativum L.)

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Measurement of foaming of frying oil and effect of the composition of TG on foaming

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Measurement of force for detaching single grain of rice

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Measurement of free choline in plant leaves by capillary electrophoresis

Oehlenschlager, J., 2003:
Measurement of freshness quality of fish based on electrical properties

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Measurement of fruit and vegetable losses in Brazil: a case study

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Measurement of gas exchange rates in plant tissue culture vessels

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Measurement of genetic diversity in two populations of Beta vulgaris, L. using RFLP markers

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Measurement of gluconeogenesis in exercising men by mass isotopomer distribution analysis

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Measurement of glucose content in plasma from capillary blood in diagnosis of diabetes mellitus

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Measurement of glucose, sucrose and lactose in food samples with enzyme-immobilised packed-bed column reactors integrated to an amperometric enzyme electrode

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Measurement of glycated hemoglobin percentages for use in the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes mellitus in nonhuman primates

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Measurement of gradients of absorbed light in spinach leaves from chlorophyll fluorescence profiles

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Measurement of green plank shape for prediction and elimination of compression wood

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Measurement of greenhouse gases: air-conditioned perspex chambers for the measurement of soil respiration and trace gases in undisturbed plant populations

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Measurement of groundwater flow by the dilution method using dye tracing under natural hydraulic gradient conditions

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Measurement of hard vitreous kernels in durum wheat by machine vision

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Measurement of household food security in the USA and other industrialised countries

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Measurement of immune parameters in growing piglets

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Measurement of in situ phytoextraction of zinc by spontaneous metallophytes growing on a former smelter site

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Measurement of in vitro dry matter true digestibility by filter bag method in napiergrass and pangolagrass

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Measurement of in vitro leucocyte mitogenesis in fish: ELISA based detection of the thymidine analogue 5'-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine

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Measurement of inhibin A and follicular status predict the response of ewes to superovulatory FSH treatments

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Measurement of iron(III) bioavailability in pure iron oxide minerals and soils using anthraquinone-2,6-disulfonate oxidation

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Measurement of kickback reaction force of a brush cutter

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Measurement of knowledge of farmwomen on post-harvest technologies

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Measurement of leakage from earthen manure structures in Iowa

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Measurement of limiting partition coefficient in progressive freeze-concentration

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Measurement of lipid oxidation-derived volatiles in fresh tomatoes

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Measurement of local soil water flux during field solute transport experiments

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Measurement of logarithmic phase in Leptospira interrogans serovar icterohaemorrhagiae strain Lai

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Measurement of low dietary fiber intake as a risk factor for chronic constipation in children

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Measurement of magnesium absorption and retention in type 2 diabetic patients with the use of stable isotopes

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Measurement of malonaldehyde in apple juice using GC-MS and a comparison to the thiobarbituric acid assay

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Measurement of massecuite parameters using high frequency wave absorption

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Measurement of meal-stimulated gastric acid secretion by in vivo gastric autotitration

W.J.nShui; Xiao HeAi; Chen GuiQiu; Huang Min, 2003:
Measurement of microbial biomass-P in upland soils in China

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Measurement of microbial nitrogen from rumen of sheep supplemented with different sources of energy and protein: a comparison between with direct measurement method and using allantoin excretion in the urine

Yoshihara, H.; Ohta, M., 2000:
Measurement of mode II fracture toughness of wood by the end-notched flexure test

Arnett, M.G.; Lutz, R.B., 2003:
Measurement of moderate to vigorous physical activity of middle school girls, using TriTrac activity monitors during small-sided, game-based lessons

Gopinandhan, T.N., 2003:
Measurement of moisture content in coffee

Nakatsuji, T.; Sonobe, H., 2003:
Measurement of molt-inhibiting hormone titer in hemolymph of the American crayfish, Procambarus clarkii, by time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay

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Measurement of mulberry shrubs grazed by cattle

Leroy, S.; Morand, S., 2002:
Measurement of nematode genome size by flow cytometry

Chang KunPiao, 2002:
Measurement of nitrogen fixation in nodules of Taiwan acacia (Acacia confusa Merr.) using 15N isotope dilution techniques

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Measurement of nitrogen partitioning within different organic systems incorporating strip intercropping, sheep and crop rotation

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Measurement of nitrous oxide emissions from two rice-based cropping systems in China

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Measurement of nutrient availability and solute transport in soils with ion exchange resin capsules

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Measurement of nutritional status in simulated microgravity by bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy

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Measurement of p-nitrophenol in the urine of residents whose homes were contaminated with methyl parathion

Beyer, K.; Ellman Grunther, L.; Jarvinen, K.M.; Wood, R.A.; Hourihane, J.; Sampson, H.A., 2003:
Measurement of peptide-specific IgE as an additional tool in identifying patients with clinical reactivity to peanuts

Christensson, L.; Unossons, M.; Ek, A-C., 2003:
Measurement of perceived health problems as a means of detecting elderly people at risk of malnutrition

Bhatti, J.; Comerford, N., 2002:
Measurement of phosphorus desorption from a spodic horizon using two different desorption methods and pH control

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Measurement of photochemical quenching of absorbed quanta in photosystem I of intact leaves using simultaneous measurements of absorbance changes at 830 nm and thermal dissipation

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Measurement of photosynthetically active radiation within canopies: development of a novel method and technique

Scheie, E.; Ryste, E.V.; Flåøyen, A., 2005:
Measurement of phylloerythrin (phytoporphyrin) in plasma or serum and skin from sheep photosensitised after ingestion of Narthecium ossifragum

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Measurement of physical activity

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Measurement of physical characteristics of fertilisers and their influence on handling and application

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Measurement of physical properties of feed materials by chosen methods

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Measurement of plasma and tissue relaxin concentrations in the pregnant hamster and fetus using a homologous radioimmunoassay

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Measurement of plasma atrial natriuretic peptide as an indicator of prognosis in dogs with cardiac disease

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Measurement of plasma corticosterone and fecal glucocorticoid metabolites in the chicken (Gallus domesticus), the great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo), and the goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)

Tanaka, N.; Sekiya, N.; Hattori, M.; Goto, H.; Shibahara, N.; Shimada, Y.; Terasawa, K., 2003:
Measurement of plasma procyanidin B-2 and procyanidin B-3 levels after oral administration in rat

Menys, V.C.; Liu YiFen; Mackness, M.I.; Caslake, M.J.; Kwok See; Durrington, P.N., 2003:
Measurement of plasma small-dense LDL concentration by a simplified ultracentrifugation procedure and immunoassay of apolipoprotein B

Visser, E.J.W.; Bogemann, G.M., 2003:
Measurement of porosity in very small samples of plant tissue

Alho, J.M.; Korhonen, P.; Leskinen, P., 2002:
Measurement of preferences in multiple criteria evaluation

Kunneman, B., 2001:
Measurement of quality of fruit trees seems possible

Muraki, Y.; Masuda, K.; Arslanov, K.A.; Toyoizumi, H.; Kato, M.; Naruse, Y.; Murata, T.; Nishiyama, T., 2001:
Measurement of radiocarbon content in leaves from some Japanese sites

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Measurement of radon and thoron concentrations in the indoor atmosphere and drinking water of eastern Doon valley, India

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Measurement of radon concentration in northern Greece ground water

Uhlig, C.; Wriedt, G.; Baumgartl, T.; Horn, R., 2002:
Measurement of redox potential inside a suction probe

McCleary, B.V.; Monaghan, D.A., 2002:
Measurement of resistant starch

McCleary, B.V.; McNally, M.; Rossiter, P., 2002:
Measurement of resistant starch by enzymatic digestion in starch and selected plant materials: collaborative study

Yamaguchi, J., 2002:
Measurement of root diameter in field-grown crops under a microscope without washing

Akpan, U.E.; Okon, A.A.; Ituen, E.E., 2002:
Measurement of salinity and electrical conductivity of some soil samples of Uruan local government area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Becker, P., 2000:
Measurement of sap flow in Agathis borneensis (Araucariaceae) with deep sapwood

Suleiman, K.; Swartzendruber, D., 2003:
Measurement of sated hydraulic conductivity of surface soil in the field with a small-plot sprinkling infiltrometer

Taylor, B.C.; Brotheridge, R.M.; Jessup, D.A.; Stott, J.L., 2002:
Measurement of serum immunoglobulin concentration in killer whales and sea otters by radial immunodiffusion

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Measurement of serum levels of eosinophil cationic protein in the diagnosis of acute gastrointestinal anisakiasis

Loubet, B.; Cellier, P.; Genermont, S.; Laville, P.; Flura, D., 2003:
Measurement of short-range dispersion and deposition of ammonia over a maize canopy

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Measurement of size distributions of dry soil aggregates

Rahul Tiwari; Rupasi Tiwari; Ranjit Singh, 2001:
Measurement of skills of livestock owners in balanced feeding of pigs

Storck, P.; Lettenmaier, D.P.; Bolton, S.M., 2002:
Measurement of snow interception and canopy effects on snow accumulation and melt in a mountainous maritime climate, Oregon, United States

Zhao LiHua; M.G.iLian; Qian XinBiao, 2002:
Measurement of soil hydroscopic water by microwave radiation method

Dawidowski, J.; Morrison, J.J.; Snieg, M., 2001:
Measurement of soil layer strength with plate sinkage and uniaxial confined methods

Zhang, W.; Macdonald, R.A., 2000:
Measurement of soil pore pressures in the Danish Road Testing Machine (RTM)

Hignett, C.T., 2002:
Measurement of soil strength using penetrometers

Saggin, R.C.upland, J., 2002:
Measurement of solid fat content by ultrasonic reflectance in model systems and chocolate

Haraguchi, T.; Hirota, O.; Nakano, Y.; Funakoshi, T., 2002:
Measurement of solution electrical conductivity in porous medium using TDR method

Sepulveda, P., 2001:
Measurement of spiral grain with computed tomography

Kaho, T.; Iida, M.; Umeda, M.; Lee, C.K., 2003:
Measurement of straw yield for head feeding combine using knotter

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Measurement of stress effects (scope for growth) and contaminant levels in mussels (Mytilus edulis) collected from the Irish Sea

Joel, A.; Messing, I.; Seguel, O.; Casanova, M., 2002:
Measurement of surface water runoff from plots of two different sizes

Mahesh, N.; Ajjan, N.; Raveendran, N., 2002:
Measurement of technical efficiency in Indian tea industry

Ananta Khali; Chaturvedi, O.H.; Parthasarathy, S.; Jakhmola, R.C., 1999:
Measurement of tenacity and shearing force in lucerne (Medicago sativa) and mustard (Brassica campestris)

Wang HongSheng; Luo ZhiCheng; W.S.nMao; Xue XiaoYun; Zhou XiaoLi, 2002:
Measurement of the antifungal susceptibility of Candida spp. by broth microdilution method in vulvovaginal candidiasis

Badia, D.; Valero, A.L.; Marti, C.; Casanova, J., 2001:
Measurement of the available-water capacity in soils of the High Aragon. A comparison between Richards plates and the Sandbox method

Straub, J.; Pees, M.; Krautwald Junghanns, M.E., 2002:
Measurement of the cardiac silhouette in psittacines

Grabka, J.; Brzezinski, S.; Paka, A., 2002:
Measurement of the compressibility of sugar precipitates in industrial conditions

Kerry, B.R.; Atkins, S.D.; Mauchline, T.H.; Hirsch, P.R., 2001:
Measurement of the impact of Verticillium chlamydosporium on the dynamics of sedentary nematodes in the rhizosphere

Hamaguchi, M.S.; Hamaguchi, Y., 2001:
Measurement of the intracellular pH threshold for sperm aster formation in sea urchin eggs

Edwards, M.J.; Smith, M.S.R.; Freeman, B., 2003:
Measurement of the linear dynamics of the descent of the bovine fetal testis

Cointault, F.S.rrazin, P.P.indavoine, M., 2003:
Measurement of the motion of fertilizer particles leaving a centrifugal spreader using a fast imaging system

Darbellay, C.; Carlen, C.; Azodanlou, R.; Villettaz, J.C., 2002:
Measurement of the organoleptic quality of strawberries

Casciotti, K.L.; Sigman, D.M.; Hastings, M.G.; Bohlke, J.K.; Hilkert, A., 2002:
Measurement of the oxygen isotopic composition of nitrate in seawater and freshwater using the denitrifier method

Liu JunLiang; Jiang ZeHui; Sun JiaJie, 2002:
Measurement of the physical-mechanical properties of poplar lumber by PF resin treatment

Petransky, I.; Drabant, S.; Dudak, J.; Zikla, A.; Tkac, Z., 2001:
Measurement of the ploughing set

Alsleben, B.; Russke, A.; Wrede, J.; Hamann, H.; Distl, O., 2002:
Measurement of the pressure distribution under the claws of German Brown cattle during the first two years of life

Alsleben, B.; Russke, A.; Wrede, J.; Hamann, H.; Distl, O., 2003:
Measurement of the pressure distribution under the claws of cattle in the breed German Holsteins in the first two years of life

Dobbyn, V.; Howley, R.; Kirwan, P.; McLoughlin, P., 2003:
Measurement of the rates of diffusion of halomethanes into polymer films using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy

Percival, G.C.; Fraser, G.A., 2001:
Measurement of the salinity and freezing tolerance of Crataegus genotypes using chlorophyll fluorescence

Carlen, C.; Ancay, A., 2003:
Measurement of the sensory quality of strawberries

Yoshihara, H.; Kubojima, Y., 2002:
Measurement of the shear modulus of wood by asymmetric four-point bending tests

Muirhead, D.; Lead, J.R., 2003:
Measurement of the size and structure of natural aquatic colloids in an urbanised watershed by atomic force microscopy

Meli, S.M.; Yon, D.; Capri, E., 2003:
Measurement of the spray drift during the pesticide application in citrus crops of Mediterranean area

DeVries, P.; Burges, S.J.; Daigneau, J.; Stearns, D., 2001:
Measurement of the temporal progression of scour in a pool-riffle sequence in a gravel bed stream using an electronic scour monitor

Abu-Hamdeh, Nh, 2001:
Measurement of the thermal conductivity of sandy loam and clay loam soils using single and dual probes

Olsson, T.; Megnis, M.; Varna, J.; Lindberg, H., 2001:
Measurement of the uptake of linseed oil in pine by the use of an X-ray microdensitometry technique

Asai, H.; Sakaguchi, M.; Nakatsuka, T.; Kawaguchi, S.; Iwane, N.; Kurokawa, H.; Maehara, A.; Mishima, Y.; Horiuchi, Y., 2002:
Measurement of the variation in body fat percentages before and after the meal (lunch) intake using the BIA method

Abdel Fattah, G.M., 2002:
Measurement of the viability of arbuscular-mycorrhizal fungi colonized of roots using three different stains and its relation to growth and metabolic activities of soybean plants

Abdel-Fattah, G.M., 2002:
Measurement of the viability of arbuscular-mycorrhizal fungi using three different stains; relation to growth and metabolic activities of soybean plants

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Measurement of the water absorption rate in wheat grain

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Measurement of thermal properties of rough rice

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Measurement of threshing drum unbalance in a combine harvester with the use of IRD technique

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Measurement of thyroid volume in children using a portable ultrasound machine: a technical note

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Measurement of total body protein in childhood

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Measurement of total phosphorus and organic phosphorus contents of animal manure composts by the dry combustion method

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Measurement of tourist satisfaction with restaurant services: a segment-based approach

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Measurement of trans-resveratrol, (+)-catechin, and quercetin in rat and human blood and urine by gas chromatography with mass selective detection

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Measurement of vegetable leaf area using digital image processing techniques

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Measurement of vitellogenin gene expression by RT-PCR as a tool to identify endocrine disruption in Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes)

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Measurement of volatile organic compound (VOC) concentration profiles in the atmosphere of a remote forest region

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Measurement of wastewater and wastage

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Measurement of water, ash and fat by computerized thermogravimetric analysis

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Measurement of wheat quality traits with near infrared transmittance spectroscopy

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Measurement of xylem sap amino acid concentrations in conjunction with whole tree transpiration estimates spring N remobilization by cherry (Prunus avium L.) trees

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Measurement of xylem translocation of weak electrolytes with the pressure chamber technique

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Measurement of yield and in situ dry matter degradability of maize varieties harvested at two stages of maturity in sheep

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Measurement of zinc, copper, manganese, and iron concentrations in hair of pituitary dwarfism patients using flameless atomic absorption spectrophotometry

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Measurement system of irrigation efficiency in Idong Irrigation District

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Measurement uncertainty and doping control in sport

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Measurement uncertainty from validation and duplicate analysis results in HPLC analysis of multivitamin preparations and nutrients with different galenic forms

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Measurement uncertainty of selenium determination in the reference material Seronorm Trace Elements Serum by hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry

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Measurement wheel to assess the wheel force of a tractor's rear axle

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Measurement, modelling and prediction of equilibrium moisture content in Pinus radiata heartwood and sapwood

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Measurements and analysis of hydrogen peroxide rainwater levels in a Northwest region of Spain

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Measurements in potassium-supplemented athletes during and after hypokinetic and ambulatory conditions

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Measurements of children's exposures to particles and nitrogen dioxide in Santiago, Chile

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Measurements of downed dead wood in the forest - theoretical assumptions and course of field work

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Measurements of effective thermal conductivity of fruit pulp models in the frozen state

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Measurements of equine serum hepatic indices after administration of tetanus antitoxin

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Measurements of genetic diversity in populations of Spanish Celtic horses

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Measurements of groundwater recharge rate and unsaturated convective chemical fluxes by suction controlled lysimeter

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Measurements of hydrocarbon air-surface exchange rates over maize

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Measurements of isothermal compact ceiling jets generated by rectangular wall inlets

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Measurements of leaf weight losses as a method of assessment of differences in stomatal efficiency of potato genotypes

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Measurements of light interception and utilization in an apple orchard

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Measurements of major ion concentration in settled coarse particles and aerosols at a semiarid rural site in India

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Measurements of mass flux and stoichiometry of conversion gas from three different wood fuels as function of volume flux of primary air in packed-bed combustion

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Measurements of microelement content in pear leaves as a consequence of foliar sprays with different chelates

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Measurements of natural radioactivity in some water and soil samples of Punjab State, India

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Measurements of net ecosystem production by the eddy correlation method

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Measurements of nitrogenase activity of Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus colonies on solid medium

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Measurements of odour emissions

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Measurements of ozone deposition to vegetation quantifying the flux, the stomatal and non-stomatal components

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Measurements of photosynthesis and respiration in plants

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Measurements of quality of cod by electronic noses

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Measurements of rain splash on bench terraces in a humid tropical steepland environment

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Measurements of sorption-desorption and isotherm analyses

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Measurements of spray deposits on and off target surfaces within and beyond the treatment zone: the need for an embracing International Standard to measure and account all potential losses from container to target surfaces

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Measurements of sub-nanomolar concentrations of unmetabolised folic acid in serum

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Measurements of the antioxidant capacity of fruits and vegetables using the BR reaction method

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Measurements of the in vitro antioxidant activity of German white wines using a novel method

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Measurements on growth and development and fattening performances of Xiang pigs

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Measures against the drought in the hillside citrus orchards

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Measures and interventions to increase home production of protein vegetable meal

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Measures and procedures for improving fertility, health and performance in cows breeding stock

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Measures for improving competetiveness of domestic softwood timber

Y.JianXian, 2000:
Measures for improving the fruit quality of Duwei Miyou pomelo variety

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Measures for increasing yield rate of sliced veneer

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Measures for promoting the survival rate of transplanting big trees

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Measures for risk avoidance on agriculturally and horticulturally used areas

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Measures for the domestication and breeding of wild animals

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Measures for the prevention and control of Taenia solium taeniosis and cysticercosis

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Measures of Bacillus thuringiensis persistence in the corn whorl

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Measures of before and after breeding daily gains of dairy replacement heifers and their relationship with first lactation milk production traits

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Measures of biosecurity, standard precautions and isolation systems

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Measures of canopy formation and yield reduction with the grape cultivars 'Zweigelt' and 'Blauer Burgunder' ('Pinot Noir') - I. Effects on the phytosanitary condition of the grapes

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Measures of canopy formation and yield reduction with the grape cultivars 'Zweigelt' and 'Blauer Burgunder' ('Pinot noir') - II. Effects on the contents of must and wine

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Measures of disinfection of the bovine teat - aim, methods and products

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Measures of durability of resistance

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Measures of food insecurity/security

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Measures of precision for estimated welfare effects for producers from generic advertising

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Measures of progress for collaboration: case study of the Applegate Partnership

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Measures of state support for the agroindustrial complex

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Measures of success - measuring park accessibility using GIS

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Measures of sustainability and their utilization in practical water management planning

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Measures of the EU Agri-Environmental Protection Scheme (GAEPS) and their impacts on the visual acceptability of Finnish agricultural landscapes

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Measures required to ensure cheese quality in the manufacture of processed cheese

Zahradnicek, J., 2003:
Measures to ease the effect of hailstorms on sugarbeet

Yevfimenko, V.F.; Nirko, Y.V., 2002:
Measures to prevent injuries caused by electric current in sugar factories

Niesar, M., 2003:
Measures to reduce infestations by the horse chestnut leafminer (Cameraria ohridella) in public green in the city of Bonn

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Measures to reduce the cost of sugarcane cultivation

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Measuring CO2 respiration rates in the parasitoid Cotesia glomerata

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Measuring N2O emissions from organic soils by closed chamber or soil/snow N2O gradient methods

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Measuring accessibility and equity in a local park system: the utility of geospatial technologies to park and recreation professionals

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Measuring age differentials in representations of rurality in the Netherlands

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Measuring agricultural biotechnology research capacity in four developing countries

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Measuring agricultural sustainability in terms of efficiency: the case of Dutch sugar beet growers

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Measuring agronomic and environmental soil phosphorus saturation and predicting phosphorus leaching with Mehlich 3

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Measuring air velocities and forces caused by orchard fan sprayers

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Measuring ammonia concentration over a grassland near livestock facilities using a semiconductor ammonia sensor

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Measuring and adjusting flow rate to increase gain

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Measuring and attributing technical inefficiencies of seabass and seabream production in Greece

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Measuring and estimating pressure-saturation curves on undisturbed soil samples by using water and NAPL

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Measuring and improving the natural resistance of fruit

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Measuring and managing plant species diversity in the chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) ecosystems of the Cevennes

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Measuring and modeling heat transfer parameters in mulches

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Measuring and modeling surface area of ponderosa pine needles

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Measuring and modeling the dissolution of nonideally shaped dense nonaqueous phase liquid pools in saturated porous media

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Measuring and modeling zinc and cadmium binding by humic acid

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Measuring and modelling VOC biotransformation rates

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Measuring and modelling concentration fluctuations on a natural scale

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Measuring and modelling flux recovery during the chemical cleaning of MF membranes for the processing of whey protein concentrate

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Measuring and modelling phosphorus uptake by root hairs

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Measuring and modelling the crown and light transmission characteristics of juvenile aspen

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Measuring and monitoring biodiversity in nature reserves, forests, and grasslands in the United States

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Measuring and monitoring the effects of agroforestry and drainage in the 'Ucarro' sub-catchment

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Measuring and recording of the cutting and advance power in woodcutting with sawblades using a process computer

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Measuring and simulating crown respiration of Scots pine with increased temperature and carbon dioxide enrichment

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Measuring angler effort with remote surveillance equipment

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Measuring antioxidants in tree species in the natural environment: from sampling to data evaluation

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Measuring area of leaves based on computer vision technology by reference object

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Measuring asset values and flow benefits of non-traded products and ecosystems services of forest and woodland resources in South Africa

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Measuring astringency of beverages using a quartz-crystal microbalance

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Measuring atrazine degradation and PRZM-2 testing under two water regimes

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Measuring bark pH

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Measuring biological diversity in applied entomology

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Measuring body fat distribution and content in humans

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Measuring bulk density of soil by absorption ionisation gamma radiation

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Measuring carbon in forests: current status and future challenges

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Measuring causes of seed bank mortality: a method

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Measuring changes in stress and vitality indicators in limed sugar maple on the Allegheny Plateau in north-central Pennsylvania

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Measuring cold resistance in wheat by laboratory tests

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Measuring color in foods. Machine vision system provides program for analysis

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Measuring comparative destination performance: a study in Spain and Turkey

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Measuring conformational stability of proteins using an optimized temperature-controlled capillary electrophoresis approach

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Measuring connectedness: concept and application to a large industry breeding program

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Measuring conservation of contiguous sets of autosomal markers on bovine and porcine genomes in relation to the map of the human genome

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Measuring consumer response to food products

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Measuring contributions to economic production - use of an Index of Captured Ecosystem Value

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Measuring corporate social responsibility in a business-to-society context

Ruane, N.M.; Komen, H., 2003:
Measuring cortisol in the water as an indicator of stress caused by increased loading density in common carp (Cyprinus carpio)

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Measuring cruise passengers' perceived value

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Measuring customer satisfaction with online travel

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Measuring customers' overall satisfaction: a multi-attributes assessment

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Measuring cysteine biosynthesis activity from serine in extracts from sorghum, corn and grass weeds, and their metolachlor susceptibility

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Measuring demand for flat water recreation using a two-stage/disequilibrium travel cost model with adjustment for overdispersion and self-selection

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Measuring dietary fatty acid intake: validation of a food-frequency questionnaire against 7 d weighed records

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Measuring direct and indirect costs of land retirement in an irrigated river basin: a budgeting regional multiplier approach

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Measuring discrimination in major league baseball: evidence from the baseball hall of fame

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Measuring dispersal and detecting departures from a random walk model in a grasshopper hybrid zone

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Measuring economic value of biological diversity: concepts, theories and methods

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Measuring effective IT use among American convention and visitors bureaus

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Measuring equality in farmland distribution in Jordan

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Measuring faecal cortisol metabolites: a non-invasive tool to assess animal welfare in cattle?

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Measuring farmers' agroecological resistance after Hurricane Mitch in Nicaragua: a case study in participatory, sustainable land management impact monitoring

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Measuring fat content of ground beef stream using on-line visible/NIR spectroscopy

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Measuring fibre curvature: key issues

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Measuring flavonoid intake: need for advanced tools

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Measuring food intake

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Measuring forest floor CO2 fluxes in a Douglas-fir forest

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Measuring forest restoration effectiveness in reducing hazardous fuels

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Measuring fresh fruit and vegetable quality: advanced optical methods

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Measuring gene flow from two birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) field trials using transgenes as tracer markers

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Measuring Gene Flow in the Cultivation of Transgenic Barley

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Measuring genetic distances within clusters of multiple sires

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Measuring genetic variation in wild populations: from molecular markers to adaptive traits

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Measuring geometrical features of insect specimens using image analysis

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Measuring geometrical parameters of cucumber fruits using computer image analysis

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Measuring gluconeogenesis using a low dose of 2H2O: advantage of isotope fractionation during gas chromatography

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Measuring heliothis resistance to Ingard cotton

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Measuring herbage in situ

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Measuring hotel client satisfaction: state of the art and new perspectives on its measurement

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Measuring household livelihood security at the family and community level in the developing world

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Measuring hydraulic properties for unsaturated soils with unsteady method

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Measuring immune selection

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Measuring inefficiency in crop production on degraded lands

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Measuring injection-site pain associated with vaccine administration in adults: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial

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Measuring intake of nutrients and their effects: the case of copper

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Measuring integrated pest management programs for public buildings

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Measuring international visitor expenditure in Australia's regions

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Measuring irrigation water efficiency with a stochastic production frontier - an application to Greek out-of-season vegetable cultivation

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Measuring leisure in the 21st century: the strengths and limitations of three techniques

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Measuring local bagasse deformation with a customised image measurement technique

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Measuring low-molecular-weight thiols by detecting the fluorescence of their SBD-derivatives: application to studies of diurnal and UV-B induced changes in Zea mays L

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Measuring managerial efficiency: the case of commercial greenhouse growers

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Measuring marketing channel efficiency and strategy to improve income to local communities dependent on tropical forests

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Measuring mass flow of potatoes for yield mapping

Hegarty, R.S., 2003:
Measuring methane production by free-range cattle

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Measuring method of seed spacing on test rig based on image processing techniques

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Measuring methods on slaughter line and meatiness in pigs in EU

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Measuring milk turbidity

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Measuring moisture dynamics to predict fire severity in longleaf pine forests

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Measuring multiple and single factor technical efficiency in organic farming: the case of Greek wheat farms

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Measuring natural capital

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Measuring nighttime CO2 flux over terrestrial ecosystems using eddy covariance and nocturnal boundary layer methods

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Measuring nitrous oxide emission rate from grazed pasture using Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy in the nocturnal boundary layer

Pukkala, T., 2002:
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