Nashi Hiratsuka 16 Gou, a mid-maturing smooth-skin Japanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai var. culta Nakai)

Kotobuki, K.

Bulletin of the National Institute of Fruit Tree Science 34: 105-109


ISSN/ISBN: 1347-3549
Accession: 003857555

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Nashi Hiratsuka 16 Gou (Japanese pear Hiratsuka 16) is a mid-maturing, smooth-skin type Japanese pear. It originated from a cross between Shinko x Kosui, produced by the National Institute of Fruit Tree Science in 1953, and subjected to local adaptability tests from 1967. It has good fruit quality with aroma, but has a tendency to preharvest drop, and a relatively short shelf life among mid-maturing pears.