Section 4
Chapter 3,852

Molecular detection and analysis of sweet potato feathery mottle virus from root and leaf tissues of cultivated sweet potato plants

Ryu KiHyun; Choi SunHee

Plant Pathology Journal 18(1): 12-17


ISSN/ISBN: 1598-2254
Accession: 003851777

For the molecular detection of sweet potato feathery mottle virus from diseased sweet potato plants, reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) was performed using a set of virus-specific primers to amplify an 816 bp product. The viral coat protein gene was selected for the design of the primers. No PCR product was amplified when turnip mosaic virus, potato virus Y or cucumber mosaic virus were used as template in RT-PCR with the SPFMV-specific primers.

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