Mobility of Meloidogyne javanica juveniles in soil with different Pasteuria penetrans endospore concentrations

Alves, F.R.; Freitas, L.G.; Julio, V.A.

Nematologia Brasileira 26(2): 199-204


Accession: 003848770

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The movement of second-stage juveniles (J2) of M. javanica in infested substrates with six different endospore concentrations of P. penetrans (0, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 and 106/g of substrate) was studied. One thousand newly hatched J2 of M. javanica in 4 ml water, poured over a 50% mixture of sand and soil, were transferred into 12 cm-long polyethylene tubes with a 12.7 mm diameter. After 3 days, the tubes were divided into three equal parts of 4 cm length, and the number of endospores attached to the cuticle of 40 J2 was quantified from each section. In the upper section (0-4 cm), higher number of J2 was recorded for substrates with 105 and 106 endospores/g of substrate. In the middle section (4-8 cm), the number of nematodes in substrates with 105 and 106 endospores/g of substrate was lower than that in the upper section. Higher number of nematodes was recovered from the middle sections under 104 endospores/g of substrate. In the lower section (8-12 cm), few nematodes were observed in substrates with 104, 105, and 106 endospores/g of substrate. Fewer endospores were attached to the cuticle of J2 recovered from the lower section than from the other sections.