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Milk yield, milk composition and milk characteristics in Thrace Finewool sheep and their crossbreds with 25% of Australian Merino inheritance, in their second lactation

Milk yield, milk composition and milk characteristics in Thrace Finewool sheep and their crossbreds with 25% of Australian Merino inheritance, in their second lactation

Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 38(6): 86-89

For 20 Thrace Finewool (TF) ewes in their 2nd lactation and 20 TFx(Australian MerinoxTF) ewes, also in their 2nd lactation, the total milk yield (suckling plus milking) averaged 73.68 and 74.26 kg respectively, dry matter percentage 19.2 and 19.5, milk fat percentage 8.35 and 8.03, SNF percentage 10.8 and 11.0, protein 5.60 and 5.83, casein percentage 3.86 and 4.02, titratable acidity 22.5 and 24.0 degrees T, and renneting time 690 and 566 s.

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