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Microbial protein production, purine derivatives and urea excretion estimate in lactating dairy cows fed isoprotein diets with different non protein nitrogen compounds levels

Oliveira, A.S.; Valadares, R.F.D.; Valadares Filho, S. de C.; Cecon, P.R.; Renno, L.N.; Queiroz, A.C. de; Chizzotti, M.L.

Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 30(5): 1621-1629


ISSN/ISBN: 1516-3598
Accession: 003846192

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The objectives of the present work were to estimate the microbial protein production using the total purine derivatives (PD) excretion, to compare the PD and the urea excretions, obtained from spot urine collection with that observed in the 24 h collection and to evaluate the plasma and milk N-urea and urea urinary excretion. 16 Holstein lactating cows were assigned to four 4x4 Latin Square with a 3 week period in accordance with the lactation period.

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