Modeling effect of compaction on soil hydraulic properties: a NSMC scaling method for saturated hydraulic conductivity

Zhuang Ji E.; Yu GuiRui; Miyazaki, T.; Nakayama, K.

Advances in Geoecology 32: 144-153


Accession: 003849079

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Research based on some experiments on the influence of compaction, such as disturbed and undisturbed compaction, on soil saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ks), was conducted to consummate Miyazaki's non-similar medium concept (NSMC)-based Ks model by developing a deterministic approach to estimating the shape factor tau . Results of the research demonstrated a good applicability of the suggested approach to tau estimation. It is suggested that tau , characteristic of NSMC, could be effectively associated to some basic physical properties of soil, and eventually make the model based on NSMC more applicable. The development of method for tau estimation consummated Miyazaki's model for Ks prediction and for modelling compaction effect of Ks.